Transcendental hacker high technology geek goddess tear of love

By Joyce Watson,2015-07-08 03:39
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Transcendental hacker high technology geek goddess tear of love

    "Transcendental hacker" : high technology geek goddess tear of love

    Don't want to, see"Transcendental hacker"Of the audience, most should rush the Depp.There may be a few people at hardScience fictionBut go to.If you want to catch a glimpse of Depp in the film morphology of its charming, may be disappointed.Depp in the film apart from the beginning and the end of the small seems a call handsome cool twenty minutes, the rest of the time are playing a "facial paralysis men" living in the screen.So, we can first take a look at science fiction in the most intuitionistic in scope, conflict and integration between technology and human nature - this is a controversial topic, paragraph of time"robocop"Also had the same discussion, only in the"Transcendental

    hacker, science and technology and the fusion of people behave more powerful, shows us the power of nanotechnology and prospect.

    And if you see only the two layer in the film, the film will be rendered flat.

    Will Depp film before and after the appearance of cohesion, this is actually a paragraph about high curtilage goddess

    "technology"loveStory, if you understand this is a love story, see later will be very want to cry, even if the whole world all don't understand it doesn't matter, even as a resultA favoritePeople chose not tooThe letterRen, then all efforts will be meaningless!A bit don't understand?Let me clarify the train of thought!

    A film opening is the life that occupy the home, men and women protagonist couple Depp plays will with copper net covered patio, isolated from everythingThe letterPrivacy, he would not suffer.From now on, you can see that he is a super typical academic, otaku is obvious.He grumbles that don't want to communicate with a bunch of people don't understand, also let his wife, plus he has scientific achievement, it was a low-key, ambition is not interested to communicate with others, in the heart only high curtilage "technology" of the goddess!

    Play in the speech, he said: "my wife wants to change the world, but I want to know the world!"This sentence is the permalink for its love theme of the film!And then he was shot down, was poisoned, but

    technology makes him miraculously survived, rebirth will a little complicated, he is a computer with independent consciousness, belong to the category of artificial intelligence, that is to say he is a science and technology and human community.

    Movie never MingZhaoShui space whether the computer will own consciousness, but from beginning to end, into a computer people will give their goddess as offering a comfortable environment.Timely remind her when she is in danger, for her to find safe place;When she was a nightmare with her comfort her, and he tried to construct the belongs to the ideal blueprint of the heroine, is also trying to let oneself and others connected to the Internet, in order to be able to touch the real her, and the goddess is because of fear ran away!His as she just like other human more and more panic...

    Clever as he knew about her fear and suspicion, efforts together with the real you.When his wife with a kill virus arrives, he greeted her with reengineering form, this scene is cruel and moving!People thought his mind has no love for her, so slow to upload to save her.But the end of the story, he chose to take the initiative to accept the virus, to save his friend, let I really believe that he is dead before the high technology curtilage, doing things won't beat around the bush, use action to prove himself!

    So they love along with death is sublimated again to another level.Really looking back on it all the intelligent robots do, is to let the mind of the goddess wishes be realized.What transcendental human is just to get more close contact with the person I love, become the public enemy of all is not important, is the one you love do not understand is the heartache.High technology curtilage persistent love full of a sad tears, hard-won, and line and cherish!

    Transcendental hacker"The rhythm of the steady until the last erupted agreement, to say he is a typical sci-fi, but this will fall to mediocrity.And if it asThe suspenseGoddess of love, high technology curtilage, and the tear of love, that was a critical point again and again, your mood will follow the steps of high technology curtilage goddess of chasing the ups and downs, the film because it set into the role of the modern trend!The so-called corner with love, a change of perspective science fiction, is really fun!

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