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    People need to travel.Often there are two reasons.Hope has a person wait for you in the distance, and have personal can accompany you on the road.

    About this sentence, the best is a movie elizabethtown.Overturn this sentence, however, seems to be the film.

    A stand on the pinnacle sneaker designers drew originally, but suffered the greatest "Waterloo", of the new sneakers are criticized and ridicule, cost the company nearly $1 billion, beautiful girlfriend ruthlessly say "goodbye" to him.

    To see the beginning, you must have thought it was a motivational piece - Hollywood actor in a crisis, suddenly see, to return to the top, left hand, right hand beauty career.I also think that this is the case, however, is not.

    Hit home drew decided to commit suicide, as he had been strapped knife, the telephone rang, his father died suddenly in his hometown, as the eldest son, he had to take back his father's bones.Under such combined, but he will go to the home of a complete stranger, in a pile of strange surrounded by family and friends, to play a successful designer from big cities.

    The stranger's father's hometown, is Elizabeth town.

    Elizabeth town, relative to the California, compared to the well-known designers, represents the life of family love, friendship and the traditional stick to.Here holds more than two hundred years of tradition, the burial, and was buried in the family cemetery.Andrew's mother, but stick to California on the other side of the customs, cremation, and soul to the sea.

    For in many years ago, Andrew's father, handsome captain mickey graduated from west point, but accident in travel hotel elevator met a beautiful girl Holly in California.When he has a fiancee, she also has been engaged, but they fall in love at first sight.So handsome captain Kentucky been abducted, California bad girl moved away from Elizabeth town.Andrew's mother, also with relatives in the town of Elizabeth, forged a knot in decades are going back and forth.Now, thanks to the husband mickey's funeral serious differences, they had to once again.

    Mickey is actually is a what kind of person?He actually is a what kind of father?Director with a lot of memories flashback fragments, and the description of others, shows a "simple, loyal, optimistic, humorous man.He's catch phrase is: "It wasn 't this, It will be something else."If this road impassability, you will find a another way.

    He is loyal to love, loyal to the family, too.For the sake of his wife and children, moved away from Elizabeth town, but also can't forget his hometown people, finally fatalistic soul to return home.

    Eight years drew, busy at this time, only to realize that he had such a good father.His father has a so the home of love, and he and the people here by blood.

    It is as if your life is hidden in a corner, and you never know, also have no thought of going to uncover.You turn a blind eye, until you have the luck to touch it, you will realize a corner but it seemed that the new chapter of life.

    The corner that is forgotten because you found this, you have discovered the hidden in your veins in new energy, like Columbus discovered the new world.

    In his heart is in so bear the grudge, and volatility, a ray of sunshine carries fresh air, is he met on the plane flight attendant Clare.

    Director fully gives the leading lady temperament of the elves in general, is there a general awareness of witch, of life has its own theory, blonde hair, sweet smile, tolerance, enthusiasm, optimistic, enough to save a immersed in the failure of a boring man.

    Everyone should to road trips, at least once in a lifetime, is your own, with music.Clare says.

    She masterminded the road trip for the first time in his life.

    After the funeral, he opened the book from Clare's five star map.Inside each page, is she hand-drawn map, where there's a delicious food, where there's a Martin Luther King was shot in the hotel, where there are up to the bartender of the story, where is the corner there is a new landscape.Even more surprising is that every page comes with a DVD, jazz, blues, all her

    music for his trip.She said to him: don't jump.

    He followed the hand-drawn map, pass by the Mississippi River, passing in heihe, father's ashes to he thinks worth stay each place scenery.

    "When the setting sun.

    "This time, would you please roll down the window, because some of the music are need air".

    The idea, don't know if it because the director took a music elves do wife.The film is said to have his semi-autobiographical film.

    If you can meet a people who travel with you on the road, it must be a very good thing.But, if you can meet a can lead you to appreciate the scenery, it is not only beautiful, but the biggest lucky in life.

    Just, not everyone has such good luck.Most people encounter is a bad companion, and his unable to lead others.

    Of course.They finally together, in the bustling crowd, his rebirth, they meet, they hugged each other, as if never so loved.

    Love is the last ending, the film music is the climax of the film the last trip.Film, then, what is the answer?

    Today's why we need to travel, even obsessed with travel.I think, it is because our problem is too much, too much we want to find the answer.Answers to these questions, here in the land, such as hemp, no trace, so we have to through life elsewhere, to seek an escape from present situation after the hypocrisy of "transparent", to look for in a nearly transparent state of "sincerity".

    Too many questions.Travel to have so many people.Answers the more elusive.

    So, ending the farmer's market, but more like the answer.Where is the answer?In the bustling crowd, is the corn wheat, soybean is cotton candy barbecue series, not in Martin Luther King, not in large rivers, not in the fields of forest.

    Sometimes escape is not clear, can travel is not close to the heart.The real love, with you whether or not to fall in love with in travel.Only to fall in love with yourself, have the ability to love others and love life.

    Travel is not to save.You haven't Clare of the distance, as the saviour.We have, but is a self, from birth to death is accompanied by their own.

    Even if you go to the end of the world, go to Elizabeth town, walked to the utopia, you can't escape from yourself.

    If you don't love yourself, everything is meaningless.If the music and travel, if love, if the family leave, can arouse your share of the love, so, we still have hope?

    I hope that everyone can find their Elizabeth town in life.

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