TV drama in advance into the era of scrutiny, cloud disk into the biggest beneficiaries

By Marvin Cooper,2015-07-06 20:08
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TV drama in advance into the era of scrutiny, cloud disk into the biggest beneficiaries

    TV drama in advance into the era of scrutiny,

    cloud disk into the biggest beneficiaries On February 27th, the eighth day, although the remaining of the lunar New Year holiday is in, but a group of folk drama translation organizations are ready in the "fight" for the first time, including once dissolved all subtitle group, are to meet a political show, "" house of CARDS.

    Netflix on the afternoon of the United States will "house of CARDS" in the third quarter, released after an hour, began several well-known domestic cloud (raw meat (no Chinese subtitles version) to download, use QQ, weibo and circle of friends, and spread the download link for the cloud disk with a batch of new users.

    And the peripheral beneficiary is different, have bought run in the copyright of sohu video but it has not been synchronized broadcast series in the first time, sohu video insiders told tencent technology, at present this is still under review, the specific date to be determined.

    Another video website is already ready cut hu, quietly after a keyword optimization, they have the BBC version of the "house of CARDS" in the third quarter (British drama) soon won high ranking in the search engine, traffic surges.

    More worried about the online video industry practitioners to tencent technology, in accordance with the provisions of the administration of radio, film and television last year since April 1, 2015, must not surf the Internet without the registration of foreign film and television play play, there is still a month from April 1, but the problem is not optimistic for the future.

    Similarly, before the "house of CARDS, networks, iQIYI, tencent video, and so on several video website said it will launch the popular movie" fifty degrees of grey, but then have reported due to special reasons to be launched.

    With monitoring the network time from the date of arrival of the play, already quietly or video industry chain will present the following several major changes:

    Video website return carefully Cloud disk gain 1 1

    In recent years, with the government in its efforts to crack down on piracy, major video sites also increase the capital investment, buy TV drama copyright as regulatory policy tightening, video web site to show enthusiasm drops, copyright will also return to rational prices.

    In the short term, "broadcast after the first trial" one of the most direct stimulus consequence is that online piracy or is growing again.

    We believe that the law firm, crack down on piracy in the

    conventional way is to use the original market to preempt the piracy market, that is, if the original resources cannot satisfy the user group of the department in charge of the audit cycle, pirated resources will be preempted market, but left a grey living space for pirates.

    Despite the striker net and film and television have announced the closure of last year, everyone quickly after sowing is a criminal investigation, thunderbolt listed are also increasing efforts to crack down on piracy, but in the traditional film and television resources search site,

    a large number of overseas drama lovers can find their own way to watch.

    More small and medium-sized websites can still download resources, and can be controlled by the cloud, the cloud disk more concealed route of transmission for pirated resources, increased the difficulty of regulation.Now a popular film on-line soon, often related video link, download the seed resources began to appear in weibo, post bar and all kinds of BBS, micro bo become spread ground, through a variety of cloud, the cloud disk sharing video files and extracting passwords, let users to download.

    Tencent technology in a company called see movies online, found that the major part of resources will be built directly into the video website of the window, and resources such as query part of the movie, after PM has "baidu cloud disk - need to download or online watch" link prompt, click later, you can directly enter baidu cloud disk to watch or download address.

    A TV drama lovers in an interview with the media has said that the big bang was banned last year, but the fans want to see or can easily access to resources, just process is more complicated and hidden.

    A longtime webmaster industry people told tencent technology, currently has more than 200 small and medium-sized domestic film and television station, many small and medium-sized video website is actually USES the overseas server, pay a monthly fee, and using the site group to prevent site by domestic IP, and it also stepped up efforts to crack down on piracy.

    ZhongXiaoZhan there are two main types.The first is only providing search and link of the film and television station resources, does not have its own servers and video content;The second is both content search portal, and rent directly from IDC servers and storage a large number of pirated video content, the content of the video download from large formal video web site, or directly buy CD copy after upload.

    The relations between the two kinds of film and television station, the first kind of website is actually just shell, low production cost and fast speed, the video is the source and the second cooperation, carried out in accordance with the hits advertising revenue sharing, divided into the proportion of 60% or higher.

    In order to get more traffic, is each other cooperation between small and medium-sized film stand through the link traffic, and the larger the film and television station after content resource platform established, tend to establish standing group, that is to say, master station will be

    built a lot of different domains of the film and television, but the fact is that the final resource links pointing to the same content platform.

    Or ahead of 2 2 classification system

    IQIYI deputy editor Wang Zhaonan argues that for content to guide this respect, more hope "hydrophobic" rather than "wall", explore the classification of video content, including TV drama has been introduced, make suitable person for the contents of, the user ID and ID card hook, let the limited level elements of video content can't watch users under the age of 18.

    Discussion of film classification system has been in China's film industry and the Internet video industry.But the absence of official mainstream voice once make the industry consensus is difficult to be born.

    Around 2010, the then deputy director of sarft official Zhao Shiceng representative, in the reform of cultural system conference, said about the film classification system of China would not do this.In theory, he said, the film classification can ensure that the needs of different age, different levels of audience, but in practice there is no see very successful experience.

    Thereafter, the notion of "classification" once suppressed, and try to film industry is still on.Bona film had planned from the perspective of service audience, remind of minors, the elderly carefully watch movies that contain violence, erotic, but did not limit for the ticket behavior.

    This tension until the chairman xi jinping's visit to Korea, contributed to the "Korean culture and sports ministry and the state administration of radio""China and South Korea film co-production agreement" signed only after release.The both China and South Korea co-production agreement will enjoy the benefits of story in the Chinese market, no longer subject to import restrictions.Industry was once thought to this, the Chinese film censorship are loose.

    In fact, the whole culture industry are reversed transmission policy makers.At the end of 2014, brain science, Chinese academy of sciences, Dr Liu Yufei launched China's first private children's film and television play grading system - the Chinese children's film and television play classification standard, for some of them have been released the film according to the degree of "harm" are classified and marked the standard of different ages.Discussion about the grading system again.

    In view of the recent domestic TV series of "wu mei niang legend""oven" censored by the state administration of radio, deputy director of land to respond, have found the play said the state

    administration of radio has a problem, there is no change in place in accordance with the law obliged investment institutions and production agencies modified broadcast.

    But the expert inside course of study still think this statement too form, "legal rules in our country is too fuzzy, should be clearly defined as soon as possible to change the law to its meaning".

    But as the administration of radio, film and television issued the regulations of the latest at the end of 2014, the so-called history's most strict "ban" to implement.It can be seen that policymakers are focused on the issues of public concern, but an arbitrary "one-size-fits-all" policy is hard to make the industry recognition.

    The industry expected is still some practical and feasible evaluation standard, now can only hope administration of radio, film and television can step run, seek breakthrough.

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