Code of 90 after the goddess Betty , found in programming soul

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Code of 90 after the goddess Betty , found in programming soul

    Code of 90 after the "goddess" Betty: found

    in programming "soul"

    "Of the programming of the beauty of the challenge has attracted more than 13000 in total outstanding students from more than 40 universities nationwide to sign up for, there is no lack of among them from tsinghua university and Peking University and turned over to the big is famous for its computer professional students at the top colleges.Ten thousand people competition, the competitive level.Betty classmates can stand out from the 13000 contestants, absolute can let most of "the yes programmer" shame.

    Betty is illuminated

    The following is a CSDN on Betty's interview:

    Junior high school began to programming, academic achievement and promotion

    CSDN: in the eyes of most people, programming are the boys doing, why do you like programming, we can find what fun?

    Betty: I contact programming is a matter quite by accident.In junior high school of time, there is an introduction to the teacher who teaches

    us computer lessons to take us, did not think so much, just feel interesting.At the end of the high school, also took part in the competition of informatics, at that time we race group relationship more harmonious, learning atmosphere is good, each other are friends.Then everyone together to learn programming in the competition, that kind of feeling is also very good to help each other to debug program.For me, by learning to program, first is to find its own interest;On the other hand, each write a program to finish debugging a Bug, have a sense of satisfaction and a sense of achievement.

    CSDN: so, when you were in middle school and high school will spend a lot of energy on the programming?Is there any affect their normal study?

    Betty: in junior high school of time, I can only say that understand programming, not spend a lot of time.Until after high school, I was in class on time every day, almost every class and finish your homework quickly, the remaining time study hall is a bubble inside the room.Although the competition occupies a lot of time, but the academic achievements as in progress.May be the beginning of has not found the correct method, when I find the right way to learn, it doesn't matter even less time.After entering university, I input of energy is more, every day in training, even the summer vacation is just stay inside the room.

    CSDN: now how much time do you probably spend every day in programming?

    Betty: summer training, probably spend 12 hours training every day, at ordinary times, because even in class, basically all is five or six hours.

    CSDN: feeling programming is boring?

    Betty: I'm not boring.Because just like some people like writing articles, perhaps in the eyes of others, the writer is always in beating the text.Wrote but he knew that he was completely different with others imagination, and write out the words, have their own soul, he was able to get what they want.

    The "beauty" of programming

    Betty's understanding of programming is the theme of "the beauty of programming the challenge Microsoft coincides with mine.Microsoft (Asia) Internet engineering chief development manager, is also the competition jury chairman zou xin said in an interview with CSDN, and now many programming related game, but Microsoft want to do is a less tough match, hope to be able to put the inside of the programming ideas, the idea of design and innovation, through the way of team cooperation.Not everyone in the traditional impression hard programming, but full of fun programming, it is the beauty of

    "programming" Microsoft game to show one of the most important "beauty".

    In addition, Microsoft in the past two terms of programming the beauty of the game are around big data and cloud computing to carry out these looks very complicated subject.Complex things through a simple form, this is the programming contest show second "beauty".

    Believe that this session of Microsoft "the beauty of programming the challenge by Naomi such a gentle" program "crowned, and programming for the contest also increase a" beauty ".

    Detail decides success or failure, will have to understand each one

    CSDN: in the process of programming, have deep influence on his story?

    Betty: in the high school of time, there's one thing for myself.Because at that time (in general), the game can only take part in the school, if three to play again, is likely to affect the college entrance examination.In my sophomore year, because there is no good, I didn't walk.It affected me very deep, at that time, meet a problem in the game, but the algorithm also learned before, it felt like before, but after the outcome of the game, just discover oneself before is correct.Through the game, let me really understand the algorithm, but at that time I also is very defy

    spirit, so I to resist pressure to continue to take part in the game, because the teacher in charge is not support.Only when I was in the third year won the first prize in the contest.Is the game, let me on attitude is more serious than before, whether to write algorithms, or write a program, I will understand, each place won't be careless.

    Like university of many girls, like to play table tennis, don't like running

    CSDN: in my opinion, the programming is not only a mental work, is also a physical strength live, do you think that programming is very tired?Have realized the importance of a healthy body for programming?

    Betty: my personal feeling, in fact, programming is not, as many people think, is sitting there all the time, day and night to write code, irregular life also.In terms of my own, whether learning or reading a book or go to training room, all is according to point to, according to some, almost won't stay up late.I are according to their own biological clock, calendar is very regular.Sure, of course, can't sat there for a long period of time, should also be a period of time to have a rest.And we also has a table tennis room side, everyone in the evening, go out to play table tennis.

    CSDN: like to play table tennis?

    Betty: can also, how is not playing.

    CSDN: often running?The body is good?

    Betty: less.Body good, I prefer to walk more at ordinary times, to play table tennis, sometimes kick the shuttlecock, running feels tired.

    CSDN: letter gave you the deepest impression is what?Have deep influence on their special people?

    Betty: bei you give me the deepest impression, is especially keen its academic atmosphere.Beijing university is relatively strong professional engineering schools, unlike many other comprehensive school, Beijing university of science professional rarely, humanities, less, such as medical professional.Although there are some students will feel a little boring, but personally, I quite like it.Feeling letter would it be possible for me to concentrate on their academic studies, especially in the experiment, everyone is special earnest attitude, Beijing university of style of study is also very good.

    When it comes to special deep influence me, the first thought is the ACM team coach room singing teacher.If he is not having been given the opportunity to join the team, I probably wouldn't have so much effort on programming, there would be no story behind.

    ACM contest that something

    ACM programming competition (hereinafter referred to as the ACM) university level is the highest mental race, who was known as "the program design of the honour of the Olympic".Competition since 1970 has been 30 years of history, is the world's oldest and largest programming contest.

    CSDN: this time to go to Russia to participate in the ACM contest, is there something special?

    Betty: I feel very much interesting things, in fact every time out the game fun.We come back on July 5, but this time to go to Russia to participate in the final some twists and turns.Just the day before leaving, because of various reasons, we have two accompanying teachers is rejected, so we only a few players independent yeat.When the teacher is preparing, and our own preparation work is not too much, the results to the Russian side, we can't speak Russian, less people they can speak English also.Anyway, is all sorts of trying, this is also a test of our abilities.

    CSDN: the outcome of the game?How many people are ranked?

    Betty: the game is out on the spot as a result, Beijing's aim is to get rankings and relative rankings for 48, our team is basically completed the task.

    CSDN: how many domestic university to attend?Take part in the world the ACM finals team, a total of how much?

    Betty: there are 17 colleges and universities in mainland China it is qualify for Asia, selected 17 colleges and universities.Then a total of more than 120 teams all over the world.

    CSDN: we all know that ACM is a computer field's top competition, what effect it bring to your life?

    Betty: I think that ACM let I learned to team work.Before this, I also did not set a team with other people, has always been a person himself.This competition let me feel a person and team, compared the difference is very big still.In fact, the best team in our school, maybe three members personal power is not the strongest, but the three complementary skills, and the cooperation between each other very tacit understanding, the communication between each other is more smooth, so it can achieve a good result.I had contact with programming, but communicate with people, including the game each other check wrong, verify whether thinking these correctly, it can be learned from this game more important ability.Because after work or study, are actually this kind of form.

    To stand out from the 13000 students

    Zou xin spoke very highly of Betty, he think that Betty and her teammates in the game not only cooperate with very tacit understanding, and time control ability is also very good.Use of limited resources, by two people's cooperation, to get things done, it is the key to Betty and his teammates win.

    Microsoft Asia research institute manager academic cooperation guo-bin wu said in an interview with the CSDN, Microsoft held "the beauty of programming contest, the purpose of the first important, is to provide a platform for students, in this platform to display the beauty of algorithm, the beauty of the programming;The second aspect, Microsoft also want to let the students feel the enterprise programming model in advance;A third area, Windows Azure has just landed China, also hope to make the students feel the charm of a cloud platform ahead of time.

    CSDN: learned that he is the beauty of the second session of Microsoft programming challenge champion, what mood at that time?

    Betty: really didn't have imagined that at the time, even a bit hard to believe.Because I am in the process of the race, no consider places, including to reps, no thought about this matter.At that time, that is, want to go to Microsoft, experience their work environment, feel the atmosphere of Microsoft company.But in the end the outcome of the

    game, must be very happy, also feel very lucky.May be a better luck, but also really hard, win or very happy.

    CSDN: this competition, programming environment is using

    Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud platform, programming environment of the past with you contact is different, you feel Azure cloud platform?

    Betty: Azure cloud platform to give me the touch of the especially big: the first is that it is particularly powerful, when started watching information, want to learn thoroughly originally, but later found that is not over, Azure supports a variety of programming languages, with a number of different services.

    Challenges of the second is Azure is big, just look at the tutorial, I'll look for nearly two weeks time.May be because the platform is a new, reference data and experience is not much, also need to own.On Azure cloud platform programming with many standard usage of

    programming is different, a lot of things need to try.

    CSDN: participated in the game later, how Microsoft the

    company?The future will not consider to work in Microsoft?

    Betty: for now, don't go to work, I was planning to attend graduate school.Because I also want to go to work an IT company, Microsoft is certainly will consider.Microsoft has impressed me is that they do things

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