Universal sword refers to

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Universal sword refers to

    Universal sword refers to?

    In 2001, the acquisition of the nasdaq listed company, the production of brake UAI21 % of the shares.

    In 2002, the acquisition of listed companies in the United States UAI, township enterprise acquisitions overseas listed companies in China the first case.

    In 2003, the acquisition of one of America's "one hundred - year - old", the inventor of the airfoil cardan shaft, and the world's largest suppliers - Locke ford (Rockford) company.Universal to 33.5% stake to become Locke ford's largest shareholder.

    In 2006, universal in universal control system company bid for us (GlobalSteeringSystems) lost in New York when a private equity fund, but under the impact of the financial crisis in 2008, the fund was forced to liquidation.In 2009, wanxiang group eventually buy GSS company. In 2007, the merger of the world's largest Dana transmission system parts manufacturers.Then by integrating after sale to private capital, get the premium.

    In 2008, buying American ford MengLuo factory.

    In 2009, buying American service market Vista automotive heater and tank top suppliers - Pro company.

    In 2012, the acquisition of the lithium battery company A123 systems inc.

    In 2013, complete with brake parts for the core business of the international auto parts manufacturers, the BPI overall acquisition of the company.

    In 2014, the acquisition of the plug-in hybrid car brand Fisker (Fisker). Wanxiang group, acquisition and operating in the United States, the effect is very significant, Mr Lu accompanied by all previous Chinese leaders to visit the United States, why is this.And a lot of these companies are in the production of auto parts, now they are generally wanxiang youthful.

    Wanxiang group in domestic business, especially in parts of the company's business, is often buy auto parts company, and then into the listed company, and then group company after the cash, then use the money for other investments.The everyone is very clear.

    According to these conditions, can see clearly:

    The first point, universal money-is-coming mergers and acquisitions in the future, the main is a new energy auto parts co., LTD.Universal money-is-coming development direction, now is from traditional auto parts to new energy automobile parts, this is a company already set strategic direction, needless to say.

    In the second place, from group company level, mergers and acquisitions by wanxiang group is auto parts company in the past, now becomes the universal money-is-coming the americas and Europe's new energy

    automobile parts company, this is a big strategic change, the changes of direction, now has already begun.

    Third, wanxiang group, to make this change, which indicates that universal group of universal money-is-coming current location is, on a global scale integration of new energy automobile parts, integration of the new energy automotive industry chain, Mr Lu is obviously want to by a universal money-is-coming company to integrate, concentrate on to do great things, because of the rapid development of new energy vehicles industry, need not the two companies to integrate, but need a company to carry out the integration of the whole industry chain.This positioning, already very clear.

    This change, apparently, is now universal group by group of companies and listed companies do two new energy automotive business, might have some changes in management needs.

    Fourth, universal set to American companies, the company set up, with the universal now, there was a certain amount of business in the United States.Because early wanxiang group for companies in the United States, by universal group company in the United States, by Mr Lu's son-in-law NiPin acquisition, acquisition in group company.Now is to acquisition by universal money-is-coming ourselves.Means under normal

    circumstances, in the future if the card is going to buy new energy automotive companies in the United States, will be run by universal

money-is-coming America company to buy.

    Fifth, since universal money-is-coming has gathered across the globe to integrate new energy vehicles and parts, and universal money-is-coming American companies and universal group, the company's business has cross overlap, so obviously, the universal money-is-coming will integrate wanxiang group, all of the new energy automotive business in the United States, and even integrate all wanxiang group new energy automobile vehicle business.Which, represented by A123 universal when injected new energy automotive companies in the United States, in what way into the listed company, is interested in.And daughter see the wanxiang real intention - although not universal now said, start even denied, but we can clearly analysis, is the future is likely to be integrated by A123 new energy automobile parts company in wanxiang America corporation, and through the universal American companies into the listed

    companies.Universal money-is-coming need to integrate the global new energy automotive industry chain on the technical strength of the company, in this case, A123 as one of the best leading battery manufacturers in the world, it has been integrated into the universal money-is-coming future, is very normal things.A123 has achieved earnings last July, its full capacity battery production business is still in short supply.Besides the battery business with high speed development, the earlier into listed companies, the more you can sell a good price.The

    later integration, from the point of view of the p/e ratio, the lower the price.

    Sixth, universal for their own positioning, has been very different with the original.When Mr Lu just, mergers and acquisitions, it is not said to do the best supplier, the national new energy vehicles, but not now, he has the universal positioning for the global new energy automobile leading enterprises.This, mainly based on A123, based on the fisker, and based on the universal that investment in new energy automobile in 16 years.It is conceivable that in July of next year, when universal fisker company released new models, universal for their new energy automotive business, how ambitious.The reason is that they in the more than two years, the research and development of new energy vehicles, the company's large-scale investment and transformation, improve the technology, no matter for more than 200 fisker, or for universal, is a qualitative leap.Because of this, Mr Lu said, the company in the future in the new energy automotive industry chain, all can't do the first three business, will be cut off.And universal new energy vehicles from A123, and m&a, is the integration of global resources, the company set up a company of America and Europe, more show their global vision and global vision.So in the future we see wanxiang, should not only is the first three of China's new energy automobile enterprise, and should be a world of new energy automobile production enterprises in the first

    three.Therefore, universal to his position in the new energy vehicles, the world first-class new energy automobile suppliers should do. This is our company information on various aspects of the

    conclusion.This conclusion should than we in February 2014 on the analysis of the universal conclusion, is much more positive. A lot of people in universal investments may have that point of view.Such as people tend to focus on the vehicle passenger car production licence when hair down, when the vehicle business into the listed company, and so on, but the daughter think, we will pay more attention to universal think you now is a what kind of enterprise, judging from their now power, his future would be a what kind of enterprise.Our conclusion is that universal will is the world's top three new energy automobile manufacturers, as long as we see this one, will do.

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