The fetus during pregnancy is the most afraid of nine things

By Juanita Stephens,2015-07-03 12:00
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The fetus during pregnancy is the most afraid of nine things

    The fetus during pregnancy is the most afraid of nine


    Core tip: for modern women, reproductive years later and later, for the belly baby's attention and the tension is becoming more and more high, inpregnancyTen months, full of hope for the future baby was born, but also mixed with all sorts of conflict and worry.

    Mothers know tire baby born in 10 monthsLong hairIn the yukon, what is the most afraid of, so that it can effectively avoid accidents, also alleviate many of the fears of his.

    As a result, expectant mothers know tire baby in the growth and development of ten months, what is the most afraid of, so that it can effectively avoid accidents, also alleviate many of the fears of his.

    A, the early pregnancy Fetus has 3 be afraid 1 months pregnant fertilized egg "afraid of hot"

    First month of pregnancy mothers should pay attention to, this time the fertilized egg is the most afraid of "hot".Sperm and egg meet, combined into a fertilized egg, major organs such as heart, lung, liver and kidney began to form.

    This time, mothers pay special attention to stay away from high temperature environment, such as hot tub and sauna, also should avoid to fever, otherwise easy to increase the unborn childrenDiseases of the nervous systemThe risk.

    2 months pregnant fetal "afraid of medicine"

    A second month of pregnancy, the embryo to continue to grow and become a fetus.At this point, the mother will begin to feel discomfort, such as the whole body pain, poor appetite.This period of avoid by all means taking painkillers or other drug classes, because take medicine can increase the congenital birth defects in babies, especially the risk of heart defects.

    3 months pregnant Afraid of fetus "tobacco"

    At that time the tire baby have pounded with heartbeat, began to rapid growth.Many mothers will happen in the first three months of the reaction of morning sickness, this may be caused by poor eating habits, should eat more grains, avoid alcohol and cigarettes, greasy, and foods high in sugar.

    Excessive amounts of alcohol may cause abnormal fetal growth retardation, neurogenesis, deformity, intelligent risk of damage.Cigarettes may cause was born underweight babies,Preterm birthSuch as dangerous.Therefore, alcohol, tobacco, is the enemy

    of fetus healthy growth is very large, expectant mothers must not touch.Have the phenomenon of drinking and smoking for expectant fathers, in the meantime it is best to avoid or reduce as far as possible, lest the expectant mothers in secondhand smoke.

    Second, the mid pregnancy The fetus has 3 be afraid

    4 months pregnant fetal "afraid of noisy"

    In the fourth month, the fetus can hear the sound of the mother's heart and the outside world, can also listen to soothing music for baby.Mother, of course, to avoid long time in a noisy environment, for is buzzing, construction, in areas such as the frequent it is best not to close.This is the tire baby hearing preliminary formation, expectant mothers can take good care of him.

    "Afraid of fetal pregnant 5 monthsmalnutrition”

    In the fifth month, the fetus has the wheel ", began to long hair.Expectant mothers should increase daily intake of energy about 300 calories.If worry about weight gain too much, you can consult a physician.

    In general, now pregnant women were mostly overnutrition, rarely happens to malnutrition.However, once has the malnutrition or excessiveTo lose weightInsufficient, may cause the baby nutrition absorption, and lead to developmental disorders, mental damage and other problems.

    Some mothers too picky, also may lead to fetal lack of certain nutrients, such as serious folic acid intake in early pregnancy is insufficient, may cause fetal development of neural tube defects.Therefore, mothers should pay attention to reasonable collocation food, pay attention to the nutrition balance.

    6 months pregnant fetal "fear of radiation"

    This time, fetal facial features basic form, can also respond to external noise.The pregnant belly is more obvious.At the middle of the expectant mothers, can also have a moderate amount of sex.

    This time you should be careful in inappropriate radiation, such as examined by X-ray, ct, etc., has the potential to the fetusabortion, deformity, and risk of mental retardation.

    Three, late pregnancy The fetus has 3 be afraid

    7 months pregnant fetal "tension" afraid of mother

    7 months pregnant, tire baby can short time open your eyes oh, also more active, often begin to move.At this time of the child mom and baby the most afraid of emotional tension, if mothers pressure is too large, or mood is in nervous condition, for a long time will affect the

    development of the baby's body and mind, so, mothers should try to relax, maintain body and mind free from worry.

    8 months pregnant fetal "afraid of mother tired"

    In the eighth month, the development of the baby's brain rapidly, most organs have been mature.Mothers-to-be increased obviously, heavy body, action inconvenience, some even lower extremity edema and increased blood pressure, and so on and so forth.

    At that time already have come to give birth, tires are most afraid of is, of course, their mother too tired.Mothers should try to reduce manual labor, not to do heavy work, can do some can do housework, but avoid too intense sport.

    9 months pregnant fetal "afraid of mother worried"

    Finally ushered in the ninth month, that most mothers have put down the work at this time, fully prepared for the arrival of the baby.Baby at that time the tyres are feeling the agreeable time of mother finally mothers don't "worry".

    The most important thing is patience right now, after nine months of pregnancy, don't be impatient, but peace of mind waiting for the coming of the baby.

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