Killer out islamic state crowdsourcing terrorist attacks

By Manuel Kelly,2015-07-02 08:28
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Killer out islamic state crowdsourcing terrorist attacks

    Killer out: "islamic state" crowdsourcing

     terrorist attacks

     On December 5, the "islamic" armed attacks of California announced three days ago for its members, the survey results also show that the killed 14 people and wounded 17 bloody killing, it is closely associated with the organization.5 in the evening, the subway was "in the name of Syria" lone Wolf attacks.At the same time, western intelligence agencies warned that the "islamic" followers are countries such as Thailand and the UK plotting a terrorist attack, revenge international anti-terrorism alliance members.Killer out, not only highlight the "islamic" difficult to curb terrorism tension, and proved that it is more comprehensive in "crowdsourcing" way.

     American security department survey, California case the couple not only use powerful military firearms, and escape route planning in advance is appropriate, is more critical clues, woman killer in facebook website Posting claimed allegiance to the islamic state of "armed.A federal marshals to disclose, male killer, and at least two affiliated al qaeda terrorist groups in the Middle East, including Syria "salvation front" and somalia al-shabab.

     The couple do not have any criminal record was a terrorist organization, quite surprised the public.Although it is difficult to clarify how they are "islamic state" brainwashed and manipulation, but the latter's powerful ideological formatting capability and efficiency of "software" implanted shocking.More let a person sadness and anxiety, the terrorist situation the killer their sympathizers and supporters, naturally assumed that they do not lack of followers and

    imitators.According to U.S. media reports, the attackers swear allegiance to the "islamic state" message after 5 exposure, posted on the Internet more fans celebrate the organization, they described the killing of innocent civilians cold-blooded couple for victims to go to heaven.

     "Islamic state" armed, based on a "base" organization, the organization to upgrade and expand, it not only inherits "bin laden" at the core of the mantle, more show too much stronger than the mother's social mobilization ability, organization ability, management ability, technical skills and the ability to terrorist attacks pyramid selling, even in terms of cruelty and bloodthirsty far beyond the "base" predecessor and mentor.Over the past year, the "islamic" armed with the "base" fighting for the western world and the "agent" jihadist leadership and rules, and open competition, even each other clean up the portal.Granddaddy osama bin laden, however, make two big family heirloom, terrorism theory and behavior strategy, has been completely absorb "islamic state"

and to the limit.

     "Bin laden", or "base" during the war in Afghanistan was born in the 1980 s, a group of religious radicals in funding from the islamic world and participate in the fight against Soviet forces in the process of the occupation, build up the armed training "base", and gradually upgrade and expansion of political and military organization, announced that it would put an end to all of Islam's invasion and occupation of the land, fairness and justice, in the end no heterogeneous Islam civilization rule is established.To expand in 1988, the "base" to "the zionist and international crusader alliance", and then focus on the war in Afghanistan after age.Asylum "base" the lock Israel and its international and regional peace, i.e. the us-led western countries and moderate islamic world power.Osama bin laden had the contradiction struggle at Israel, the first is too powerful and guard against Israel, and, more importantly, they think that Israel but is one of the "sin" tree branches, only cut off this useless branches, must be rooted out west to once and for all the big tree.

     Determines the theoretical framework and strategy, and the path of strategy and tactics are also gradually forming, namely the funding and support all the radical islamic background rebel forces, as an attack on the United States and its Allies regime, through injury, tingling and temptation to counter, best form thermal field, causing more Muslim

    deaths and suffering, breed more anti-american anti-western secular state of emotional and hatred, nurture more radical, under the premise, easy to recruit more so-called "or die trying" in new violence or terrorist attacks, cycling form violence with violence, the moment snowball, make the United States as a representative of "heresy" war everywhere, blood everywhere, ultimate strength, in the hole like the mighty Roman empire collapsed.Based on this goal, the "base" claim to harm innocent, but should try to avoid hurting Muslim life and property.

     "Base" paradigm is one of the important characteristics of use of the modern media widely spread ideology, strategic intent and tactical approach, and has set up a purpose, on a global scale by extremists to follow and follow suit.This phenomenon is called terrorism

    "crowdsourcing" - that is, by its mission, fan identity claimed task, look for the target, anytime, anywhere.Local war, the war in Afghanistan and Iraq war two powerful opponent then just the "base" two big trap, and according to its intended to cultivate more and more anti-americanism and terrorists.The "Arab spring" in 2011 led to weaken the power of the "base" of many Arab regimes collapsed, but not with the "base" forces killed osama bin laden, but contrarian expansion, spread out in the Middle East, central Asia, Africa, until finally give birth to more lethal "islamic state" of the new generation.This is the western "the against the fear of" war on terror.

     Al qaeda terrorist antitrust asymmetric war with the United States and other western countries started full militants, birthplace of Islam 2011 years western civil unrest in the Middle East political interference and comprehensive intervention, there is no doubt that the "base" ideology more logic self-consistent.Years of western economic crisis and its political and social crisis, exacerbated by the existential plight and latter-day complex edge Muslim groups, di and others in Syria and Iraq Baghdad cede territory, government and its capital self-styled leaders "caliphate" of church and state, not only awaken part of conservative muslims "four caliphs" myth of the glorious age of islamic civilization, islamic state of "super strength and bewitch, more let his followers misjudgment subversion of western civilization, the glory of the islamic historical opportunity has arrived.Then, set up the "islamic" utopian regime, not only induces defections, around the "base" factions and puzzling many activists, give his life to follow.

     Obviously, with Russia and the west and fully comprehensive encirclement and suppression "islamic state" around Syria, Iraq armed, the organization's name "the caliphate" will eventually become a pipe dream, but the use of "base" lectures and on-site recruitment in their own way, the strategy of not quickly lose function, it must be open to one after another terrorist attack target contract awarding, encouraging

    all over the world blind and loyalists attacks by hook or by crook, until from will and psychological defeat strategic rivals.

     In 1994, Somali militiamen shot down two American black hawk helicopters, 19 U.S. soldiers were killed, forcing the administration of President Bill Clinton in a hurry leave somalia, out of the African continent.Funding the armed osama bin laden was ecstatic, because he found that the United States is powerful, but people fear death in the United States, the United States is not without weaknesses.As a result, the "base" for the first time in 1998 serial suicide attack on the us embassy in Africa, in yemen Aden attacks on the United States in 2000 "cole" destroyer, until 2001 to destroy the world trade center twin towers, finally dragged America into two war for 15 years.

     "Islamic state" is the continuation of "base" of logic and strategy, and the Middle East is an unprecedented lists into "pagan" war

    machine.Animal fight, dying, "islamic state" of terrorism crowdsourcing model will present periodic outbreak, will inevitably cause more casualties, global terrorism and the fight against terrorism into the new stage of flowering.No matter how far people from the Middle East, have

     to keep enough sober cognition.

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