Scientists have discovered an asthma drug to treat alzheimer's disease

By Peggy Ward,2015-07-01 16:33
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Scientists have discovered an asthma drug to treat alzheimer's disease

    Scientists have discovered an asthma drug to treat alzheimer's disease

    [abstract] according to the scientists study, common asthma drug, "meng LuSi", have special curative effect, it can effectively treat alzheimer's disease.

    Scientists, according to new research asthma drug meng LuSi can effectively reverse rat

    brain aging.

    According to media reports, at present, scientists, new research shows a common asthma drugs can effectively slow or even prevent alzheimer's disease.

    Scientists found that a drug called LuSi meng, can reverse brain aging mice, the drug can also be used in the treatment of allergic reaction, will soon be used in the treatment of alzheimer's patients.Aging rats after taking the drug for memory and intelligence test, the results show that its performance like young mice.

    Aging mice age was 20 months, between the human equivalent of age 65-65.In one test, mouse placed in birdbath, they must find a hidden escape channel.Six weeks after taking LuSi meng, drugs, the time for completing the test test results shows that aging mice similar to young mice.

    Austrian paracel seuss medical university neuroscientists - Ludwig Aigner (Ludwig Aigner) found that meng LuSi drugs can prevent inflammation in the brain of receptors.These receptors are involved in neurodegenerative diseases, such as alzheimer's, Parkinson's and huntington's disease.

    Leukotriene receptor also found that exists in the part of the brain that new nerve cells in the form, the test shows that aging mice after LuSi

    meng, drugs, receptor infection rate was reduced by 80%.Aigner led the research team found meng LuSi special drugs significantly increased the strength of the blood-brain barrier, the blood-brain barrier can prevent infection affect brain tissue.

    At the same time, meng LuSi drugs can enhance young mouse nerve cells growth rate of 50%.Dr Aigner said: "structurally, mice taking meng LuSi drugs after the brain to restore vitality, I think the drug can be reversed is associated with aging body damage. We are able to recover 100% rats learning and memory ability, reached the level of young mice."

    The nervous system of aigner in Chicago last week science Published

    the latest study report at the meeting.Britain Parkinson's charity development director Arthur Roach (Arthur Roach) said: "this is a very promising treatment, the drug will be able to reverse the brain aging phenomenon."

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