Biological Concrete can automatically repair cracks

By Clara Brown,2015-07-01 14:05
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Biological Concrete can automatically repair cracks

    Biological "Concrete" can automatically repair cracks

    Technische Universiteit Delft professor of Microbiology at Holland [ Abstract ] Han York invented a concrete biological, microbial can use automatic healing of the cracks.

    York, since 2006 began to study this" biology Concrete".

    Remember the "terminator" in the film after the injury can automatically heal the robot? It was due to the power of magic liquid metal alloy. Recently, Technische Universiteit Delft in Holland created a similar microbial home cool material: automatic healing "biological

    concrete", can effectively repair cracks in a limestone producing bacteria help.

    Concrete is the world's most common building materials, no matter how carefully mixed concrete reinforcement, all will eventually produce cracks, cracks will sometimes cause the collapse of the

    building. Therefore, people have been trying to make more durable concrete. The cracks of concrete crack. If there is a crack in the wall on the floor, basement, garage will be water, water infiltration in concrete reinforcement will cause steel corrosion, buildings have collapsed risk."Technische Universiteit Delft professor of Microbiology at Hank Oks said, "we have invented a biological concrete using microbial self-healing concrete."

    According to media reports, York, since 2006 began to study this "biological concrete". When a concrete technology experts, can be used to repair concrete for bacteria. To solve this problem faced many challenges. Concrete like rocks, very dry and strong alkaline, "repair bacteria" before being activated water, long dormant. York chose the spore bacillus, because they love alkaline environment, produced spores can survive for decades without food and oxygen conditions.

    York, said: "the problem is that the bacteria can not only be activated in the concrete, but also can produce prostheticmaterials

    limestone." Bacteria must have food. Sugar is a choice, but the sugar will make concrete becomes soft and fragile.Finally he chose calcium lactate. York, the bacterial capsule and calcium lactate into biodegradable plastic, then put the capsule into the wet concrete mix.

    Biological concrete and ordinary concrete look the same, just add additional ingredients "healing agent". The cracks of concrete, water into the cracks open the capsule, the bacteria began to sprout, proliferation and metabolism of the edible calcium lactate by carbonate and calcium ion binding, the formation of calcite or limestone, gradually healed cracks.

    York hopes that this new era of concrete can open a biological building. "This is a combination of natural and architectural materials, the nature of free supply us a lot of useful things, such as the production of limestone bacteria. If we put it to fill in the building material is very good. This is a new concept of the natural and architectural environment together with a good example."

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