How many wearable device in the monitoring to your health

By Leon Russell,2015-07-01 02:19
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How many wearable device in the monitoring to your health

    How many wearable device in the

    "monitoring" to your health?

    Wearable devices in health field is new bestow favor on, over the years from the original bracelet and a pedometer to today's watches, socks, rings, etc., in the form of wearable devices has almost covers all kinds of possible, on the other hand, wearable devices monitoring function from the initial step, also expanded to the heart rate, blood pressure monitoring sleep monitoring, deserves more attention, many international famous brand also launch wearable equipment or products with similar functions.In the industry point of view, the current wearable device function is still in the category of health monitoring, there is also a part of wearable devices have part of the treatment function.On the other hand, give full play to the effect of wearable devices, also faces the data are accurate and can be the development of implantable devices, such as the threshold.

    Smart watches

    Smart watches the launch of the wearable watch the future looks even more beautiful.Many products monitoring function also covers the heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, etc.But it is worth noting that, for fear of monitoring function, first introduced the iwatch removed reportedly had a health monitoring function, according to reports, the consistency

    problem and technically possible omissions eventually make apple gave up iwatch health monitoring function.The move also to the attention of the industry.In addition, wearable watch price and water proofing property is also the focus of many consumer.


    Has close relationship with fashion ring now has the function of health monitoring, jewelry industry also prevailing wind.According to the introduction, the ring into wearable equipment form also has exquisite, manufacturers say people have fingers had aortic root pass, exercise can avoid the disadvantages of traditional equipment is not stable, will be more accurate than traditional health monitoring equipment.

    A pacemaker

    Implantable wearable device is already the many foreign manufacturers in wearable device new swimmer.Foreign experts point out that once you have the ability to control can be implanted devices, real-time tracking for the growth of tumors or drug delivery and other services will be realized.Pacemaker is the earliest application of implants.If a mature technology, the treatment effect of such equipment to be reckoned with.


    This year, a tech company launched a intelligent socks for fitness enthusiasts, each pair of socks is equipped with sensors that can collect

    related data when user running, walking.Socks equipped with sensors can also be measured at the bottom of the key points in pressure, steps, etc.


    Bracelet is almost many common carrier of wearable devices, including millet, jawbone, huawei, many merchants have corresponding health bracelets.Relative price of populist is let bracelet have a broader market.Step gauge, heart rate and sleep quality monitoring is the common features of many bracelets.Compared to other wearable devices, on the other hand, relatively single shape design, a variety of colors to choose from also let health bracelets by many the favour of fashionable personage.

    The bra

    Seemingly has nothing to do with the wearable device object, actually has achieved some degree of therapeutic effect.Used in the treatment of breast cancer, for example, a kind of drug side effects after oral, London's central saint martins college of art and design bra, invented by a graduate student of special material to the wearer, slow release drugs patients through the skin to absorb the drug, while removing the side effects of oral, still can obtain better therapeutic effect.

    Mobile phones bring

    Many wearable device for the dependence of the mobile phone app is stronger, some also needs both connected to achieve monitoring function, so the manufacturers, including apple, join health monitoring functions in mobile phones, mobile phone itself become a wearable device, circle of friends steps "sun" has also become more simple.

    Through data interaction to achieve health monitoring

    The so-called wearable devices, actually are some specific functions of monitoring equipment.The people's liberation army general hospital endocrinologist Dr. An-ping wang is in a wearable product conference, wearable devices, refers to can wear directly or combined with clothing, accessories and other electronic equipment.On the one hand, the hardware and wearable devices, more important is that through software support for data interaction, to have the function of health monitoring.An American website called "wearable device" the article published in 2014, for the detailed interpretation of the wearable device.The article said, the so-called wearable devices (also known as wearable technology) refers to some implants clothing or jewelry, etc., and people can comfort wearable electronic devices.These devices can complete some functions such as mobile phones, notebook computers have;However, in some cases, wearable device can completely through hand-held devices with similar functions.

    Wearable device is not a medical device

    An-ping wang said, in general, is still can not define the wearable device for medical equipment, but it must be admitted that these devices in the management of chronic diseases that plays a certain effect.Combined with mobile medical, also opened up a new health management model.

    From the beginning of the birth, wearable devices have some fashion elements.The original bracelet form also got the favour of many fashion movement, hand ring, wearable devices in many companies the swimmer.Socks, underwear, watches would be a "carrier" of wearable devices.

    Hong Kong Eric he said a strong zhuang, director of the hospital management research center, the first wearable device is focused on the meter step function, and the current health indicators such as blood pressure, heart rate monitor has almost become a "standard" wearable devices.

    Swiss Research firm Soreon Research predicts that by 2020 the smart wearable device can help save 1.3 million lives.The company said in a report, intelligent wearable device can save more people's life, thanks to hospital monitoring, only this can save about 700000 people's life.Report said: "when patients from intensive care unit (ICU) after may be in danger because of their monitoring suddenly relax."

    S the future

    Numerical accuracy is wearable equipment problems

    Wearable devices monitoring function to give full play to the role of the accuracy of the data is self-evident.According to PWC's survey, 30% of wearable device users are in a year later these devices will be forgotten.The personage inside course of study points out that the core values of wearable devices is that the cloud background of big data, the value of the most anticipated is forecast, for the same is true of the meaning of health management.Some equipment after wear monitoring data is accurately is the key to the problem, because the data is directly related to the accuracy of the prediction and suggestion function to human body health.

    Wearable devices and mobile medical breakthroughs in key

    Wearable devices and the present are hot mobile medical have inseparable relationship.A strong zhuang tells a reporter, if there is a breakthrough in wearable devices, such as implantable wearable equipment widely used, will help mobile medical further involvement in medical core link.If with the development of artificial intelligence, can realize remote operation, may also help in the very great degree mobile medical treatment.

    A strong thought, but the significance of implanting wearable devices to health is self-evident, many foreign companies have this as a new swimmer.

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