Give up become a princess after 24, 25 years old, she took to the road become queen

By Beatrice Elliott,2015-06-26 19:11
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Give up become a princess after 24, 25 years old, she took to the road become queen

    Give up become a princess after 24, 25 years

    old, she took to the road become queen

    Fan bingbing, famously said that I don't marry giants, I am giants.Sound mighty domineering, today more swagger version: to be a princess, don't want to marry the prince.Emma Watson said, a few years ago, visible to the naked eye, was a Cinderella.

    The name Emma Watson looks so strange, it is because we know the little girl, she is still in the "harry potter" "hermione."

    As hermione, Emma was a nine-year-old kid.She said her and hermione was the same, she could not bear to let others play the role.But she actually has experienced eight rounds of the interview to get the part.Serious, smart, students with excellent grades in the class, but also have lovely relationships.This is hermione, is also a small Emma in her childhood.

    Then Emma appearance is not outstanding, although became

    numerous children's dream "hermione," but she was not a man, she is just an ordinary girl, even secretly unrequited love with the small cast of actors and dare not to say it.

    She like a gifted student of the class monitor when I was young, with "I am a student of good grades, the teacher love me" pride, at an early age with the imposing manner, so always do not to wait for the prince to save stupid white sweet, but it turned itself into a princess.

8 the harry potter films, we watched the small freckles on her face,

teeth of the little girl, don't grow in the attack and turned gay young girl,

the goddess of the beauty can conquer the prince.

    She just signed a name on the red carpet, netizens are crazy.

    Little and Yang chin, Emma Watson of the cold ao aura, even the most straight women can be turned gay.

    Conquer the prince is not just a joke.In fact, Emma did dating the prince...

    The British media have exposed, British royal prince harry (yes is prince William's younger brother) in the pursuit of Emma,British people feel at that time, Emma super suit when princess, wish the prince to marry her.

    To this, Emma said: to be a princess, don't want to marry the prince.

    Obviously, Emma did not intend to become "the most beautiful princess." the legend, she hoped to Emma Watson's identity to become legendary.

    Emma, is on the road of success.Even in harsh and complex large-scale sample survey, Emma still is one of the people choose the favorite female star.All people describe her as follows: the combination

    of wisdom and beauty.From child star to goddess, Emma looked all the way scenery, actually she struggled more than their peers.

    "I don't want to let others to decide who I am, I just want to make their own decisions."

    9 years old started, she lost her childhood.Arrive at 6 o 'clock every day on the set, 9 points to go home, almost became her normal life.

    She got all the children are eager to role, she starred in the harry potter, who rose to fame.Normally, she just happily do a star.With actors

    of the play has been in the give up his studies, but Emma didn't.She is still required to do A all take A gifted student in every subject.

    Everyone seemed to see this is famous for his age group of children in the future life, but it happened that Emma to all people "to" say no.She got the admission notice, three ivy league universities including the university of Oxford, in the end she chose to brown university.

    With cast of actors talk about her, the girl have to praise: maintain good grades is really difficult thing, not to mention like her to take sport, resist pressure, by paparazzi chasing ", "women should live like Emma, beautiful like a princess, learning performance is excellent students, work earnestly work hard".

    "Know what you want to know want to rush to the goal, should try to make every effort to achieve more"

Emma's wisdom is that she know trade-offs.Do the right thing at the

right time.

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