The dawn of a quantum computer 100 million times calculation speed

By Carmen Gibson,2015-06-26 08:57
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The dawn of a quantum computer 100 million times calculation speed

    The dawn of a quantum computer: 100 million times

    calculation speed

    A few days ago,GoogleQuantum quantum computer artificial intelligence laboratory announced the latest progress: D - Wave2X in two tests run faster than traditional analog device computer chips run 100 million times faster.

    The results of this breakthrough also broke the industry for a quantum computer authenticity in doubt.This time, Google confirmed that a quantum computer with NASA's maneuverability.

    From D - 2013, Google Wave systems company bought a quantum computer, and for the research of quantum computers with the NASA project.In fact whether the industry for a quantum computer will really commercial existence question, D - Wave systems since its launch in 2007 the first quantum computer is controversial.Due to a quantum form is not stable, some scholars believe that a quantum computer is feasible in theory level, and to be able to utilize the quantum computing algorithm is relatively limited programming than traditional computer difficulty bigger, therefore does not have the feasibility.

    Quantum computing is considered to be solve calculation approaches physical barrier, but its running behind is a very complex problem of physics, quantum artificial intelligence lab, Google also think the future will also face more work: "although these results are interesting and very encouraging, but the quantum enhanced optimization into a practical technology, there is more work to do."

    D - Wave black technology

    Google the quantum computer D - Wave2X quantum computing company D - Wave from Canada to buy.As early as 2007 the company announced the development of quantum computer, and in 2012amazonFounder JeffBezos with the cia's investment agency - Q - Tel In investment.

    But has been in the industry for D - Wave produced a quantum computer can achieve remains controversial.Some scholars think, for the hypothesis that a quantum computer too fantasy, in fact, the computer have many to overcome technical problems, such as quantum state is not stable, the instability of decision information which will affect the calculation accuracy.

    Traditional calculating unit is a bit (bit), namely we often say the binary 1 s and 0 s.And quantum computer contains the smallest unit of information referred to as (Qubit), is through "imprisoned" atomic technology, reduce the atomic temperature keep atomic quantum form.The biggest characteristic of the quantum is the all-encompassing, a quantum is able to represent 0 and 1 at the same time, it depends on the user to extract information.

    This setting is fundamentally improve the running speed of the computer.According to the traditional algorithm, when the user need to extract a phrase information or need to solve a problem, the computer to put all the possibilities listed first and verify it again to get the correct information, and quantum computer can direct calculation and extract relevant information.

    In August of this year, D - Wave company released 2 x system, which using the architecture of 1152 qubit (compared to the second generation of more than 640 qubit) system, which is Google and NASA achievements as applied to the research and development system.

    Compared to previous systems, the r&d team focus shift from quantum increased running speed to keep the stability of the quantum in order to improve performance.

    Improve the running speed can be done

    In the film "the imitation game," AlanTuring invented the Turing machine to reduce the information combination arrangement time, deciphering the German encrypted information, for at least two years in advance of world war ii ended.In research and development of Turing computer when authorities do not look good, think through the computer to verify the permutation and combination is a fable.

    Visible boost computer speed change can bring a breakthrough to imagine.

    Quantum computer's biggest function is greatly shorten the time of extracting user information needed to use, and therefore can be used to solve some pending issues at present.Spend tens of thousands of years, such as traditional computer to calculate formula, for a quantum computer may only need a few seconds.A quantum computer, therefore, is arguably the biggest use of helping improve the quality of scientific research, such as helping to solve well-known combinatorial optimization problem, including gene sequence analysis and risk analysis of protein folding, etc.

    Even overcome the problem of quantum stability, quantum computers in the actual landing promotion also encountered some substantive issues, the biggest obstacle is that not all of the algorithms can use a quantum computer, as well as for programmers to master a set of programming is more complex than existing algorithms.

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