Google and general motors, Honda and audi car version of Android development

By Shirley Price,2015-06-26 07:48
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Google and general motors, Honda and audi car version of Android development

    Google and general motors, Honda and audi

    car version of Android development

    In the SUV in the back seat with the children playing, is one of the largest public enemy in the auto industry.They are some of the world's largest car company is active with Google (weibo) cooperation, in the on-board entertainment information into the biggest driver of the Android software in the system.

    This morning, Google announced that established the "Open car Alliance" (Open Automotive Alliance).The alliance consists of technical

    and car companies, including general motors, Honda, audi, hyundai motor and chip makers nvidia, aim to Google's most popular mobile operating system, to apply it into the car.These technologies have the chance to both of their products into hundreds of millions of cars.Carmakers, meanwhile, also have the opportunity to update its software in the vehicle, and creating the most advanced entertainment information system.

    Google is at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (International Consumer Electronics Show, CES) announced the day before the formal this piece of news.In the Las Vegas show in the United States, and all kinds of cars is expected to become one of the leading role.Volkswagen's audi and gm will be on display at CES conference in their products.

    Traditionally, car companies do not want to use the newest coolest parts, stable and mature technology and preference.Considering the security and stability problems they faced, it also makes sense.However, the rapid development of smart phones and tablets, gave the auto makers to great pressure.Smartphones free map service has gradually become a powerful alternative to expensive vehicle navigation system.Similarly, parents may prefer to children with all kinds of movies,

    games, and the application of a tablet or smartphone, also don't want to let them use the monotonous DVD player behind the car seats.

    So far, most carmakers start using customized onboard software system.Ford and Microsoft started cooperation r&d weighed

    vehicle-mounted multimedia interactive system, it can allow cars to connect to the mobile devices, and to support voice commands.In addition, there are some car manufacturers to use the blackberry's QNX software, or modified Linux operating system.Although this strategy help car company created different from competitors' products, but they still need to software company for each vehicle manufacturers to develop different applications - the cost of doing so is very high, and very time consuming.

    Now, car makers have attempted through cooperation between to solve this problem.For example, in 2009, BMW, gm, Intel and other manufacturers, announced the formation of the Genivi alliance, aimed at resolving the Linux operating system and its application development problems, and achieved good results.

    Based on Linux with a Android, is superior to other software, because it is dominant in the mobile device industry.Asia, Europe and the United States of electronic devices and computer supplier, tend to be preferred Android to test their new parts.For carmakers, using Android can let

    them access to the updated technology, better and reduce the cost of equipment test.Application developer also tend to develop applications for Android.In addition, BMW, kia, audi and Toyota has also use Google Android to develop search, maps, and other functions.

    Tesla is a technology is very advanced automotive manufacturers, it makes the concept of on-board computer become the development direction of the next generation of cars.The company's all electric Model S car configuration has 17 inch touch screen, can be in the form of streaming media broadcast radio.You just slide fingers a few times, can the touch screen can be divided into two parts, the larger area for Google maps, the smaller area is used to play music.

    In silicon valley, there are some of the new company is trying to promote new technology in the car.CloudCar, for example, the company developed a small computer equipment, the equipment can be inserted into the car, so that the automobile has the most advanced entertainment information system.Its design idea is: carmakers can upgrade at any time the small computer equipment, add new functions.Also, so that software developers have a common equipment, for it to develop applications.The ford motor company in palo alto also established a research and development center, and vehicle control

software kernel is set to open source, so that the user personalized

renovation, such as the development of their favorite odometer.

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