Next brics will fall

By Ralph Graham,2015-06-25 18:41
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Next brics will fall

    Next brics will fall


    South Africa: the next brics will fall

    The second largest city of Cape Town, South Africa

    The most developed economies in Africa, South Africa's five days even in three's finance minister, among economists led to the country's credit rating may soon be down to "junk" level of concern.People fear that South Africa could become the second after Brazil "fallen" financial state, "South Africa will be the next Brazil? The idea is chilling."The two countries are slowing, the substantial depreciation of currencies.A series of political failures and scandals on Brazil's President dilma rousseff and South African President Jacob zuma's ability to revive the economy have doubts.At present, the standard &poor's and fitch ratings of South Africa are "BBB -", just above junk status a;Moody's rating to "Baa2 debt", only a garbage rank two notches.

    Wall Street expected the fed to raise interest rates next year three times

    CNBC, the fed survey market expectations the fed will start raising interest rates this week, next year will raise interest rates three times, respondents thought the stock market, real estate and the American economy will be unfavourable.Overall, 38% of respondents believe that interest rates of the process of normalization results will be bad for the economy, 44% thought that impact will be neutral, only 13% of people think that the result will be good for the economy.Respondents on average expect, the possibility of the U.S. economy into recession in 2016 amounted to 22.9%, is the highest level since 2012.

    The Wall Street journal

    China's real estate developers to seek diversified

    With continuous cooling in China's real estate market, more and more developers are looking for real estate thought source of income.It seemed no end of

    the pain in China's real estate market, more and more real estate developers began to seek diversified.These developers are invading from Banks to cosmetic surgery to the women's football, and other fields.In 2014, according to moody's analytics, estimated China's real estate and related industries contributed 18% of GDP, down 5% compared with 2013.An independent economist guang-yuan

    mar[microblogging]Said: "China's real estate market has reached a turning point in the alarming. The real estate industry has been the engine of economic growth from China become a burden."Faced with the prospect of so difficult, some developers - especially in smaller companies - are opt out of the real estate industry.Although large real estate companies are not quit, but also to expand their source of income.

    Rio tinto(28.18, 0.03, 0.11%) of the proposed $4.4 billion expansion of Mongolian copper mine

    Rio tinto and its partners have from 20 Banks to a total of $4.4 billion in financing, to expand a copper mine in Mongolia.Despite the global slump in commodity prices, the company continues to invest in a new big projects.The company plans to oyu tolgoi in Mongolia to build a large network of underground tunnels had already built a open-pit mine, after the expansion, this will be one of the world's biggest copper mine.

    The financial times

    Former Wall Street bosses up financial technology

    The originalJp Morgan chase(66.1, 1.83, 2.85%) female pioneer investment bankers and credit derivatives bryce - Masters (Blythe Masters) rejected the barclays investment banking supervisor position, join the Digital financial technology start-up companies, Asset.Other famous characters from the banking sector in financial technology including former citigroup CEO vikram pandit, jpmorgan chase CEO John Mack (John Mack),visa(78.62, 1.75, 2.28%) of the President before the group Hans Morris (Hans Morris).Goldman sachs(182.01, 5.61, 3.18%), estimates that emerging financial technology industry each year may steal from traditional financial service industries more than $4.7 trillion in revenue and profit of $470 billion.


    The consumer price index rose in November

    The labor department's report showed that U.S. consumer price index (CPI) from November.Excludes volatile food and energy, core CPI rose 0.2%.Crude oil prices hit a new low since the global financial crisis in 2009, although this will increase the purchasing power of the americans, but may make inflation remains below the fed's target of 2%.


    In the history of the largest children's data theft suspects were arrested

    British police said on Tuesday, has been arrested and Hong Kong electronic learning products manufacturing ShangWei esselte (VTech) was hacked events related to a 21 year old man.The incident led to 6.4 million children and 4.9 million adults personal data were leaked, Hong Kong, the United States and British regulators, U.S. lawmakers asked vtech explain why children's personal information collection, and how to protect the information.

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