Virtual reality technology will become the future

By Betty Price,2015-06-25 17:08
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Virtual reality technology will become the future

    Virtual reality technology will become the future?

    Technically, the virtual reality is that you can perceive is different from the objective existence of the world, so since we have special glasses, we don't live in a virtual reality?

    If we further investigation of Technological Development in the field, basically not what things can be like the same concern the development of virtual reality. Many technology giants realized, since virtual reality has arrived, it was their turn to let it shine, so most of the major companies in the research and development of their own equipment. In addition to some other reasons, this is why virtual reality will become the future technology field.

    The virtual reality of the past

    Virtual reality is first mentioned in the modern drama French playwright Antonin Artaud published in 1938 and the "ghost", in which he put the object that the characteristics of drama with no reality whatever is called "virtual reality". This work has been translated into English version in 1958, but the term was first publicly.

    The term in the 1982 science fiction novel "The Judas Mandala" was used as the meaning, but also from the start in popular culture and research in the late 80's early 90's popular.

    Virtual reality now

    Because of too many to count shows, movies and novels have adopted the concept of virtual reality, and with new and interesting way to explore it had a lot of fun, look forward to a generation there will be more of this kind of future invention will naturally choose their own hands to create their own equipment.

    Therefore, the current market is full of prototype and model products, promises to bring us to the developers who have a fantasy world. We have a new industry for developers in childhood imagination and development of hardware and software.

    We have a game, pictures, training programs, and even can make you immersed in a world of fantasy in the video, which is good or bad, we continue to focus on this technology, I hope one day, perhaps soon, we can get the promise of something.

    The future of virtual reality

    This allows us to see the present development situation and the future of the industry.

    According to HTC Vive said that they made a major breakthrough in VR technology so I decided to skip the VR equipment of the first model, directly launched version second in the next year, adding the new and improved features.

    Glyph virtual reality glasses Avegant's commitment to a new movie experience, their equipment directly to the video projection to your eyes, give you a most realistic virtual reality.

    At present, the industry has two options. It can continue the development at an alarming rate, after a few years to bring our commitment in the 90's had that kind of experience, or awareness in their lives without the need of virtual reality, then it gradually.

    However, here is a reminder that there was a kind of speculation is that nobody will need or use computer.

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