Memories of murder movie reviews

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Memories of murder movie reviews

    Memories of murder movie reviews

    Online to this piece of the height of the comments to the point of hyperbole, extracted several industry players what they thought of it:

    "The most beautiful in the history of the south Korean film"

    "There is no flaw of perfect film"

    , in China, "the film director to have actual strength."

    "Have seen this film, Chinese film really can go home and rest."

    "In the first-class business techniques and can load painful collective reflection, this also is South Korea's win one of the important reasons for the rise of films and in Asia"


    Movie is opinions differ, each person's point of view and experience are not the same, how height, but at least can be sure that this is indeed a rare classic pieces.

    The rain of the night

    The woman in red

    The radio broadcast the sad love song

    In this quiet night --

    A pair of soft hands

    Director, the increase of abnormal raped and murdered them

    The rain has stopped, body is exposed to the sun

    The murderer blend into the crowd, die ~ ~

    No one knows who he is

    Until --

    A rainy night, under the ring again...

    The xuan and xuan, mysterious.

    Film the first 20 minutes, adhering to the classic Korean style, rhythm is slow, with melodious music bring people back to the story background of the eighty s.

    Leisurely and field scene, large tracts of the golden rice fields, exquisite and never tired of scenes, including fat agents details, family life and farm tractors, guileless, the town people sometimes when no demonstrations, military and political period frequent defense exercises, like a reflection of South Korea's military and civilian rule in the eighty s people life picture scroll, let the person at first glance it's hard to think of serial thriller.

    Town of two agents no strict judicial system training, violence and torture by intuition, clumsy way of solving is funny and original spirit, filled with the wind of black humor movie start.Until Seoul to Sue, professional agents, graduated from the university of Sue agents with high confidence and ideal, with two kinds of conflict case style collide with each other, the case began a breakthrough --

    Rainy night killed the woman, the woman in red the myth of the school, radio play the sad love song, anonymous and so...Finally there are clues, evidence linked together, stripping silk cocoon step by step closer to the

    truth.Audience's breathing has been controlled by the director, even to the end, some coincidence was enough to convince all people did not doubt that handsome and so man is a murderer, although want to rely on evidence to talk, so have to wait for DNA test results that the truth of the case, however, seem to already be vividly portrayed.

    At this time, case plummet, brillant director grasp the audience tension, depression, using a technique to plot the ups and downs, that all people from Ming hope after a storm comes a month, and heavily fell into silence in the valley of despair.

    Finally a victim is a high school girl, choose the youth and death so bright contrast, really cruel.Girl die life, disgusting died, not closed his eyes, and Sue agents recently personally for the girl with dressing, now attached to a lifeless bodies, the hand of evil don't pass the life of youth, pouring down rain.

    Rational agent Sue finally collapsed, he heard a dirty secretly sneer at hiding in the dark, the hand of justice has no power.DNA report he would rather believe that waiting is just a paper lies, he had to put an end to the front of evil - pistol shooting suspect of anger...

    Seventeen years later,

    In 2003, South Korea's successful transition to a democratic society, the field serene, as if nothing has happened.

    Former police officer has become a businessman, raising children, but when he passed the paddy fields, and can't reach the first bodies found that land reclamation drain before.

    Learned from a naive girl's mouth, and the murderer came here soon.

    Continue to ask, the answer for all of despair - he is just an ordinary person.

    Film agent in middle-aged park shining with tears, with dismay and vacant complicated eye end, leaving the audience a no answer.

    This a few seconds, by South Korea's best actor ho explanation is very wonderful.

    If there is no final ten minutes, the film may not so good.

    A lot of people will ask who it is, however, the key to the film director is not to expose the truth, and gives an open ending:

    The murderer is among ordinary people every day and we miss, everyone could --

    This world, there are always some people hide the other side of the unknown, and continue to walk;Doomed and some light in the world, was swallowed by the darkness.

    Like the movie often appear the train tunnel, and the darkness long, who also see an end to what it is.

     repressed era, distortion of human nature, the lack of legal

    The special political background of the film is not neglected, the real case occurred in 1986, when the south Korean military and political rule, is experiencing a

    transformation in the history of South Korea, in the key moment of the democracy movement.

    As a result, the film is filled with era distinct symbols:

    Street demonstrations constantly;The endless air defense warning;The school's rescue exercises;Police pulled to suppress demonstrations;Judicial system chaos, torture abuse, improper evidence protection...

    Agent park and his partner has never been to Seoul, the concept of the world beyond the town, at that time, their vision, to accept knowledge is limited, the director used humor technique performance of their ignorance and helpless:

    Park, for example, agents of the hit is to pray for the imago, taking "the United States is too big so they detective to solve with our heads, South Korea is very small, so only need to solve with their feet".Partner 2 people sitting in the on-farm boast heard each other to the campus life, confessed to each other only in high school, pedantic bureaucracy, the limitations of existing conditions make them violent era of interrogation, a perfunctory attitude investigation become inevitable.

    The trauma of The Times, from top to bottom, repressive social groups of distortion.

    Film of the suspects from retarded teenagers to sex workers, and then to calm weird veterans, they became the epitome of social vulnerable groups, the fate of the individual with the shadow of The Times.

    Then look at the image reflects the legal issues, in which multiple occurrences of the site scene of inspection, but unfortunately not enough protection of the criminal crime scene, such as the obvious footprint in the first case was a run through, the tractor lost the chance of a lot of evidence;Crime, of course, always in the rainy night, rain washed also increase the difficulty to the collection of evidence.

    Second, in those days, that town behind agent and the low quality of the trial conditions, blindly pursue detection rate, increase the dependence of agents on

    confronting;Presumption of guilty thoughts make

    interrogation purpose is to take depositions, illegal way of asking, and there is no continuous recording, seem not important evidence in the final process;

    Needless to say, "using torture or threat, enticement, deceit or other unlawful means the testimony of the witness and the victim statement, his statement, not a finalized according to" -- a contemporary of generally accepted principles of illegal evidence exclusion is effectively applicable at the time.

    Is not bad, the last applied to DNA, it's a pity that the crime of South Korea in 1986, the international reported DNA technology applied in forensic identification but also for the first time in 1985, due to lack of professional knowledge in the process of sampling or poorly kept late may cause the failure of DNA identification, even scientific evidence, the conclusion is also likely to be error.

    Without democracy, constitutional government, sound law environment is set up, the lack of security of the society as a whole are in a state of potential unrest.The cause of the tragedy is far more than the same throughout the film the showers of rain, the sky whizzing air defense warning, the general situation of instability, weak human, make each time and truth are missed and said if the abnormal behavior of the murderer is distorted humanity, so people were killed in the case, also be victims of South Korea's political democratization process.

    "What is a" memory "to kill"

    "Memories of Murder" strange names - the lack of the subject, or agents, or the murderer itself.

    As for the former, in the two leading role personality.

    Seoul to Sue agents, thoughtful, good at reasoning, good standard of legal education, believe on the evidence.

    A local town park agents, a rash, violence a confession by torture, elaborate solving, good at truth, trust your intuition.

    Their emotions are as the case on a shift:

    When their partner in rash and amputated, he stared at the remaining empty after shoes and shoe covers;

    When witnessed key witness, had been hit by a speeding train after he hands spattered with blood;

    Case originally want to caocao, elaborate the case truth attitude began to change, begin to accept Sue agents way of science, rational enlightenment and believe that the scientific evidence.

    Until finally, Sue agents in the heavy rain drenched the helplessness and desperation, gun, park agents to stop him.

    At this time, clever --

    The character of both dramatic change happened.

    So, the last of the line of sight in a career change agent business park, he is good at for criminal suspects made up as a young killer memories ", in order to obtain confessions to solve crimes, an experience, after his transformation and back to the places, memories will never erase seventeen years ago, the murderer together with impunity, kept the memory of those who cannot die.

    That said, I am more inclined to the latter, namely director in helping the murderer state the memories.

    In this way to sit in the cinema to see this movie murderer safely challenge, come on, to experience your memories of murder, even if you forget those who were killed, more than 10 years ago we didn't forget, will not allow you to forget.

    The style to the "the black dahlia" movie, is also based on real cases, the same reality can not find those unsolved, the difference is that "black" director of the play the killer, confessed to the audience.

    The truth,

Only with full memories of the killer to kill himself,

Only he knows --

Rainy night what he did that year.

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