The magic bird flew to the Eiffel Tower

By Henry Long,2015-06-25 02:20
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The magic bird flew to the Eiffel Tower

     The magic bird flew to the Eiffel Tower

    On 17th night, Chelsea official dismissed the best coach in the history of their club - Portugal madman jose mourinho.

    Even better than jose mourinho can't escape from the class of bad luck, is make the best or not able to withstand the Roman abramovich's fickle, even if jose mourinho to rock song over and over again at Stamford bridge, can save the fate of the most special one, even support from the fans all over the world will not save the madman.

    Best was fired by ruthless.Because without it, bad record.Football, is so ruthless.

    Portugal madman in 8 trophy for the blues.Three times in the league, league cup three times, once in the community shield, the fa cup at a time.But no can bring the heaviest weight of the champions league for the blues, regret is a madman, also sorry to blues fans.Because the fans always wish them the best coach in the perfect way to leave.

    From the first draw league, London media began to can't wait to throw mourinho conspiracy theory class.Because London media understand Russian Roman abramovich's character, the Chelsea boss is a volatile mood swings, perhaps because of a defeat directly let men get out of Stamford bridge.ABU once in seven years in the nine coach, to coach the most cruel don't tolerate mourinho he is wrong.Even if history best.But mad the class media to wait longer than last time.Jose mourinho can let the body of the London school and media reporters to comment on screen.And then what?They will find no mad, the boring a lot of.Then, functioning followed the footsteps of the madman again obtain employment.

    I personally think that is not the so-called Alan pardew, martinez, tinker, Billy, Ronald koeman, mad at, mark hughes, hovey, such as the nine head to beat a madman.But guided by Eva, Tony, John terry, ten thousand, the costa stabbing behind such himself.

    The reasons

    Jose mourinho was illustrious name destroyed in the man's hand?

    It is difficult to have a standard answer.Support jose mourinho at the player's betrayal, against mourinho array out his personality and moral is low.Due to he puffed up the character, the dressing room unrest, achievement.Despite these so-called theory of gossip.We parsing from technical aspects of his reasons.

    1, lack of signings cause no one is available.Mourinho may be the most confident person in the world.Because he can always

    succeed.People are very confident of success.Just champions league, there is no reason to purge.But the champions league players make mourinho pull gutter capsize.First we need to understand that to help players, Chelsea can hardly is super star player when azar, yet he also inspired a season.Cristiano ronaldo this season, he and his successor's reputation is far, it can be said to be poor.Tony junker tactical core level characters, however, the whole car almost depends on the motivation of his in affects one person.Half of the season and his report card for a assists and zero goal.But this is to play the missing players on the pitch, mourinho still let him start, you don't think mourinho self?But no one can change on the bench.Very easy from Barcelona for a sabre, only light under the knife in the debut, ZhaShi.That small method from Barcelona's youth, one game down to run 5 km.Defence but there are two time bombs, ten thousand prospective service assists each other goals and terry is ready to leak.There is only one league football like li3 tie3, other

    people do not run.So you see Chelsea this season most circumference without tapping, the ball is came up, back and positional warfare.Less back this weapon, only 5 into jose mourinho's martial arts, the other 5 as jose mourinho's an ace shuttle bus.But this season, mourinho's bus can't set up.Why is that?Because the spirit of the Eva bus secretly.

    2 without the leader,

    A Hong Kong gangster movies called "reconciliation" Eric tsang played eldest brother, said, a classic line: newcomer to s, the old man can only way.I went to Africa, China to the united endowment, cech went to the next door play second life surplus value.Bosses have gone, terry nature is the eldest brother.Theory of qualification, terry in the locker room can HOLD the adzharian and costa, but terry's character, no he didn't want to pry the corner.SO, costa will dare to break his face.Azar wanted the golden globes, who can't bird, focus on strong wings, maybe Eva practiced for yunvxinjing just let Tony ran up.Fellow dressing dao are original, natural selection, little Oscar statuette didn't start, I would whisper one hundred times stronger than Tony.Ten thousand is washed up anyway and you don't come back, who dare to bite me.Did not have the cohesion, no ruler, useless even if jose mourinho himself up.If drogba is still in?Who dare not listen to the birds of tertiary command, a box on the ear dozen is much more honest in the past.Drogba's left is a big loss for bird uncle, indirectly caused the dressing room is out of control.

    3 transformation

    Jose mourinho's biggest failure is Chelsea's style.The blues is famous for its bus, playing Barcelona tikitaka football this season.Perhaps mourinho saw this group of Chelsea players want to play like jose issue of Arabian night tam.Jose phase ii player is thinner, impossible to reproduce fight muscles strangulation type of football.Barca's style is not any furniture can be copied.Including the melon not group of bayern cannot copy from already create in football.Like wang2 zhong4 yang2 dozen however Lin Chaoying and had to rely on nine Yin true through.But not bird uncle wang chongyang, nature also won't nine Yin true through.Picking up the bus, health conditions do not conform to, TIKITAKA, B teams like real Madrid.So we see this season many huafa bird tertiary white overnight.No one can understand him worthy of note in this team effort, love for the team.He can hit back at real Madrid, he put back to deduce acme, jose issue he can take the bus to the opponent's goal.Jose phase ii is what style?Half the bus TIKIYAKA?This is not his style, more than Chelsea's temperament.So I referred to as a mashup.

    4 ABU

    Chelsea's bus style to Roman abramovich has been

    mature.Gentleman is in itself a local tyrants, don't want to.ABU hamza in a period when they buy some to jose mourinho does not conform to the style of his players.Bird uncle again into the blue bridge, Chelsea players

    all became smaller players.Bird uncle back to the test bus that took the championship with capital can create abramovich wanted to football, but found that this help a player is a group of second-tier players in the world.Impossible to finish the football.Between Cang promote onto the road of Barcelona, halfway between let jose.Roman abramovich has been that he spent a lot of money should be arrogant arrogant person in the technical flow.What does not know global club when selling the Chelsea players all wild speculations, as the Chinese football association please camacho skill does not have the money didn't spend less.Abramovich only see Manchester city with beautiful nana, didn't see Manchester city player is what level, do not say, at least, god is also a demon, not humans.Arsenal have been adhering to the style of wen grandpa four, in taobao, not only to grab on the market.Jose mourinho most poor timing class at this time.He could build a belong to his own team, like Sir Alex ferguson has no vision but abramovich.Chelsea was destined to become a true king, also cannot reach European super state, he wanted to become super club like real Madrid Barcelona fc bayern.

    To return to the premier league Chelsea was a mistake

    Assume that jose mourinho was back to the premiership Manchester city or Manchester united or Liverpool, or the spurs would be the result today?If go to Manchester city, with Manchester city personnel configuration, a third champions league must up early.Definitely choose

    other team the premiership champions also can take one.In all this team, find almost in their team personnel configuration is stronger than Chelsea.When Liverpool but Sue teeth, Manchester city natural needless to say, even substitute can make a big club, most times, tottenham, but tottenham just sell, spurs said money.

    I don't know no attention note that European clubs every three or four years there is a big reshuffle, from the coach to the player.In addition to wen grandpa four, with Sir Alex ferguson Europe several big boss seems to be no more than 4 years, Chelsea from real Madrid to Barcelona to bayern Munich and Manchester city.Many migratory birds dark when they said mussina stay a team of no more than three years, and the other coaches are not like this?16 years after the European championships, European football will pass a big reshuffle.And leading the foot the roots of the unrest is jose mourinho's agent Portuguese giants mendes.Thought of here reminds me of another Portuguese superstar cristiano ronaldo, seem to also want to move next year.Mendes business in Germany is short, so to be sure cristiano ronaldo and jose mourinho could not go to Germany next year.Perhaps there is a place, only the Portuguese know - a greater.Don't forget to angel di maria is in Paris, he was also mendes's players.If you really went to a greater myths can also continue to mourinho.Then, you will understand, the so-called myth is mendes hand uncle tailor-made for birds.

    Saw the fans at Chelsea yesterday message, bird has class, uncle Mr Bald when die?Don't worry, uncle bird won't go to real Madrid, because real Madrid next year to buy enough players.In addition to cristiano ronaldo position uncertainty, other people are won't go away.Real Madrid next around J lobell build team, there will not be too big.Is Paris from mota to strike as many as 5 or 6 of the main force to repel.Worthy of the to, personal safety and health at the bird's nest in the Eiffel Tower has safeguard.

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