To return to the earth when growth to knock at the door

By Alan Alexander,2015-06-25 00:32
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To return to the earth when growth to knock at the door

    "To return to the earth" : when growth to knock at the door

    This time, there is nothing more to than a plane crashChinaTangled, especially teenager a plane crash.Smith and his son to choose at this time of the crash to earth, seem to be a little inappropriate, but

    youngJaden SmithTrying to stubbornly warned us, is the young must learn to overcome fear in the disaster, efforts to achieve transformation and growth.

    To return to the earthSimple story in a big mess, do you use a word is, let a child to complete an impossible task.Say specific point, a father and son become a plane crash survivors, father fracture can not move, timid son can only alone the earth across the desolate mang find left before out of energy consumption at bestkmAway for help.It's tricky is that the earth was simple and easy to play on the one thousand already unfavorable habitat labels, film from hand was achievedScience fictionEvolution.Independence from human intervention in the evolution of earth in one thousand, in the words of the old history: "everything on the planet have evolved to kill human beings".It's like young to crash

    through theKing kongSkeleton island in the jungle, in the face of all the waymagicAnd not clear.

    To return to the earth"No contributions in the realm of science fiction, only slightly on art echo of mother earth's oceans about life, such as canvas materials of the human settlements, such as the rays of the spacecraft.Compared to the pursuit of science fiction, films appeal to teenage growth is even more clearly.Although young physique, but eventually because of rash because not to make father proud of the guardian, with the glory of the hero father, at the same time also with the fear of childhood sister killed the monster, jungle boy left in horror at the earth.Race with a group of scarlet, and leeches, and giant eagle colorful, and beasts in melee, and cold game, the snake to sleep with a pig...And specifically by human fear to kill human perception of alien behemoth await.Requirements when the task is no longer possible, father to give up on the way back, he break through self made the autonomous choice, until finally kill heart that fear, to implement change and save his life.

     Since at the beginning when the happiness to the front door, Smith and his son again to become a beautiful expectations.In 2010, the old history and also contributed to the sonJackie chanKung fu is a

    dreamThe idea of "cooperation, as a son trip to early now.This time"To return to the earth", the old history of obviously more lens to intentionally son, lying down into a "basket" talk only remote control - of

    course, there's nothing better than lying down the money is a wonderful thing.And more deadly than in fracture is, the old historyadultBeauty doesn't seem to be popular in North America, criticism.I think, too fierce criticism, and it isn't necessary for a story of young growth,"To return to the earth"Still can be done.Its emotional is notjiaoSoft, breathtaking also not artificial, its every fright is real.The action of which although there is no"Superman: steel"So cool, but not the lost war condition so pale.Compared with the same is 14 years old boy alone adventure "young pie", it also have self-knowledge, don't try to not reaches for his height.Just as in gymnasticsactionRoutine, although it's score is not the highest, the completion of its difficulty coefficient was good.

    Every dad have a WangZiJackie chanHeart, the old history is no exception, a father paving the way to the son, no matter how much he can scheduling resources, as long as it is legal, regardless of success or failure, all right.And for miniature schnauzer, and the little boy in the story, the experience of the film is also a growth story.He bravely only kill fear of each negative comments one day make a powerful evil beasts to oneself do not know how to start, is likely to grow into a Hollywood hero of the father.And, of course, the miniature schnauzer film jungle road only just began.

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