British engineers devised a huge seaplane that can carry 2000 passengers

By Paula Ramirez,2015-06-24 23:09
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British engineers devised a huge seaplane that can carry 2000 passengers

    British engineers devised a huge seaplane that can carry 2000 passengers

    The London Imperial College London the researchers designed the giant water aircraft prototype, passenger volume reached 2000, resembling a bat.

    London Imperial College London designed giant water jet passenger volume reached 2000,

    the use of wing shape, under the fuselage for ship structure

     According to media reports, researchers from the Imperial College London in London to design a landing on the surface of the aircraft, passenger volume reached 2000. Due to the airport, so the researchers

    used a mixed type wing, which may be a huge seaplane version of the future. The design of the aircraft to land the airport area face is too small, if the use of offshore airport, so the use of such a huge aircraft will not need the expansion of the airport land, but also can solve the noise problem of land landing. The engineer said the huge aircraft will use clean fuel, will help ease the pressure on the environment, is a kind of green aircraft.

    Experts at Imperial College London said the world is experiencing global air traffic growth, to meet the growing market demand, the expansion of the aviation industry needs to expand the main airport area, therefore requires more and more efficient commercial airliner. The land lies in the limitations of the airport can't landing larger aircraft, is bound to carry out large-scale transformation to meet the larger aircraft landing at the same time, environmental degradation and noise pollution has become the main restricting factors of many airport expansion, so the land to the airport, carrying more commercial airliner landing. London Imperial College London designed giant water jet can solve this problem, reduce the pressure on inland airport, passenger volume is quite large.

    Capacity of giant water on the plane reached 2000, the world's largest passenger plane is A380, the largest carrying capacity is 800, reference to the design of the aircraft design in 1940 water, using V type

    hull, can make the aircraft landing on the surface of the water, provide enough buoyancy and seaworthiness.The Royal Aeronautical Society in a study on the evaluation of the use of water instead of the traditional plane feasibility of commercial aircraft, a conclusion that if the use of advanced water jet is capable of traveling across the Atlantic, the rise of water in the aviation industry to remind us of the romantic era.

    But the giant water on the plane there are still problems, such as lack of data support the design, if you want to develop the engineering prototype, so we need to further modify the fuselage beneath the hull shape, reduce the weight of the aircraft structure. The opinion of the engineer to modify the design after the water plane can be comparable with the conventional aircraft in fuel efficiency, because of its use of hydrogen fuel, so there is no problem of emission, but the hydrogen fuel internal space utilization is low, the development may restrict water plane. At the same time, the seaplane also need infrastructure construction, see the water on the plane is still some difficulty in the near future.

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