gold and silver, so close

By Martha Hart,2015-06-24 13:26
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gold and silver, so close

    gold and silver, so close!

    Haze on phoenix blow this is not a permanent governance approach, blocked by restrictions, forever is not a good solution.Take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, alleviate the pain at the moment.

    Wine is more hidden more sweet, man is the product the relish, market is more to do more to understand, the life is more live more beautiful!

    Market, has been completely by word subversion: no

    high-profile eulogized raking, doubled, is KuangZhuan, this is not a benign market, if an investor trading day, can be doubled in a day, that means close to blowing up.Market return to rational, don't always take raking, double words to attract customers, while the bouquet afraid of deep alley, as analysts, however, we have the responsibility to popularize investment ideas and the cause of action, not only a kind of beans, not sprout!Sing, don't lecture.

    On Thursday, calm after the calm, the wind light cloud light fed meeting, thought like this in the past, the market is love beauty dish of secondary power on Thursday, price close to the previous low 1 046 a line, at the same time, the closed without

    smoke, around 1050, this means that today's market, with the broken end of kinetic energy.Whenever free to smoke after prices plunged, pay attention to this case, must not support, is weak to smoke, continue to be short.That's why we judge the strength of the key.

    Tumbled yesterday, closing without smoke, so how to layout today?

    1, as an early JianXu fell short layout, in the recent market, morning always kill drop again, then according to the closed without smoke, morning empty will be a problem

    2, a few, the trend itself is weak, and weak without the smoke, disk simply see the strength of the rebound, so do more in this case, is no sense.Prices don't rebound, what make money? 3, the momentum is still the first choice, but often in very weak market, should pay attention to the details of a few short: (1), the weak position of the short of, is usually high against smoking in the morning, the top of the big Yin line or hours.In accordance with the details, today's short position, the most in a line 55.

    (2), however, the recent market, always in the morning, a decline and then sideways, so, today can bo cycle time. (3), weak bearish, don't expect large pump, this is a very

contradictory thinking.

    Notice at the same time, the fall in the very weak, pay attention to the two time points:

    1, early fall directly, in this case, you need to determine whether early dip picks up, if there is no retreat, then early fall point is high, and as of yesterday, the dish sideways, the plate of the secondary air.

    2, early rebound slightly modified, then the plate must be short, in this case, only the down, can cause prices to plunge.But usually the plate of the position of the reference, it is high in the morning.

    But in today's market, we take the morning bo down strategy, in other words, need to be in the morning air directly.

    Empty limit position today at 1055-56 a line, breaking a 60 do damage, 47 and below the target line.

    If the morning empty, you can directly in the 53-53.5 open an empty line, 59, target or unchanged.

    Remember that mistakes, it is trend of error, error is not point, the point is not a fundamental key, 53 and 55 $2, in this case of wrong, is certainly trend judgment is wrong, rather than its radical.

    Crude oil, also very weak without smoke, also note retracement today:

    36.40 50 short resistance, damage on 37, target at 35.6.Weak without the smoke don't catch much.(two quotations of crude oil)

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