Their old world - Budapest hotel reviews

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Their old world - Budapest hotel reviews

    Their old world - Budapest hotel reviews

     Hollywood has two feel free to show their feelings, director of Europe, woody Allen, wes Anderson, although the latter seems to be no fame and status of the former, but Anderson the bold exploration and high identification degree of the film, feel dejected is gorgeous coat of a mood, is surprising, an American director could make such a European ancestry.

    Literally see three global 2014 list, the Budapest hotel will be among the top 10.Wes Anderson again built a castle in the air to Europe before the war the civilized world, with his kaleidoscope, for people to worship

    the lost order and elegant.Although in Budapest hotel location is unknown, but the director's intention is obvious, perhaps in his eyes, Hungary, Austria or the Czech republic, to represent the essence of Europe, although there from the 13th century increasingly decline since the Crusades, but the heart of Europe is not wave get hollow reputation, because here the construction of street, theatre, opera, the wandering painter, the musicians in the court, in the middle ages were put here as a first-class hall.Anderson knew this, therefore, we can see, each frame as if the prospect of a painting and each frame close shot like a postcard.Opening, a dark cyan alpine snow mountain is a panoramic view of wide Angle spread, picture let a person quiet a daze, then remove the antique horizontal cable car climb in the mountains, to the composition of the golden point out the rhythm of scene, a building orange pink slender to blossom in the top of the mountain, to not be seen of the French, presents an abstemious, rigorous, the aesthetic feeling of bright and beautiful.

    Actor gustav is the manager of the hotel, he and restaurants everywhere is full of sense of ceremony, a large number of the composition and depth in the push and pull the camera behind him.The lobby, stair, desk, even between opening and closing the door only appear in the center of the precise calculation.Late autumn amber light reflects the champagne, the exterior wall of the door of room cream

    tonal corridor enchased in marca dragon, restaurant hung gold is crystalline light fuchsia carpet reflection.Frame structure of symmetrical balance, color light contrast fusion, all in Europe before the war.Then people, enjoying the conveniences brought about by the industrial revolution, began to travel, listen to vinyl, such a holiday hotel in Budapest, talking about the Handel and Haydn fugue, wore a wool from Scotland and Brussels lace, immersed in the continent the movable feast.

    Gustav with his behavior maintains the party, he pays attention to the color of the rose into the guest room, shoeshine boy outside to take care of business, personally interview the new doorman.Guys every meal lunch at a restaurant, and stood there, like a priest sermons, read poetry to them.He knew the hobby and privacy of guests, and know how to help them avoid embarrassment, maintain their decent as noble.After a say goodbye to Mrs. Affectionate, gustav with ZERO doorman lady's funeral in Germany, got will mention the "apple youth", which was framed by the family of Mrs., experienced in prison, the prison break, some of these he did not drift from place to place for your life.

    Europe in 1932, a year before the nazis came to power, massive attack France, Italy, Austria, persecution to destroy a large number of artists and works of art.Film in a realistic style highlight gustav and ZERO by train that roadblock, gustav as a gentleman, incisively and vividly show themselves in this scene, that is, the true nobility, established on

    the basis of equality, in the face of Nazi officers questioned, to defend his doorman, dignity, a stateless refugees, and to defend the dignity of justice in front of the power.He bravely as a representative of the old world, rage against the nazis.His eyes also heard another voice, that is the crumbling of the old world AiNu, moral bottom line could not bear to look straight to fall.

    Gustav concentrated the various interest of the old world, such as adhere to carry specifies the vintage, when talking to more quickly into the topic;Keep smile for inmates to send meal, enough is enough surprise for escape from prison with the help of;In reprimanded after ZERO, sincerely apologize, and said his shame hotel;Being the son of Mrs. Hired killer to the moment, also in poetry;Immediately after rescued by ZERO, pray for the dead Mrs. Butler, still believe that faith can lead people into heaven.

    Actually, this is a film performance humanitarian crisis, but don't feel heavy, occasionally sad plot, has also been Anderson that weekly narrative to reconcile.He moved the mob in the museum, under the mask sepulchral pharaoh crime;Move the usual street fighting in the lobby of the hotel. Leave the warm velvet wallpaper rows of bullet holes;Moved to ski trails in the path of censored, let the audience see the pleasure of life.This is understand the lens language, a director, in that bunch of greedy people, Mrs. Family run skimp and gloomy, sharply the

    badger pig posted in the lounge, and under the desk is like table legs of the antlers, constitute the blood smell of brutal slaughterhouse.And killer that night, walking in the narrow lanes of snow casts a long reflection, it was Anderson personalized gothic wind.And as long as gustav or ZERO appear on camera, reservation is fixed, the theatrical and action cartoon, all at the end of the long frames in the neat pictures.

    In Anderson, the light of old world civilization can make violent abuses from shame.He is extremely delicate props, extremely

    harmonious color contrast, like pastry shop's marca dragon, the soft light, the rude and unreasonable to prison violence, dwarf.So, thriller, suspense, and cops, landscapes were Anderson, and all this is he to zweig's honor "the world of yesterday.

    To be sure, by gustav mouth, spoke repeated twice in the film's words: "on the brutal slaughterhouse, sending out the light, only a civilization that is human nature, and we just serve for it."To do this on a life of gustav, also with the light in the old world forever and ever.

    This is clearly Anderson zweig's echoing in the elegy.

    As a jewish writer, zweig was born in 1881 in Vienna, expelled by the nazis in 1833, began to exile in 1939 because of losing nationality occupied Austria, completed in 1942 after the autobiography, "yesterday", from his second wife, in Rio DE janeiro to commit suicide by poison.

     the end came to 1968, ZREO inherited this hotel, Anderson clever again out of view, as a reflection.Old ZERO said: "in fact the world of yesterday, before he (gustav) to enter, but he had the opportunity to rely on fantasy, gracefully through the life there."

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