The most common and effective acne removing small coup

By Rose Cole,2015-06-23 06:08
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The most common and effective acne removing small coup

    The most common and effective acne removing small coup

    Annoying blain blain have been, how purify?Small make up teach you how to remove acne acne, recommend to you four small coup, acne acne is not a problem.

    1 choose acne removing effect of cleanser

    Cleansing is we will do, every day for the blain blain muscle can choose according to their own skin properly with acne, adjust grease efficacy of cleanser.Small make up recommend is to choose the best natural skin cleaning products do not contain chemical composition, it can help acne removing blain blain can effectively reduce blain to imprint.

    2: wolfberry acne

    Actually Chinese wolfberry also can be used to remove acne oh, rinse the fresh Chinese wolfberry method is very simple, every day will pound medlar apply is in facial ministry, after about 2 times a day or so, as long as adherence to the one week can be found that there was a distinct improvement in acne, especially whelk.Because Chinese wolfberry can help regulate the body's immunity, inhibit cell mutation, it also can anti-aging, promote hematopoietic function.

    3 drugstore acne

    Small make up recommend according to your own skin and acne type to choose the right medicine makeup to acne, especially sensitive skin should be note that not all medicine makeup products non-allergenic, all before use it is best to give a simple skin allergy tests.

    4: snail concentrate repair blain blain muscle

    Grow blain on the face how to recuperate?How fast to go blain?Many eyebrow in the United States, often long blain blain very upset, star recommended French PG cream (85% by high concentration of snail concentrate) super good advise especially sensitive skin, just found this time is the most important immediately daub, blain blain disappear immediately leave blain scar of the next day, often stay up late for magic weapon!Regular acne removing artifact!Acne scars no more, the skin bright in vain.

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