How to prevent fog Haze weather good to eat what food

By Sara Diaz,2015-06-22 13:42
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How to prevent fog Haze weather good to eat what food

    How to prevent fog?Haze weather good to

    eat what food

    In the winter, the fog haze refresh at the circle of friends, speaking of fog, we think of is Beijing.Encountered this year the worst smog in Beijing, the air pollution levels soared to 35 times more safety standards, the damage extent is self-evident.

    What is a haze

    Fog haze, fog and haze is the combination of the words.It is particular climate conditions and human activity is the result of the interaction, it usually refers to the air in a large number of fine particulate matter (PM2.5), sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter is the main part in the fog.

    It seems modest, but contains a variety of fine particles, toxic substances harmful to human body, he brings to the human body health not ignore the negative impact, including increased mortality, exacerbated chronic diseases, worsen the respiratory system and cardiovascular system diseases, etc.

    In that case, in the fog day how to eat is a topic that we are all concerned about.I nutritionists to tell you, fog day how to eat?

    1, replenish water and health drinks Help the body detoxification

    Qiu dong season, because of the weather gets cold and the fog haze, when many people are in indoor activities, however, be sure to drink plenty of water, especially water, drink water more can accelerate the metabolism, to smooth the blood circulation of the body, can also help the body detoxify, drink water more, can let our respiratory more

    smoothly.Second, recommend more tea, at home, also can make tea to drink, to cope with a fog haze, suggested this season, can drink black tea, can warm warm stomach.

    In addition to water and tea, I think supplement health drink is also very important.Such as soybean milk and milk, soybean milk and milk contains rich protein, and it can enhance the resistance of the body, enhance immunity.

    2, eat white food To above the lungs

    Qiu dong season, where many cities will appear haze days, therefore, fog day to pay special attention to diet, advise you to eat the food of white, "said the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine Bai Serun lung, you can choose the yam, white radish, lotus root, lily, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, similar to those of white food, is good for lung".

    How to do?I recommends the fresh lily with cabbage soup, stew or Fried to eat together, is very useful, of course you can also put these food juice to drink, to stir-fry it juice."Drink carrot juice, to detoxify, spleen".

    3, light diet to give priority to Eat less to stimulate food tartly

    The body to resist particles and pollutants of the first hurdle is your nasal passages, tracheal mucous membrane.Eating spicy stimulate food for a long time, can further damage our mucosa, so as to further reduce our immunity against air pollution, cause the body lesions.

    I think haze weather let nose and throat uncomfortable, should give priority to with light diet.Due to the elderly and children's resistance is weak, it is suggested that the elderly should keep scientific life rule, avoid

    excessive overworked, extra water.As far as possible is given priority to with light diet, eat less green onion, garlic, chili, etc excitant food.Can eat more foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, for the body to discharge dust particles, such as lemon, orange, kiwi fruit, green pepper, cabbage, potatoes, milk, eggs, spinach, etc.Can eat more appropriately, milk tofu and fish.Because protein, improve resistant effect.

    Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, such not only can supplement various vitamin and inorganic salt, still can rise to embellish lung divides dry, expectorant, cough, the function of spleen and kidney.Eat excitant food less, eat more pears, l oquat, clear lung phlegm food such as orange, orange."Snow pear stewed lily can runfei antiviral effect, the fog can feed more."

    4, calcium and vitamin D

    Haze weather, the time of contact with the sun down, need adequate vitamin D supplement.Therefore, I advice: eat more fish, especially fish, such as salmon, tuna and yellow croaker, animal liver, egg yolk, lean

    meat, cheese, nuts, etc., these foods are rich in vitamin D, is advantageous for calcium.

    5, eat the food antioxidant

    I introduction, can increase the foods that are rich in beta - carotene and antioxidant.Such as pumpkin, black fungus, potato, carrot, cantaloupe, orange, orange, these foods can be converted into vitamin A in the body, can not only has the oxidation resistance, more important is the physiological functions of vitamin A, maintenance of epithelial cells.Can be in our respiratory form a layer of protective film to prevent from outside invasion of pollutants.Contain the food with vitamin A more cod liver oil, liver, fresh lettuce, cabbage, peas, tomatoes, celery, carrots, eggs, milk and so on.Carrots, purple cabbage, blueberry, purple potatoes, grapes, grapefruit, broccoli, green tea, etc., are rich in antioxidants.Eating more can enhance the body's immune function and resistance.

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