Others can really use smartphones to monitor us

By Alex Franklin,2015-06-21 13:23
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Others can really use smartphones to monitor us

    Others can really use smartphones to

    monitor us?

    In the process of writing this article, the author's roommate is like all afternoon in the middle of the night alone watched a horror movie that fancies.When mobile phone vibrates, she jumped up in terror, answer the phone checked carefully before it is known from.Because now there are many about the use of smart phones to track the user stories and steal personal information are increasingly known to people.

    If you don't want to come when you least expect them to be tracking, is using the article inside tips to ensure your safety and mobile phone

    There are two kinds of professional tracking through the basic way of tracking the smartphone.One is through social engineering, social engineering), almost do not need any professional technology can be realized.You may have personal information of its own accord or smart phone access to acquaintances and people

    you trust.If the person is willing to, he can use these information track your position or doing, even if you don't want to.Another method of tracking from stealing your personal information in smart phones, this way need higher technical requirements.Stalker can get the customs authority of your phone implanted tracking software or malicious software, and use the software to download your phone book, even track your location.If your smartphone with global positioning system (GPS), the tracker can be in every time you use the global positioning system (GPS) to you for accurate positioning.Want to learn more about mobile phone positioning information, please click our another article the working principle of the GPS phone.

    But don't lose heart, through some prevention measures, completely can be traced to potential danger.The next section will introduce you several ways to others through your mobile phone tracking, as well as how to avoid being tracked matters needing attention.

    Smartphones are social network tracking

    When would you like to show the world the person where and when to do something, stalkers are more likely to get.Such as Twitter (Twitter and Facebook (Facebook) social networking sites like inviting people to update just mentioned that information at any time by phone.Most social networking sites have maximum use of smart phones for you update the status to provide convenient, their page provides users with convenient to mobile browsing mode, there are many more available to download and install the mobile client.

    Even if you don't say out the specific location where, can also be reflected in released by you.If your smart phone have a camera, can easily take photographs, video, and put them onto any social networking sites.But regardless of what these photos and video of the background, street view, license plate, will reveal the information such as who you are and where.More seriously, many smartphone will be taken in your attach tags, so that will reveal more about the image information such as the time and place.If you are trying to avoid tracking, please check the phone Settings, see how to cancel using geographic label, but also to alert to social networking websites use different ways through the images reveal that your location information.

    Web albums (Flickr) this site shows all through the location information of mobile phone upload pictures.Please pay attention to accuracy and latitude information leaked photos, namely that is located in the United States, north Carolina to ROM that state the location of the cary area of the store.

    Some social networking sites or even completely architecture on geographic positioning system.Key point is that when you get to a particular location by smartphones "report", and then through status updates about around you.Like a dream happy dog (Mologogo) and Google (Google Latitude) such a website, just to let you know to where people are.At the same time, four party web site (Foursquare) and dog when (Gowalla) will also be "report" in this form into an interesting way of reward.These sites can not only obtain report of a large number of information, also can automatically send you the status of the information to other like twitter and facebook social networking sites.

    In simple terms, if you can't be traced through the smartphone, so please send mobile phone only as an extension of the social network, and remember these tips in the next section, social networking sites should not share of ten kinds of information.

    A smart phone tracking software

    Even if you are very careful to prevent private information leakage, but also can be installed on a mobile phone tracking software to monitor.Business phone tracking software's original intention is good, such as monitoring their children or monitoring employees out and so on.Unfortunately, some people will be using on the wrong track activity.

    Anyone can from such as roche tracking (AccuTracking) and X retinal studio (Retina - X Studios) buy some companies such as mobile phone tracking

    software.These software claims that by installing can read short message content, and eavesdropping on the phone through the global positioning system (GPS) to track the owner's location and so on.When these programs are installed on the phone, they can run smoothly to obtain and send information, let owner cannot perceive.We this article the working principle of the position tracking system is described how this software through your mobile phone to realize the tracking on the radio.

    Once tracker into the spy software, not even when you sleep also hard to avoid monitoring

    Sell mobile phone spy software company claims, the user shall comply with the law, and its use on the law allows monitoring of personnel.But when someone does not abide by the laws and regulations?Regulators to use the software only demand is to get your phone access permission, since then, can quickly install tracking software, such as Trojan virus or other malicious code.Even if you set up the phone

    password, but the cunning tracker will also be able to circumvent these obstacles successful invasion.

    So, you think not to reveal personal information, and does not keep the cell phone from their line of sight, can rest easy now?Your mobile phone software will there be a fatal weakness?In 2009, Dan darling Digital company (Dan Dearing of Trust Digital) confirmed that the "midnight raids can do it," namely reveals how to use the iphone SMS weak area (SMS vulnerability) when people sleep steal user data [source: Mills].Tracker can learn the digital weakness of your phone, and in situations where you don't know your mobile phone.

    Unless the tracker has special reasons to track you and your mobile phone, otherwise the following several successful enough to prevent them easily: 1. Mobile phones with them often or locked in a safe place 2. Set the password to phones and prevent password be deciphered 3. Understand the security weakness of mobile phone and watch news related to new weakness was found

    4. Pay attention to prevent others forced to mobile phone embedded security vulnerabilities

    The smart phone signal interception

    Personal information being stolen and not only track this a way.As we talked about earlier, the tracker can use tracking software to lock the phone, and interfere with the personal phone calls and text messages.But they can also be through for you without the target signal interference.

    As the working principle of the smart phone, the article described, in the mobile phone is the union of the radio and the ac signal.Such as calls, text messages and the realization of various functions such as web browsing, your phone will use one or more network protocols, such as GPRS, EDGE or 3 g.Based on the smart phone, you can also use the small range of bluetooth radio, global positioning system (GPS) receiver or link to one or more of the wireless network equipment.All the signals in the air, it is no wonder that tracker often to achieve the purpose of the unknown, and use them in some way.

    At present, the bluetooth is these signals inside one of the most vulnerable to interference, bluetooth invaders to complete this step only need to open your own bluetooth device.When they found your cell phone, bluetooth device will connect with you and to your address book to send the new data.Even if bluetooth invasion itself is not a big deal of mischief, but it is also a bluetooth connection is threatened by unnecessary data.The best defense is to limit the bluetooth connection channel, unless you want to use, do not open it, and the search for unknown device access under strict control.

    For a more professional tracker, imitate a trusted access point is the best weapon against you.In the United States, the mobile phone towers and the bands are made by the Federal Communications Commission (Federal Communications appointed management, many wireless channel access points in increasingly used in the public domain.Hackers who called telephone invaders, however, is to make

    your own equipment access first endpoint, and simulation operating system of the trust by people.

    The original intruder has adopted a series of measures to ensure themselves from in trouble, and now the intruder is often to do some damage.A gentle behavior after the invaders to steal a phone number will taunt you a call.More ridiculous intruders can steal all your address books, upload malicious software or through your cell phone to call long distance phone call.

    Like bluetooth, your best defense is to understand and control the mobile radio connection system.If found that people who call not familiar with the contact, don't answer.In addition if you don't want to answer the phone, please put the telephone access to voicemail.If pass by a busy public space, and there is no use wireless networks or global positioning system (GPS), then can close these functions, such not only can avoid unnecessary phone interference, at the same time can also save electricity.

    In defense tracker and hacking at the same time, also can follow one's inclinationsly using your smartphone.Just remember this step four: know your smart phone, understand its weaknesses, understanding how to ensure that its safety, pay attention to keep personal information private.

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