The thief off when the fisherman's crime in limit

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The thief off when the fisherman's crime in limit

    "The thief off" : when the fisherman's crime in limit

    As one of the audience favorite genre, crime never lack of market action.And every crime genre has its main selling point, if some main high IQ eq will burn to the end, some are used by the terrorist bloody horror extremely use up, others play confused fantasy elements of science and technology.With are now hit Hollywood blockbuster "pirates off" as an example, the film will be crime way of doing things and thrilling extreme sports are amazing, the audience went into the mystery case investigation again and again, even more amazing adventure of extreme sports.

    The film begins with the first shows the hero "Utah" and partners on an adventure motorcycle riding, in order to complete the extreme sports style do the bedding.Then elaborate plot extends with bizarre and shocked the special case occurred frequently, and the case analysis of "Utah" keen reasonable inference, to "challenge the tail battery eight" the ultimate challenge extreme limit action closely combined with the case.The "eight" become a criminal detection process is one of the most important clues, not only has the absolute influence on the progress of the case, more surface show the limit of breaking bad feeling in the world.

    Such as the first shock is two of the robbers in the plane of double-box vast dollar, falling of shock, the rope cut open after flying $like snow, the two robbers chase fly in black in the currency of the rain like the intellectual man fit two swallows.Under the 3 d visual effects are showing a beautiful and amazing feeling, is to forget this is an elaborate crime, together with the robbers in black in the atmosphere, cloud immersive feel the stimulation from falling.

    Maxi-cans altitude after stealing money, the film began to show all the more thrilling extreme challenges.Such as "Utah" and "di" two great white sharks in Hawaii with the men of the outer barrier reef challenge wave board, two people in the big waves thrilling slide absolute visual

    impact and psychological impact;Four Swiss valley wing outfit flight, through the world rolling mountain jungle like four eagle flies;Italian Alps ski with absolute visual stimulation, challenge the limit, however, ruin a life.Especially the film finally "di" and "Utah" challenge free-climbing venezuela's angel falls, an absolute bristled willies.

    And even more exaggerated, in all of these extreme challenges is the live action and completed by real people!It is no wonder that the film cost $150 million, three-year production is completed, and shot in Switzerland, more than 10 countries and regions such as Tahiti, absolutely unprecedented conscience, sincerity and superior production.Combined with 3 d visual effects, make ordinary audience more vivid more breathless serbain interest feel extreme sports fisherman's stimulation.Literally, "steal" is absolutely 2015 tremors were the most the most conscience and action.

    In addition in the aspect of police and suspense good-against-evil show very has the characteristics of the film, starting with "Utah" undercover breakthrough the case.And along with the continuously go deep into his criminal gangs and the truth after intravenous drip uncover, "Utah" also being legal justice conflicts between ethics and ultimate challenge spirit sublimation layer upon layer of the test.From side to side "Utah" seems to make good and evil boundaries become increasingly

blurred, more cases and bring greater suspense drama

    progress.Eventually, of course, "Utah or reason in the face of choice," made his own emotion to reason in the most correct decision in public to private.

    However, the film is not simply just do limit the elements and the bandit and the police began to suspense, but the robbers "di" and his companions to show a topic "man and nature"."Di" team made case original intention is not to simply to complete the challenge, also is not a simple maxi-cans goodfellas.But in every challenge to reflect comprehension of the relationship between man and nature.All gave human nature, and the human is because of greed and excess, will be in the end how punishment actually has frequently appeared in real life.

    Especially in the film "di" with the team and Utah to fry gold mine, clear remember and line is "dust to dusts, dirt to dirts," they will blow up gold total destruction, is the human greed for gold to return to the quiet sleep.Simply "di" they use is in violation of the law ethics is extremely brutal way of warning, though the behavior of the "di" is terrible, but in reality the lessons of nature to human and alert to bash "di" they are more ruthless more thoroughly?About the topic of between human and nature is worthy of the world to think seriously about reflection.

    View the film, really be convinced by one stream in various majestic spectacular scenes, the extreme sports images of adventure, steep viewer adrenaline, a thief who just omnipotent, skydiving, limits to surf, rock climbing, skiing, wing outfit flight, various impossible challenge. As a visual spectacle, it in with the most sincere sincerity as the audience gave a seat to gorge, the visual impact feeling strong, impressive, what a great word get!

    The movie filming and production completed three years, from 10 countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria and four continents, at a cost of $150 million. Film director, star and all creators are really extreme sports, they are all different sports talent, the strongest in the history of physical fitness of the cast, the avengers alliance strong hardware in combination, with the limit of inspiring feelings, have above all the hero temperament, have the sincerity with perfect light dream. The director like live action, to abandon the computer CG special effects brought about by the sense of fragmentation and real scene. A thief who jump on the plane fell apart, split of visual effect, is simply astounding. Four of the Alps on the wing outfit flight, Pierce the clouds and mist, as neat as fighter wing, flying almost hit the alpine meadow and narrow valleys, finally with high technology and strong psychological quality and comfortable, with ease, as sharp as a bow and arrow and free and easy, breathtaking. Nearly vertical downhill skiing, angel falls straight cliff

    climbing and jumping, thrilling scenes, vocal, the person has the feeling that real immersive. The limit of 70 - metre - high surf, the beauty of the sea, violent and terrorist intertwined, BaoDi and Utah, as how to train your dragon knight tie to the invasion of black dragon halma, inscribed in the waves of life dignity, as body of flesh and blood of courageous and power. The film was born, clear-cut. In the cinema to watch the movie, the viewer has entered various explore unknown areas, given the extreme challenges bring excitement and pleasure, as if also along with their dungeons, experienced all sorts of magical experience. Movie extremely important mission is on the big screen appears incomparable beauty, give the audience empathy experience, I think that the movie did.

    The plot of relaxation, rhythm to control a set. Every 10 minutes to have an exciting drama, hi point continuously, that is why view midway through the movie won't fall asleep. The audience has yet to calm in the tension, the next section of the challenge was brewing. Film opening the top of the mountain coasters, Utah's partner riding a motorcycle accidentally killed a cliff shock pictures first to give the film a exciting style positioning, strong focus on the viewer's attention. Movie from beginning to end have no trapped meaning, see more comfortable to see more stimulus look great, is really a great success.

    The plot of the film, of course, there are many bug, is set up and highlights of the script does not match, is out. Hard to imagine that since the Utah has given the police pointed out that super challenging projects, the police action will still lag. Many plot design some chicken ribs, also not logical. A lens on Utah on the cable car shot woman, got to station at the next scene, watched BaoDi escape, he is to be able to

    instantaneously solution, or BaoDi silly to have to wait until he comes to meet to withdraw, try to ask so many which are run by the police. Words, of course, this film have to do is see scenes, also need not too much care about those who feel puzzling terrier.

    Utah is limit for BaoDi hero of kinship, the identity of the Utah the FBI did not cut off the heart primitive impulse and passion for the ultimate challenge and to limit the admiration of talent. After the success of the wing outfit flight challenge, four men hugged each other, like the battlefield for the courageous, the friendship is hard to speak. Utah several times no shooting their guns BaoDi, angel falls on his instinct to grasp BaoDi jump down a waterfall, Utah our inner selves for extreme lovers and the FBI identity conflicts still intertwined. Setting a little spirit likeness "speed and passion" first film with vin diesel at Paul. The thief off, of course, from the challenge of goodfellas into in order to complete his Fried gold mine, rob a bank, innocent, it has to do with "fast and furious" series of wild has essential difference. One will work million bones BaoDi

    in order to realize her ultimate dream, as at the expense of the average computer-virus so many people in order to achieve your own life to aim high. In the end, by the waves, Utah warning BaoDi if the surf will be dead, but BaoDi to Utah, said: "don't you think it is very beautiful?" As in the snowy mountains have steep to no hills of the road, some elder brothers said to BaoDi: "we have to!" Some people dream in the mountains, the waves, all of his ideal and value to the ultimate desperately, awe to nature also hard to resist them hot heart of challenge. BaoDi to Utah request: "this is my way, let me go over it!" His ultimate fate is dancing with death in the grandeur of nature. Their hands together, this is a kind of outdoor spirit shine, a copy of the message of the covenant, hero is also a heavy sense of tragic hero. Utah is let him chase his own ship ultimate dream, watched in a helicopter he used to deduce the ultimate life so spectacular. BaoDi after being swallowed by the sea, the sort of immortal outdoor limit spirit is still blood flow in Utah. The end he slid down nearly vertical the snow-capped mountains, more show that swept up unyielding will and extraordinary courage.

    Before watching the film, I think of su dongpo "red cliff" in the sentence: "I was born of the moment, envy of the Yangtze river. Carry the feixianguan to navigate, embrace the bright moon and long end." Zhuangzi said: "heaven and earth have big beauty without words," heaven and earth long, traveler in a hurry. Ren everlasting conceptions,

vicissitudes of life, in which people like billions, of little small, for fear of

nature, people should never forget. Everyone has his own way, but the

game of man and nature, though with ultimate dream, still no.

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