Not for materialistic Us billionaire still use clamshell mobile phones

By Matthew Wood,2015-06-19 13:29
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Not for materialistic Us billionaire still use clamshell mobile phones

    Not for materialistic Us billionaire still use

    clamshell mobile phones

    According to the cable news network (CNN) reported recently, the us billionaire jerry Jones with a flip phone call video capture is uploaded to the network, the triggered heated debate online.People were surprised, qing in the smartphone era, a billionaire Jones still use outdated clamshell mobile phones.In fact, the use of flip phone celebrity Jones has more than one person.

    With a flip phone triggered network

    Last week, the us billionaire jerry Jones appeared in the AT&T stadium in Arlington, Texas, us watch the football match, as the audience on the day he is "a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role", and he attract attention "weapon" was a flip phone.In fact, live television will also be television cuts to Jones, play a scene he flip phone call.

    The audience clearly impressed by this scene, Jones's this piece of video capture then triggered heated debate online.In the eyes of most people, flip phone it has become a "museum pieces", so to see a monopoly is still in use flip phone, enough to make a lot of startling.

    Jones was certainly not can't afford to buy a smart phone, to the surprise that he need not smart phones, and he always appears in the image of a "high tech" fans in front.AT&T stadium for example, he all has the world's largest and most advanced high definition large screen, it is about 48.8 meters, the width of about 21.9 meters high.The stadium aka cowboys stadium, by a Dallas cowboys Jones spent $1.2 billion on the boss.Stadium completed in 2009, has 10 entry, equipped with today's highest new sports facilities, can accommodate 100000 spectators.

    Said with a flip phone is for the sake of privacy

    Because myself with photos of the flip phone call triggered a heated debate, later, Jones invited by a radio station, discusses the thoughts

    about the incident.Jones said: in the radio show "flip phone rather easy to use, to me it doesn't have a touch screen, so you don't what happened because met accidentally dial."

    Jones's explanation seems quite reasonable, because in a pocket or bag of smart phone, touch screen sometimes accidentally touched by other objects, in the case of some accident, the touch will lead to cell phone dial the telephone, if the dial the phone is answered, it is easy to lead to the owner of privacy leak.For Jones such business people, dial phone accident risk is too big, even for the average person, it is also worth to worry about.

    And, of course, the smartphone accidentally dial is only small probability event, worth $3 billion in monopoly Jones is likely just accustomed to use flip phone.In the smart phone in power today, probably a lot of people have forgotten to use flip phone is what feeling, therefore to Jones was amazed at the events with flip phone call.

    Flip phone is better than a smart phone?

    CNN reporter also lists some of the advantages of the flip phone: for example, the high price of most of smart phones, the price of the flip phone is "populist";More durable flip phone, because close your

    clamshell mobile phones need not when, can protect the screen and buttons, while straight design of smartphone is more fragile.

    In addition, since there is no installation of a variety of mobile phone application, flip phone than a smart phone obviously save electricity;The existence of the smart phone makes a lot of people into a "mobile phone", often only play mobile phone, not only distracted, also reduces the working efficiency.

    Successful people like Jones might choose to flip phone, because it won't distract his attention, to concentrate on work and

    career.Smartphone is not just a mobile phone, it is a collect a variety of functions in one of the high-tech "toy", and flip phone contact is only used for the mobile phone of others.

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