Foreign media said the Russian pipeline construction encounter difficulties Looking for the third party supply for China

By Todd Woods,2015-06-18 20:52
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Foreign media said the Russian pipeline construction encounter difficulties Looking for the third party supply for China

    Foreign media said the Russian pipeline construction

    encounter difficulties Looking for the third party

    supply for China

    Opec members did not agree production recently, the global energy market continues to weaken, the United States from last year's $107 a barrel of crude oil fell below $35, now gas prices from last year's $349 per thousand cubic meters fell to $238 per thousand cubic meters.In this context, as Russia's economic backbone of many oil and gas companies have felt the pressure of the market.With foreign media said that Russia's largest gas supplier, gazprom, Russia's gas) is connecting to a third party, energy companies, to ensure that its own capacity under the condition of supplying natural gas to China.

    According to Reuters, the Russian gas is currently working with many enterprises to explore gas supply possibility, the premise is still is in the charge of the Russian gas supply behavior.The business negotiation with a company called irkutsk oil is most deeply.News that irkutsk oil companies can provide 7 billion cubic meters of natural gas for Russian gas, a year can be increased to 16 billion cubic meters by 2022.Now Russia has not yet to respond to this message.

    In 2014, the two countries signed a $400 billion worth of natural gas supply contracts (eastern agreements), provisions of the contract, since 2019, after 30 years the need by the far east to China gas 38 billion cubic

    meters a year.The territory of the Russian pipeline built by the russians, cost $55 billion.But with money not reach the designated position, for China's kovykta gas and the uplift of gas field development stalled, and according to the outside world, the eastern pipeline construction progress is far behind schedule, the Russian gas have to find alternative to gas.

    , of the China institute of contemporary international relations in Russia, assistant researcher researh material - 11 said, although without conclusive evidence, but the news is likely to be true.Because the current natural gas prices by drag a sharp drop in oil prices, Russia's economy is not good to government financial strain, the east Siberian gas field development and did encounter some difficulties, the east gas pipeline construction between China and Russia have been reported that the eastern gas supply is likely to delay time before.Natural gas cooperation between China and Russia in the future, he said, to carry out the process also encountered some specific problems, need to strengthen communication, the two sides settled.

    The current downturn in the global energy market crisis, Ukraine, including Russia, many Russian energy companies have also been western sanctions to be financed.In October of platts global energy companies in the fortune 250 list, Russia was 10, fallen 43, and estimated according to the world and the profits will also achieve lowest in 10

    years.While irkutsk oil company in Russia business consulting daily list ranked 19th in the assessment of Russia's fastest growing company, last year's revenue for 90.2 billionThe ruble(70.3381, 0.3445, 0.49%) (aboutThe yuan(6.4705, 0.0105, 0.16%), 8.217 billion yuan).It has several fields in Siberia, the plan will daily output up to 2017 in 2017-2018 cubic meters.

    In addition, the Russian government has approved a sinopecTo buy a 20% stake in Russia's largest petrochemical enterprise, regardless of the amount of this deal or sell stock size exceed market expectations.Russia "bulletin" reported that the company called Siberia ural (SIBUR), petrochemical and natural gas company business areas including hydrocarbon conversion, plastic production, etc.Sinopec is its strategic partner, last year the company to sell its shares to sinopec synthetic rubber factory.

    The market analysis thinks, sinopec's move or bottom to Russian petrochemical enterprise.The communique, Siberia ural petrochemical and natural gas company is considering expanding Asian market share, in the first half of this year exports to Asia accounts for only 9% of the company's income, in the case of China holding, to enter the Chinese program will greatly simplified.

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