The Sublime does Text front-end development artifact

By Kevin Torres,2015-06-18 08:49
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The Sublime does Text front-end development artifact

    The Sublime does Text front-end development artifact

    Sublime does the Text is essential the editor of a front-end developer, a large number of plug-ins, perfect functions, superior performance, there are so many characteristics, for the front-end development provides a perfect condition.

    Is mainly introduced in this paper how to use the sublime does some Text hidden in the menu function, these functions are very powerful, but because of the hidden deep less is attention, introduction of online related nor too much, just tidy it up here.

    Sublime does the Text function introduction, directory:

    ; Nodejs build System

    ; Multiple Selections

    ; Project & Workspace

    ; Sublime does the Text more portable (green)

    ; Goto Anything...

    ; Snippets

    ; Macros

    ; Split Editing

    Nodejs build System

    Nodejs compilation system, can be used to quickly test function function.

    Sublime Text -> Tools -> Build System -> new Build System..

    Paste the following code:


    "cmd": ["node", "$file"],

    "file_regex": "^[ ]*File \"(...*?)\", line ([0-9]*)",

    "selector": "source.js",

    "shell": true,

    "Encoding" : "utf-8", / / code

    "windows": {

    // "cmd": ["taskkill /F /IM node.exe & node", "$file"] // x86 "cmd": ["node", "$file"] // x64


    "linux": {

    "cmd": ["killall node; node", "$file"]


    "osx": {

    "cmd": ["killall node; node $file"]



    Sublime does the Text - > Tools - > Build (Ctrl + B), the results are as


    Multiple Selections

    Sublime does the Text more editors, the biggest characteristic of Sublime does, Sublime does large image is the club's official website to introduce this feature.Use the following:

    ; Continuous click CTRL + d selected characters with the same

    ; CTRL + left mouse button Click on the select multiple lines

    ; Hold down the middle mouse drag select multiple lines