The 2014 strategy giant TV new display technology and independent operating system

By Bernard Dunn,2015-06-17 06:53
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The 2014 strategy giant TV new display technology and independent operating system

    The 2014 strategy: giant TV new display

    technology and independent operating


    National electricity enterprise cluster development of the Internet TV, the world's largest two television companies doing samsung and LG?Which opens in January 2014, the international consumer electronics show (CES), the two companies will show new product technology may be more representative industry bellwether: surface display technology, body function and intelligent operating system.

    It is reported that the annual CES event, samsung and LG will display 105 inches surface high-definition TV, in addition, samsung TV will be highlighted in the "finger" function, LG will launch long-simmering based on webOS operating system of TV products.

    Samsung and LG is the world's top two television

    companies."Preliminary data show that, in the first half of this year, samsung flat-screen television market share of 27% in the whole world, LG is 16%.

    OLED TV: breakthrough pain threshold into the key

    Samsung, LG is one of the few can produce large size OLED TV company.In the United States CES, they will show the latest 105 - inch OLED TV.

    OLED is seen as a Korean TV companies as the future display technology, the commanding heights of the two companies have been vying for dominance of OLED.However, due to upstream materials for OLED TV panel is expensive, the problem such as the production rate is low, leading to a lower OLED TV panel shipments, is expensive.

    In September of this year, samsung 55 inch OLED TV although released two days later than LG, but the price to compete with

    competitors, it sells directly down to 54999 yuan, 5000 yuan lower than the LG with the TV.

    Before that, samsung in August in LG downgraded its 55 inches surface OLED TV price, from $13500 to $8910, 34%.After that, the IFA show in Germany, LG to 55 inches of surface flexible OLED TV from $15000 to $8999.

    Shortly after the two companies to launch domestic OLED TV is curved surface screen provides remote control type, can let the user to the flexible control, the television screen to get the best viewing Angle, although the OLED TV market has not yet universal, but both sides hope that the new function can promote the further popularization of the OLED TV.

    Smart TV: get rid of the Android

    Google (weibo) Android operating system occupies the mainstream of the smart TV market, samsung and LG plans to gradually get rid of the influence of Google, development of smart TV operating system.It is understood that in the opening of the CES in early January, LG will be released for the first time based on web OS smart TV, and carrying samsung self-developed Tizen TV product of the operating system will be unveiled next year.

    "Android is based on a mobile phone applications, these applications are not suitable for TV."Samsung electronics in the greater China area color TV Marketing Department minister area Vincent has previously said.In the past, however, independent companies such as samsung, nokia in the mobile operating system on the lesson shows that samsung and LG the challenge of the ecological system and independent still lies in how to attract developers.

    South Korean autonomous intelligent TV system in markets such as China will face more competitors.China's access to the content of the smart TV market have a fixed several service providers, and have a large number of users of video and electricity companies have launched their own smart TV business, companies such as alibaba, Letv in establishing its own ecological system or launch a TV operating system.

    At present, samsung and LG TV product market share in China is lower than the world., according to data from January to November, the Chinese brand and foreign brand market share accounted for 78% and 22%, respectively, with samsung for 9%, LG3 %.

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