Google made the processor and mobile phone, what want to do

By Ronnie Bennett,2015-06-16 16:42
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Google made the processor and mobile phone, what want to do

    Google made the processor and mobile phone, what

    want to do?

    Google has formally discussed mobile phone production related issues within the company, but how specific results in the report does not give.

    Just said that should be developed to the processor, and now want to make mobile phones.If true, this really is drop one.Because it means the Google Nexus "son" in the design, hardware, software, will be fully customized.

    Behind self-independence, on the One hand reflects the Google Android have been discovered One plan to plan as a whole the entire Android camp, and on the other hand reflects is Google hope to bring the real Android user experience, with apple to play a game of hardware hardware, ecological touch of ecological ride.

    "Son" will become true son

    All along, the Google Nexus of flow with the purest android

    lineages.Manufacturer is obtained by foundry Nexus in close cooperation with Google software team, from the latest source code, to the industrial design, and technical support, Google software teams participating in between the hardware and system debugging.

    Each generation of Nexus contract through such hone and technology accumulation, their products will get larger increase in the future.HTC, for example, contract Nexus One let the G7 until the G11 industrial design have the shadow of the Nexus One.And Google also hope that through contract manufacturers produce the Nexus, creating the industry standard, drive manufacturer for Google standard to follow.

    Although each generation Nexus classic, and both in design, workmanship, software, system has led to an indicator of the android, but Nexus for Google to build their own ecosystem is not too much.If want to make an inappropriate example, Nexus has become a "phantom monarch" under a constitutional monarchy, only symbolic, there is no real value.

    If Google really want to phone "son", "son" will be transformed into real kiss the son, no longer contract by manufacturers, completed entirely by Google.

    Purpose by Google to son

    Their own sons, there is the reason of the passive, active factors.

    Passive reasons, Google is for the entire android ecosystem control weakness, various mobile phone manufacturers are using their own custom system, Google is difficult to introduce their services.And introduced last year, Google's Android also encountered resistance from One plan, developing markets Android One cheap son hand opportunities cold, this makes Google continues to introduce Android One program at the same time have to choose another alternative path to phone "son".

    A knife "son" the effect of the mobile phone may bring is active factors.Google and apple in the competitive landscape, there has been no reliable helper.Even if the hardware, but it's still difficult to on the software beyond apple, ecological integration is hard to talk about on a par with apple.But if really master hardware, Google related ecological services conveniently, can be modeled after apple directly to make ecological closed loop.Since this build ecological thinking not only affected by external factors of partner, is reinforced by Google in its own ecological influence - since the seigneur their play, and I do not play that myself.

    Apple, Microsoft and Google are all roads lead to Rome

    The final is going to talk about apple, Microsoft, Google's current ecological ideas.Apple, Microsoft, no doubt, is its own system, a closed ecosystem.Their mastery of hardware, control software, the software and hardware integration way is undoubtedly one of the best ways to promote their service depth integration.

    Apple already so, Microsoft is the latest in a series of actions to change.

    Microsoft in the past like Google for software licensing, this day has lasted for a long time.But after the launch buy nokia Windows Phone system, "Microsoft" is becoming more and more "hard" - whether mobile Phone, tablet, notebook, Microsoft is hands-on, and series products of surface is achieved good effect

    If Google "son" really want to full democracy, Google also took to the autonomous control hardware, roads in integrating the hardware and software.This way, apple, Microsoft, Google started although different, but in the end is all roads lead to Rome.

    Although the period of time, Google is hard to reach the level of the depth of the apple software and hardware integration, but compared to Microsoft, Google has certain advantages in software ecosystem, if you can properly handle the relationship between the supply chain and the market, maybe Google "son" can have a good sales."Son" combined with Android One plan on two legs, although Google's hesitation, but also is robust.

    Since this year, apple, Microsoft, Google's "big three" war seems to have revealed a new pattern.Although apple still held the top but is lack of innovation, with Microsoft Win10 return of the king, the idea of the hardware equipment, combined with the virtual reality is huge, Google is made and spread the research the processor and the cell phone message.The big three between the hardware and software of ecological war has formed the new equilibrium.Heading in the future, we shall see.

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