Cars need to pay attention to the development of cooperation with the platform

By Jacob Payne,2015-06-16 12:46
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Cars need to pay attention to the development of cooperation with the platform

Cars need to pay attention to the

    development of cooperation with the platform

    According to foreign media reports, networking technology is rapid development, forming a long distance but distance."Driveables" is the most popular trends in 2013, the funds are gathered from all directions to the field.Carmakers, science and technology co., startup, venture capitalists, telecommunications companies, all parties are stepping into the Forrester technical analysis referred to in the company "unprecedented fourth generation computing environment".

    Forrester released called "networked automobile - ready for the next generation computing environment" in the report, report to explore this area, and provides a vision of 10 years.Throughout the network connection, a variety of sensors in intelligent mobile phone, to cloud computing technology and persistent technical innovation is leads to the transformation of the auto industry.

    "Solid Internet connectivity has made a lot of industry transformation, mainly through smart phones and applications, and connect the network implants and environment", Forrester research analyst Charles Golvin said, "now mobile broadband connection has become a standard of many cars, so the outside of the office, residential, portable produced a kind of new computing environment."

    Golvin apply networked vehicle is divided into four types, consulting/media entertainment, modern telematics, workshop communications and automatic driving function.To develop products in these fields, you must keep in mind the car with the particularity of the carrier in the environment.Cars often contains more than one person, so the car application must satisfy the driver also satisfy passengers.Drivers in multiple systems interacting at the same time also need to concentrate on the road.This means that the interaction model should be in control and convey important information to you at the same time, the minimal distract drivers.Furthermore, they are in most cases are in

    motion, acceleration, deceleration, brake, used for automotive application should make the corresponding reflection.

    The average American spends more than one hundred hours in commuting time (even if the number is effective) year by year.These time and plugging in the car on the road of time is very boring, people need to listen to music, listen to the news, use of communication tools, or play games to pass the time.To create a more convenient and quick navigation tools, warned in parts in need of repair, in the automatic emergency call for help, all of these are likely to increase the safety factor of travel.

    Workshop communications technology can make drivers more aware of surrounding environment and potential hazards, so as to guarantee the road traffic safety.Further technology is autonomous, and this is Google and the department of defense advanced research projects agency (darpa) is studying.The technology has the potential to leads to the transformation of the American highway, reduce accident and relieve traffic congestion.

    Glovin said that consumers now expect is a "comparable to those of smartphone vehicles use experience".They are accustomed to the technical innovation of the circulation, and had such as Zipcar and Getaround series of traffic travel choice.Studies show that people tend to be less and less driving, buy cars to have a seat.Automobile industry is

    facing enormous challenges, if you want to remain competitive you need to make corresponding countermeasures.According to Mr. Golvin said, at present the most revenue potential is the intermediary business and analyze business data, as well as the data collected by the car into the ability of practical information.

    Cooperation with the platform is very important

    Create a perfect network car user experience to investment and cooperation, a partnership between enterprises is very important.IBM and Sprint recently announced its partnership, strengthen the Sprint car platform of network, improve the ability of data management.Intel it in cooperation with Toyota, hyundai, kia, BMW, received $100 million in funding to develop networked cars, AT&T (AT&T) is working with gm's onstar subsidiaries.Application developers need to join, this will be a challenge.

    "Original equipment manufacturers to realize, when it comes to the new car using experience, their internal development already can't keep up with the pace of innovation", Golvin says, "they need to attract developers that smartphones and tablets to grasp the networking opportunities brought about by cars. But despite the long term potential is obvious, developers are less willing to put car application first, because cars can provide opportunities than other, platform also too scattered, the learning curve will be rugged."

    Management institutions and insurance companies also have not a choice

    According to research firm SBD forecast, global networking auto market will rise to nearly $53 billion in 2018.This is an emerging industry, there are a lot of things worth exploring.Golvin predicted that in the next ten years, consulting, entertainment and media applications will dominate the smartphone;Remote information processing will be more reliable, more personalized;All communication will benefit automobile workshop environment;Automated driving technology will break control barriers, ready to enter the market., he said, "Internet will change the car industry's economics", make the need to make "forward-looking across" transformation, and most of the big carmakers will beyond.

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