Understand women more than men do what you love to what kind of jewelry

By Amy Morgan,2015-06-16 08:25
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Understand women more than men do what you love to what kind of jewelry

    Understand women more than men do what you love to

    what kind of jewelry

    Some women love fire of ruby, some women alone love blue sapphire, some women do not pursue the color treasure, like elegant emerald instead...Some women who is very beautiful, is not appearance more beautiful, but beauty in temperament, good their optimism, independence, or gentle, excel is always beautiful.

    Optimistic woman love ruby

    Gem monogatari: ruby is the queen of gem, the man who can make wear warm Yang, increase the beautiful elegant temperament.Attract lovers, let a person have the courage to brave face to the future, symbol and passionate love.

    Woman love ruby is optimistic, than love others to love yourself more, but they treat people sincerely, so the relatives and friends also love around them.Ruby is to them, not extravagance and waste, but to enjoy life.Pigeons red gem gorgeous will stimulate their interest risk and stimulate the heart.

    Independent woman love sapphire

    Gem monogatari: dark blue crystal sapphire is the guarantee of chastity love with sapphire, can get god's asylum, prevent others curse, can make the couple of infertile, and don't want to get married after the engagement of the other party, complete the wedding as soon as possible.

    Love the woman of the sapphire is philosophy, they thought deep, like independent thinking, refused to follow the herd.This kind of woman is a reliable and safe, on the surface, don't break the rules, but essentially because the standard is too high, striving for perfection in all things, do things stick to the principle, has established goals, and have the spirit of self-sacrifice.

    Independent woman would have as a career in business, the ancient hand bead gathered luck, fortune, noble, add the flavor of the speculation, many people wear ancient lai hand bead to look forward to have better luck life or work.

    Gentle woman love emerald

    Gem monogatari: emerald gem is to enhance human spirit force, can bring wealth, health and wisdom, to gain wealth, knowledge, or predict the future, as long as hold emerald, naturally become superior.

    Love the woman of the emerald there is a gentle quiet temperament, kind nature, the pursuit of interpersonal harmony, pursues the middle way.This kind of woman easy to satisfy, mild sweet love is more suitable for them, tend to side of "stroke" with typical concise creed.

    Women love powder

    Gem monogatari: its translucent pale pink is showed that the color of love, love can give people a bright future, healthy and sexy, rich emotions, such as the joy of life.For men, can easily get lover;For women, can add attractive glamour.

    Like the woman no matter your age geometry powder, always young vigor, sending out the charm of comfort, is other people in the eyes of the goddess.But this kind of a woman's

    heart is very sensitive, not good at unbosom, like to stay in their own little world, unable to endure the embarrassment and betrayal, mind is very exquisite.

    Women love amber personality

    Gem monogatari: amber is widely regarded as the essence of the condensed by the sun, is the symbol of bring luck, especially containing plant or insect amber, the value is very high, due to scarce been seen as a powerful force.

    Won great satisfaction for his own insights they like amber the semi-precious stones, to follow his is believed in this kind of women's motto.Their values of personal character, very strong, hate the interference of external factors change yourself.

    Jade woman traditional + elegant

    Emerald tale: in China, jade is considered with "benevolence, shen, brave, positive and wisdom" of the five DE gems, belongs to the stone of the king, so called "the king", hold emerald is equal to have five DE, so wearing jade will be respected, and can dominate others.

    Thought to open again, some women heart is still very traditional, not wifely submission and virtue, but the elegant connotation in the new life.Jade woman is composed, steadfast, introversion is a kind of silence is golden, smart they are never very decisive.

    Composed woman love ink cui

Ink cui a very masculine jade varieties, like the woman is stronger, will do good for the

future planning and effort.Don't too care about delicate makeup, but also elegant fashion dress,

like ink cui, appearance is composed of black, light transmission under high green.

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