She's not too far from you One day you will fall in love with a robot

By Jason Morales,2015-06-16 05:30
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She's not too far from you One day you will fall in love with a robot

She's not too far from you One day you will fall in

love with a robot

    You can imagine that someday people will fall in love with robots?In December 2013, the movie "she" (" its ehrs ", and "cloud lover") are on a such fantastic love story.The hero Theodore fell in love with a OS1 advanced artificial intelligence operating system.This system can through the dialogue with the human, and constantly enrich their own consciousness and emotion.Operating system embodiment a called "Samantha" "female", she not only has a husky sexy voice, and considerate, let Theodore fall in love...

    "Samantha" is such a "girlfriend" : humor humor and wit, understand your mood, when you sad when you are happy with you to enjoy happiness, don't need you to daily lengths to ponder her state of mind, also won't play temper, temper.More specifically the "girlfriend" or a built-in intelligent aura of the perfect secretary.She can help you to choose E-mail, arranging a meeting agenda, timing, remind you, recommend you like...Movie, one day, the mood is bleak because divorce t-bag lonely leaning on the subway, "samantha" feel his sadness, automatic played lively moving music, t-bag is touched.If such a girlfriend write a girlfriend's self-improvement, believe that will be got on the best-seller list.In the face of such a girlfriend, what a otaku won't move?

    Movie "she," the hero Theodore faced only exists in the operating system of "samantha"

    Such a perfect robot companion, is likely to be true in the near future.Humanity from the change of the mobile Internet era to the artificial intelligence era, is the

    imagination into reality in the movie, and the key to realize this transformation is situational awareness (ContextAwareness) technology.

    What is a context-aware technology?How is it?

    Today we are already in the mobile Internet era, the various applications of smart phones will let the life become comfortable and convenient.Cortana apple's Siri, Microsoft and Google GoogleNow "primary" artificial intelligence also provides users with a variety of information services.However, these "smart" APP generally exists a problem: they are passive to accept the user's instructions and then provide Internet information services, to users, and a lack of understanding in the real world, don't know what the user in place already, and I don't know what the user, unable to provide users with intelligent active services, user experience and a wide promotion space.

    From top to bottom: Siri, Cortana, Google Now

    Context-aware technologies for the mobile Internet era of mobile phone APP this defect arises at the historic moment.It is the perceptual technology, intelligent devices rely on sensor collected information and other data to understand the user's perception, to better help users to complete the daily work, bring perfect intelligent life experience to the user.These smart devices, can be a smartphone, can also be a tablet,

    wearable devices, intelligent household equipment.Through the scene perception technology, intelligent system and the software can learn the user's characteristics, habits, hobbies, etc., and through the perception, adaptive to change, in the interaction design, active service to provide users with more satisfying experience.

    Our smart phones, for example, look at how context-aware technology specific role.Smart phone has the rich sensor, context-aware technology can be based on the sensor to sense of user information, thus providing "magically" cool

    technology.Including the sensors used to measure space position and moving direction of acceleration sensors, sensor, gyroscope sensor, compass sensors, proximity sensors, other including gravity, magnetic, light, pressure, temperature, pressure, infrared sensors, and of course the microphone and camera to record the voice and image sensor.Fingerprint sensors are also increasingly popular.These sensors can be obtained and record the various physical phone information and data, users to generate the user's "DNA", under different scenarios to provide best service.

    Based on personalized service action scenes, for example, according to the user and the mobile state, without user operation, intelligent mobile phones switch to silent, save electricity, flight and normal scene mode, adjust focus when you take a photo in walking.Can provide services based on user use scene, music player in the user in different motion state, running, riding, quiet automatically play different playlists.Mobile phone can also through the analysis of the user calendar, GPS information, etc., automatic alert users to attend the meeting or by plane to the airport without having to manually to remind.In the user account of individual health, entertainment, security aspects such as scene perception technology can also provide

    more active and personalized service.This series of changes will completely change the way the mobile Internet era of intelligent mobile phone use.

    As subversives in the mobile Internet era, and artificial intelligence era lead, situational awareness will also be in wearable device, e-commerce, O2O egr subvert the revolution, Internet, etc.In the field of wearable devices, smart watches sensed the location of the people in the map service, through different ways of vibration to remind the user at the right time to change direction, don't stare at map software;In the field of electronic commerce, conveniently take a photo, intelligent device can real-time recommendation in e-commerce platform of the same products.In the field of O2O, users enter the mall, intelligent device based on user history, habits, location information, market information, such as goods, to provide users with the mall navigation, product recommendations;In the field of Internet of things, a user sitting in front of the TV, TV automatically play the most appropriate channels, and don't have to look for the remote control...Such a smart era is a desirable?

    "She," has not been too far away from you.

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