Jingdong only electric commercial for gome, suning fight

By Alma Kennedy,2015-06-14 13:20
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Jingdong only electric commercial for gome, suning fight

    Jingdong only electric commercial for gome,

    suning fight

    Large home appliance chain, jingdong mall, using the Internet the company's rapid growth efficiency advantage, cost advantage, and began to challenge the gome, suning such traditional home appliance chain status.

    Reports in the state grid, observe jingdong, gome, suning 3 companies the latest results of jingdong mall second quarter net profit of RMB 28.6 billion, 2014, at the same time the growth of 64% in 2013, but the season 2 RMB 583 million net loss.

    Gome in 2014 second quarter financial results, points out that season 2 full channel sales income of 15.77 billion yuan, in the first half of the total sales income 29.12 billion yuan, a 7.4% growth over the same period in 2013.

    Su Ningyun dealer in the first half of 2014 totaled about 51.16 billion yuan, a 7.9% decline in 2013, at the same time;Revenue of about 2, 22.89 billion yuan, the main business revenue fell 8.19%, attributable to the parent company shareholders net loss of 749 million yuan respectively, season 2 losses of 31.53 million yuan.

    From the first half of 2014 and the second quarter, jingdong, suning continued losses, but su ning losses are falling.Gome has six consecutive quarter, and the season 2 is a rapidly growing online business.Prove that gome online in half year launched low-priced market strategy to bear fruit.By contrast, jingdong and suning weakness in the price war, have said not to follow up on price.

    Analysis three home appliance maker of the company's strategy, jingdong to cumulative number of users, according to liu's theory of sugar cane to expand in logistics, warehousing, distribution, and the layout of the IT system construction level, enrich the content of the jingdong service, which promised more link in the supply chain, from a profit.

    In addition, jingdong strengthen the financial, clothing in the field of investment.Financial strategy is a typical Internet company, by a large number of users perform financial management, lending, insurance and other business, gain profit losses.Apparel category gross margin is higher, the ultimate goal is to enhance business interest rates.

    Traffic management aspect, the relevant person in charge of jingdong, points out that through WeChat, QQ entrance to get the user and not as much as expected.Therefore jingdong getting traffic way, at

    present still rely on traditional search, navigation, such as purchase flow, also promoted the jingdong mobile client.

    Gome's recent open all the access strategy for retailers.Vice President of gome online marketing to huang ping, points out that gome to refinement and prudent management policy, don't lie.First of all, the organization structure adjustment flattening, and improving operation ability, reduce the total cost rate, improve the operating rate

    Gome believe that prices, consumers still pay attention to most upper successive price war in 2014.Huang told ping, gome is dare to launch a price war, because the gome has been through their own property, such as guide to reduce human way to reduce store costs.Secondly, on the procurement platform, IT systems, logistics service is improved, so as to adapt to the entity and online full path layout.

    Talk more Su Ningyun business strategy of the outside world, because of suning to adopt a more radical way, including physical outlets and network, merger and acquisition PPTV as entry, etc.Su ning in the Internet retail as the main body, the O2O mode and open platform as the two wings of the transition path.From the recent suning relevant comments, suning began there are serious problems with this radical

    consciousness, may have begun to shrink front, and give up of jingdong to follow.

    Su ning determined to give up too many proprietary products, concentrated focus on large household appliances, 3 c, etc.This strategy with gome is quite similar, because of the high cost of proprietary products, will be serious drag on the overall profits.Suning is emphasizing strengthening logistics, warehousing, distribution, in order to make up for the inadequacy of electricity aspect consumer experience.

    The above analysis, it seems, loss-making jingdong and suning launch a price war, no longer only gome half up frequently in 2014.On the one hand is to see the opponent has serious overdraft in fighting for the previous two years, on the one hand, after 2 years of low profile stealth, gome also seems to have a price war capital.

    In addition, the three companies agree that the future service is the focus of the battle and consumer experience.Especially the suning obvious not equal to 2 years before a radical, began to return to the origin, take consistent strategy, gome's share price begins to rise for two companies.

    The jingdong promised for the city of online transactions, gome, Su Ningze try to give up to follow jingdong strategy, turn out of an entity

can be outlets baggage into advantage way, continue to compete with


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