The Internet of things will change the way people work 10 reasons

By Howard Ford,2015-06-14 07:02
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The Internet of things will change the way people work 10 reasons

    The Internet of things will change the way

     people work 10 reasons

    With the rapid development of Internet, Internet of things is striding forward, at the same time, the Internet is becoming more and more big influence on people.Today, many IT companies have a large amount of investment in the Internet of things, this will of people and equipment, equipment and equipment as well as the system and the system together.According to market research firm IDC researchers estimate that by 2020, and the scale of the Internet of things will be 26 times higher than human networking scale.

    Today, from the point of view of people interact with the surroundings, the Internet of things have influence in People's Daily work.The Internet of things in the future also is expected to play a new role, and will change the way people of transportation, communication and collaboration.Why is that?The following 10 reasons will make a better explanation on this question.

    1, let the people of transportation traffic more quickly

    People about 15% of the exchange of time spend on the road, about 17% of the fuel consumption in the process of waiting for the red

    light.Sensors on roads, traffic video cameras and road median will influence the car with the driver's "talk".By monitoring the speed, traffic lights, and the current traffic accident information, such as programmed in cars, and even road will send the driver's mobile devices to the most effective route, thus reducing the traffic time, save fuel, and let people travel safer.

    2, predict the stability of the products

    After the product shipped, the interaction between buyers and sellers will often reduce, if both parties have no new trade or products appear problem, so the communication between the buyer and the seller is little.Prediction technology to monitor the product of "stability", thus the problem before it can find problems in a timely manner.In an era of advocating consumers first, if a company have to predict product performance monitoring technology, it will mean that the company will be able to let the consumer satisfaction, and avoid the occurrence of the problem.

    3, create more jobs

    Digital dynasty has opened a new era of IT jobs.With the rise of the Internet of things, cloud and big data related work is becoming more and more specialized.Gartner said in a report last year, the number of

    chief digital officer (CDO) is rising.Gartner also predict that by 2015, about 25% of the company to set up such a job, a way to manage the company, under such situation, data experts will also be an important asset for the company.After get the value of the large data and analysis, and people will begin to see more of the chief data scientist, analysts, and even customer satisfaction officials and other related jobs, can appear even we not yet thought of.

    4, provide the ability to work

    The rise of social media has been for people's communication and team work pioneered the new era.Such as Box, Skype, Jive and Facebook valuable social tools has attracted the attention of the next generation of workers.Video communication and image communication and so on will also save the time of people's communication, but also make these social tools and modernization of coordinate system.

    5, easy to the unstructured data into structured data

    Big data is not just a "big", but "huge".Big data, if be to good use, so will create more value for business, especially after the unstructured data into structured data.After analysis data and the analysis of data into useful information, these data will provide consumer, product behavior, market conditions, employee productivity, and more useful information.

    6, more conducive to environmental protection

    Today, sensors has in some office buildings and run in the family, but looking to the future, this sensor will become a staple of modern building infrastructure.As the user mobile within the room or bedroom, after installation of motion sensors will also be able to open or close according to user demand lighting facilities, heater, air conditioning, coffee machine and equipment such as televisions.These sensors has been integrated into the equipment for the blind, and use the temperature, light and decided to open and close related equipment such as the length of the.In the end, this kind of sensors to help people well energy-saving, save money and protect the environment.

    7, better positioning

    The Internet of things make location tracking services more forthright.At present, mobile phones, cars, and even networking equipment can be located within the hospital, saving valuable resources.Many companies will be able to quickly track their every detail of the business, including from the inventory to the orders' performance, etc., and according to the location information to deploy staff and on-site service.Tools, factories and cars will be able to connect to network based on location, so as to make the chain more effective.

    8, more intelligent communication and services

    Even water cooling machine is able to connect to the Internet of things, to better for people to use more time.For example, water cooling machine (or the coffee machine, fast food restaurants, etc.) are able to more intelligent memory user's personal preference, and according to the sounds and movements activation technology provide the

    corresponding services, even is according to the needs of users deliver drinks, wait without user.

    9, change the way doctors work

    Internet is changing the way doctors work, patients experience, and the doctor-patient relationship.Today, the patient's condition must pass a doctor after diagnosis to assess face to face.In the future, the Internet of things will be able to let the doctor directly read data that are related to the patient's body, so that the doctors' information remote real-time control.

    10 and work according to the arrangement of the weather conditions

    Today, the weather forecast mainly depends on some satellite and ground weather monitoring results.In the future, a large number of sensors will be integrated into different devices, and air and ground data receiving station.Use big data analytics to better predict the situation,

    will help people more accurately mastering the weather and climate change, it will be able to take even more accurate weather forecast, so as to make people better planning the week ahead.Globally, the Internet of things will mean that people can more accurately predict trend of climate change and natural disasters.

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