Business, big or small, for sale is wisdom

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Business, big or small, for sale is wisdom

     Business, big or small, for sale is wisdom

    This is Sam cassell that classic quotes, which Sam cassell, sell is the master of the Berlin wall, the guy in the Vietnam war once hosted the abnormal charity auction in Hollywood, raise money for Vietnam war, anti-war sentiment is high, people can imagine as a result, also didn't take a penny.This guy unwilling ah, he let everyone on the evening of the elected one of the most beautiful girl, and asked the girl's opinion.By his kiss to auction the gu niang, results captured only $1.Media reported that the "dollar auction kiss" event, Sam cassell became famous auctioneer nationwide.Back to him as a German beer developed beauty and bath, and result was almost overnight collapse of augsburg beer, has become one of the biggest selling beer in the world.

    In January 2000, his Alma mater, the university of Houston please speak him back.A little teacher younger brother asked: "Mr Cassell, you can in my standing on one leg, let me know the essence of your business?"

    As a result, the students didn't lift the foot, kassel said one of the super classic: "sell business, big or small, are all wisdom."

    Don't know the inside of the bottle gourd sell of what medicine, A whole marketing come, the lessons we've learned.No matter how to say,

    an apple make the atmosphere of the class is very good, have individual character, like it!

    O the second class, A and pulled out an apple, the whole class burst into laughter.Again want to auction the apple?This guy to eat sweets.You thought I was going to sell the gold o ah, this apple is the last time a buy, not sold, to eat.Said, and took a big bite, mouth mutters good to eat!The food is delicious.

    Then he said to you, I spend five hair moneys to eat, but the students spent more than 300 in order to eat?The students talk about.The donkey some embarrassed.I'm sure not to eat, 300 yuan can buy several hundred catties.That he is for the sake of what?The students don't say forget it, this is his privacy.But if we can really understand it, that our sales.One thing is for sure, this apple can satisfy his need to somehow, but not to eat.

    You think about it, we buy a house, it is to live, but it is in order to buy a home, buyers of warmth, free.

    We buy green food to eat, but also for health.

    We buy beauty products for skin care, but it is

    In order to buy beauty and youth.

    We buy health care products, is to buy health.

    We buy clothing is to keep warm, but also for the sake of image and confidence.

    That is to say, we buy any product, more buy is its culture, ideas, mood and feeling.

    If we understand this, it is good to sell.

    That is to say, culture, ideas, concepts, confidence, healthy, beautiful, feeling, and so on can be sales, you see if you can put your selling point and the demand of people.

    By the way, that apple has sold to more than 300 yuan, I'm not going to suck up, even to our public relations class the classmate of donations, at the appropriate time spent for everyone.

    Well, there are a few people take the lead in applause.

    Healthy, warm, self-confident, genuine feeling, mood, emotional, beautiful, love can sell how many money?Isn't there is a saying well, feeling better than gold or silver?If these things, how much the price is high?

    If we sell is not apple, but confidence, honor reputation?

    If we don't sell clothes, but the confidence, to face?

    If we sell is not protect skin to taste, but beautiful, beauty, youth?

    If we don't sell the house, but a home, a warm, sweet, the sense of belonging?

    If we sell is happy, is curious, is happy, is the harmonious?

    How much money you can say is you?

    The problem is that many people only to sell products, not in selling products contain culture, ideas, emotions, feelings, mood, and so on these things, so can say they'll sell?

    And they also want to buy these things, but they didn't find meet the requirement of!

    The essence of sales is to meet the needs of people's deep, rather than on the surface of the demand!

    Ok, I'm not marketing lesson for everybody.

    I want to say is, to sell an apple for one million is possible, as long as you are good at grasping the opportunity, be good at creating opportunities!But want to sell a lot of apples each one million is impossible!

    My question is, if I have a lot of a lot of apple, such as I have a few hundred acres of orchards, how should I sell?

    Several hundred mu of orchard?How do you sell?A o apple seems to be sold for a while.Deskmate murmured in a low voice.

    O A seems to be ignored in the class the reaction of the classmate, I'll give you tell the story of a very widespread, sell combs to monks.

    And a marketing manager wants to test his men, and give them out of the question, sell combs to monks.

    First man: out the door and then scold, what kind of dog manager, monks have no hair, also sell what a comb!Find a tavern to drink up MenJiu, a night's sleep, will go to tell the manager, monks have no hair, comb cannot sell!The manager smiled, monks have no hair also need you to tell me?

    The second man, came to a temple, found the monk, the monk said, I'm trying to sell you a comb, the monk said, I am useless.The man said again sent the job of manager, said that if not sell, will be unemployed, you want to have a heart!Bought a monk.

    Third: also came to a temple to sell combs, the monk said, don't really need.The man in a round of the temple, the monk said, prayer is to

    use the monk said, yes.Sequence should be respected, the monk said, to worship.Said the man, you see, many pilgrims far, come here, they are very pious, but travel-stained, unkempt, how to worship Buddha?If the temple to buy a comb, to the pilgrims comb her hair neatly, wash, not respect to Buddha?The monk said, he bought ten.

    Personal 4: also sell comb a temple, the monk said, don't really need.The man said to the monk, if for some temple comb as a gift to send to pilgrims, and affordable, and meaningful, incense will be more prosperous, the monk thought for a while, reasonable, bought 100.

    Personal 5: also came to a temple to sell combs, the monk said, don't really need.The man said to the monk, you is get monk, calligraphy is very notions, if your words engraved on the comb, carved some comb "peace", "comb" by doing for pilgrims, is to carry forward the dharma, and carry forward the calligraphy, the old monk smiled and boundless Buddha!I bought 1000 comb.

    Personal 6: also sell comb a temple, the monk said, don't really need.The monk said, has sold ten thousand comb the child.

    The man said something?

    He told the monk, the comb is the sort of fellow, often is the female with the pilgrims in the body, if the master can comb medallion, become

    their talisman, both can do good, can bless peace again, by doing a lot of pilgrims for their relatives and friends, please, bless peace, carry forward the dharma, Yang I the temple, is not a big good?The master is there do not do the reason?O MiTuo, good!Good indeed!Master hands folded, benefactor has his good pleasure, his old na not be from?

    In this way, bought ten thousand temple, named "comb" by, "comb" peace, by the master himself for pilgrims medallion, was very successful.Of course, far money into the donation also expensive!

    The students look at, the first one was the bondage of traditional ideas Too much, use common sense to consider sales, it is not suitable for sales.

    The second man is sold in sympathy, this is the lowest sales approach, called "kowtow marketing", can't be long.

    Three or four for the good customer, can be said to be the strategy of "customer satisfaction", will naturally have a good effect.

    5 people not only to customer satisfaction, can cater to customers psychology, will not poor.

    6 people have already reached the things I should state, are not selling combs, but sell amulet, the customer value maximization, naturally it is no surprise.

    Before five people all go back to report to the manager, the sixth individual not back, he went to find more of the temple, he has unearthed a market, he want to do.Naturally, he succeeded, he tens of thousands of selling a comb to a temple, digging into the first bucket of gold.

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