Technical university of Denmark new technology to make the photo on the hair

By Chad Powell,2015-06-13 17:27
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Technical university of Denmark new technology to make the photo on the hair

    Technical university of Denmark: new technology to

    make the photo on the hair

    Researchers at the technical university of Denmark in laser printing technology has realized the revolutionary breakthrough in the microscopic scale, now you can put the color version of the press release or photo print on a hair.The results published in the latest issue of the journal science, nanotechnology.

    According to the report, the researchers replicated the Mona Lisa's color image, than a like apple mobile phone screen yuan.The laser technology to print the image resolution is exciting, pixels per inch (DPI) of 127000, compared with general magazine image DPI 300.

    Microscopic image requires a special printing nanoscale surface structure, the structure is made up of rows of columns, each column only 100 nanometers in diameter.Researchers in the structure on the surface of 20 nanometers thick aluminum.When transmitted between laser pulse in the column, nanometer column will be localized heating, then melt deformation.The intensity of the laser beam determines the image color, because the deformation of column degree determines

    which color is reflected.Low intensity laser pulse to make nano column slight deformation, resulting in blue and purple hue reflects;A dramatic deformation intense laser pulse, that nanometer column reflective orange and yellow color.

    The researchers believe that the new laser printing technology application scope is quite widespread.Professor at the university of the andes kerry Tom kristensen said: "save the data in the form of invisible to the naked eye, including product serial number or bar code and other information, on technology is possible. The technology also can be used to combat fraud and forgery, because product will be marked in the form of very difficult to replicate, and make sure the product is original or a reproduction will be easier."

    The new laser printing technology can also be used to print some representative products unique decoration, name, etc.Some companies for showing interest in the technology, intended to be used to simplify auto parts production, such as instrument panel and buttons.

    Researchers have the technology to apply for a patent.They said it will further develop the technology, so that it can replace traditional laser printers.

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