The causes and effects of the difference between men and women sleep

By Hazel Kennedy,2015-06-12 14:11
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The causes and effects of the difference between men and women sleep

    The causes and effects of the difference between men and women sleep

    He went to bed, she also sleep, they sleep to.

    Recent research results show, the female night sleep usually have more sleep than men, awaken the number of times will be less.For some women lack of sleep caused by reaction of pain tolerance than men.Still, overall, men than women for their sleep quality and quantity of more satisfied.

    The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (American Academy of Sleep Medicine) annual meeting, according to a study released clock in both men and women are different.

    Get plenty of sleep is to keep the body comprehensive health an important factor.Scientists are now more and more concerned about the impact of gender differences to sleep, for such issues as insomnia why

    women are more likely to seek clues.Some researchers believe that differences in sleep patterns may help to explain why women tend to live longer than men.

    University of Pittsburgh (University of Pittsburgh), a professor of psychiatry and clinical and translational medicine, Daniel, Daniel j. Buysse said, "women on average sleep time is longer than men, women as a whole to health than men, between the two is likely to be linked. Many studies show that sleep problems associated with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes."

    Most people often sleep together with your partner, however, some research results show that when people sleep with others, will wake up the number of times more in the center, deep sleep will be less.But most

    people said that they loved one will be satisfied with their sleep more.University of Pittsburgh, an assistant professor at the management research relationship with sleep topic of Wendy rock self (Wendy m. Troxel) said, "when the bed there is another person exist, objectively needs some cost, however, our sense of security and stability from social relations can make up for the price."

    Men and women of different biological clock.In June this year in the United States of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine at Minneapolis (American Academy of Sleep Medicine), according to a study presented at the average male "cycle" night and day is 24 hours and 11 minutes, 6 minutes longer than women.Although just six minutes seem insignificant, but its impact may sum up day after day.The researchers by measuring core body temperature and melatonin levels to determine the length of day and night cycle.

    The study subjects are 157 healthy persons, the study found that more than 24 hours day and night cycle, so more inclined to stay up late and get up late every day ? ? the so-called late people crowd the

    typical behavior of ? ? the experimental object, number of men more

    than women.In contrast, the clock time less than 24 hours, and thus more willing to the subjects of early to bed and early to rise, twice the number of women are male.The report's lead author, Harvard Medical School in Boston, Harvard Medical School), an associate professor of pharmacology at Jeanne Duffy (Jeanne f. Duffy) said, "this may lead to at the end of the night will be harder to stay asleep," is one of the reasons that cause insomnia.

    No matter to men or women, over time, with the natural cycle of 24 hours is not synchronous clock is likely to cause lack of sleep.Clocks shorter people may wish to increase the light in the evening, to reduce the light in the morning.Late people should weaken the light before you go to bed, and early in the morning to increase brightness.Try to sleep on the weekend may will only further disturb his clock.

    According to the National Sleep Foundation (National Sleep Foundation) in 2005 to the National survey on Sleep the conclusion, overall Sleep longer than men, women also fall asleep faster.The survey involved 1506 people, of which about 30% of women said they working days at least eight hours of sleep, and can reach up to eight hours of

    sleep only 22% of the men.Another small study on healthy young people sleep on the 16 men and 15 women (study few in number, but it is not uncommon for sleep research) in sleep sleep in the laboratory for three nights of tracking, the results showed that on average women 7 hours of sleep every night is 43 minutes, 19 minutes longer than men.Women need to sleep an average of 9.3 minutes, while men need to 23.2 minutes.In 2005, the results of the study, published in the International time biology (Chronobiology International journals.

    In view of the above research results, the researchers said is not clear why in a lot of research, women are more inclined to their sleep, complain that they can't get enough sleep, difficult to fall asleep and hard to sleep.Some researchers think that the sleep research may not involves the whole picture, more research is needed.

    Home mothers of young children often feel they didn't sleep enough, but the university of Pittsburgh, says Dr, the results of the study could not confirm this.He said, "it may not be universal, but some research results showed that mothers than fathers sleep time longer."Women feel worse because they sleep was interrupted.He said, "if women incoherence of sleep, they sleep disruption caused by the consequences of feeling is more apparent."

    There have been several studies have confirmed that women usually have more slow-wave sleep, which is the most depth of sleep.This usually

    occurs in the night, and this is very important to the formation of memories.

    Recent research shows that women more than men to suffer the effects of sleep deprivation, probably because of their deep sleep longer.The annual meeting of the American academy of sleep medicine is still read a report from a small study, the research object of this study includes 16 men and 18 women, simulates the people sleep in working days and trying to make up for this common practice over the weekend.Results show that after five consecutive nights only six hours of sleep, the men and women on the computer to complete a

    time-consuming for 10 minutes, measure the response time and speed of variables such as task, their performance are not as good as before.

    None of the men but women fall of scores, and after two nights of sleep 8 hours, the degree of women recover better than men.The joint the study's lead author, Pennsylvania State university school of Medicine (Penn State College of Medicine), professor of psychiatry at Alexandra delos, gong chass (Alexandros Vgontzas) said, "I think our data shows that women's ability to cope with lack of sleep is better than men."

    Sleep for men and women, can help consolidate learning outcomes, such as to help students prepare for.But read the annual meeting of the academy of sleep medicine, according to another study results to absorb some categories of knowledge, also is the perceptual learning, people

    often say that men need to take a nap, while women do not have this need.

    In this study, 126 subjects to complete a task, to identify some sports dot on the screen.Later, after some training they, tested again, to see how much they have learned.Only after a nap, the researchers found that men to master, and women no matter ever sleep can grasp.The study lead author and University of California, San Diego (University of California, San Diego) of Elizabeth McDevitt (Elizabeth McDevitt) said, "it may make women more suitable for continuous awareness is needed to complete the task, more competent for such as air traffic controllers, or depends on magnetic resonance image radiologists work."

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