A Christmas gift can choose like that!

By Bernard Howard,2015-06-12 11:58
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A Christmas gift can choose like that!

    A Christmas gift can choose like that!

    Each year in addition to the Spring Festival is the most atmosphere must be Christmas, all kinds of small snack shop cafe will definitely set on the little tree and put a green and red bowknot, as for each big market that's quite a Christmas parade window, all kinds of discount bloodletting, put half a month in advance of Merry Merry Christmas Christmas song, try to do the magic sound irrigation ear ~ anyway, Christmas is a time for young people to have fun and happy again, looked at the old people in the mall discount also happy holiday, no matter believe Jesus, December into everyone's Christmas man ~

    A gift it is very annoying thing, things might not racking their brains to send out to human heart, is the most embarrassing you sent a picture frame class family decoration, the somebody else also in sorrow home where there's a place to put aside =.= Christmas gifts in this matter if you're a little make uncertain, will give you some inspiration to today

    Inspiration: 1 Advent Calendar

    This sounds good high-end practice is to do a small calendar = 12.1 12.25 before Christmas.= what you said just use my DIY, the calendar also buy a hand

    casually calendar, I can give you keep the bottom to tear from January to 12.25 ~ advent calendar, calendar, in fact is not all is this is a calendar can contain little surprise.In recent years the cosmetics brand when doing the Christmas limited are to be done by the Advent Calendar, every small grid is 25 small grid inside have a small gift item, however you want to build, this is not the major cosmetics brand original!The Advent Calendar there are various versions, what version of the cake, wine, one of the most famous version must be coax children special chocolate.Each day from the beginning of December opened a small case have a little surprise, this beautiful and pretend bility of advent calendar DIY herself up and actually very simple, like every day to put what you see in the small grid you mood, a small strip of literature and art, a delicious chocolate, all in all, this is a than send the frame to send the scarf high-end don't know how many times the pretend bility item!!!!!!!!!!Want to incarnate liao sister superior men you should be late this year, you can wait for the next year with this gift, girls don't really care precious is not valuable, is the most happy to see you bring surprises every day!

    Inspiration 2: scented candles

    Scented candles this gift though looks so no ideas, like a housewarming gift, but the fact is really need a warm Christmas lights to build atmosphere!Besides the scented candles this gift is really no gender, send men to send a female will not have too much misunderstanding, the other party may also think: well, this is a love life girl or man ~ scented candles choice scope is quite wide, have noble as Diptyque, Jo Malone this several hundred of the ocean.PS. Diptyque home crazy powder you swept Christmas cap at the same time don't forget to their home and Olympia Le - powder soft Tan cooperation model ~ valentine's day, of course, the scented candles have ikea dozens of pieces of a version, how many people will want to send to send how many people!Hundreds of ocean a very love dearly, ikea too low grade again, you can also choose TWIPPO selling for a long

time sales of perfect lavender scented candles oh ~ lavender scent of nerves

is in the candle light ying ying, avoid wax when Christmas!

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