The fed exits QE gold stocks fell

By Kenneth Garcia,2015-06-11 07:11
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The fed exits QE gold stocks fell

    The fed exits QE gold stocks fell

    On Wednesday, the fed FOMC statement announced the end of asset purchases, in line with expectations, but a review of the Labour market optimism, exceed expectations,U.S. stocksTreasury's fall, the dollar index surged, gold.Crude oil inventories lower than expected, oil prices rebounded 1%.

    The s&p 500 indexFell 2.75 points, or 1.19%, at 1982.30.The nasdaq composite indexFell 15.07 points, or 0.33%, at 4549.23.taoJonesIndustrial average fell 31.44 points, or 0.18%, to 16974.31.

    A "panic index," said the free volatility index (VIX) rose by 5.28%, 15.15.

    Opened on Wednesday, U.S. stocks were mixed, and then slowly shake down.The fed FOMC statement announced the end of asset purchases, in line with expectations, but a review of the Labour market optimism, exceed expectations, U.S. stocks fell on the plateThe s&p 500Intraday fell 0.85%, then drop sharply shrinking.Closing the three indexes also fell.

    On Wednesday, October the FOMC statement said the fed will stop

    buying;Maintain a "quite a long time" the phrase.The federal reserve to abandon "significant deficiencies" labor resource utilization, admitted to employment increase steadily.However, the fed said in the short term, there are downside risks to inflation.Minneapolis fed chairman vote, he thinks a weak outlook for inflation, therefore, should continue to buy bonds.

    Treasury yields upward, gold, WTI oil prices soared.Before the fed announced the FOMC statement, Treasury yields climbed slowly.After the federal reserve said the FOMC statement, Treasury yields jumped, up to 2.36%, after the retreat, 10-year Treasury yields rose 4 basis points, to 2.32%.After the fed meeting minutes, gold fell,

    fell to its lowest $1210 an ounce, after a slight rebound.Crude oil inventories lower than expected, oil prices rebounded 1%.

    European stock marketsMost of rose.The FrenchComprehensive consumer confidence index in October 85, is expected to 86, the former value from 86 to 85.The BritishOn SeptemberThe central bankMortgage license 61300, expected 62000, 64200 before the value.The pan-european stoxx 600 index rose 0.16%, 10-year bunds slightly upward, close to 0.90%.The euro zone's no important economic news.The federal reserve announced after the FOMC statement, boom in the dollar, the euro fell 0.7%.Market expectations the central bank as early as October 31 meeting out of the currency intervention, the rouble intraday refresh record lows, after a slight rebound.

    Asian stock markets generally to rise.After surged 2% on Tuesday, A shares continue to rallied on Wednesday,The Shanghai composite indexVolume rose 1.50%,The gemRefers to the rose 0.53%.Port of shipping, shipping led by public transportation, logistics, airport, Chinese medicine, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining services, chemical new material or weak.Beijing time on Tuesday night the central announced the decision about promoting the rule of law.According to the Wall Street journal reported that Hong Kong's securities regulator has approved in the project, but the project still needs regulatory approval in mainland China.Economic downward pressure, deploy more provinces in China in the fourth quarter of the sprint steady growth.Li keqiang, a state council executive meeting, it is pointed out that to increase the proportion of state-owned capital gains turned over, more for the people's livelihood;To increase the mobile Internet, consumer spending on housing and so on six big domain;To stabilize the housing consumption, strengthening the construction of affordable housing and relaxed extraction conditions of accumulation fund to pay the rent.Hang seng rose 1.27%, the macau gaming stocks led blue-chip stocks.Japan's stock marketIndustrial production rose 1.46%, the JapandataA boost.


Debt markets in the United States:

Foreign exchange market:

    Overnight global market closing:

    The s&p 500 index fell 0.14%;The nasdaq composite index fell 0.33%;The dow Jones industrial averageFell 0.18%.

    The pan-european stoxx 600 index rose 0.16% to 328.78.GermanyDAX index rose 0.16%;The ftse 100 indexUp 0.81%;The French cac 40 index fell 0.05%.

    Japan's stock market rose 1.46%, hang seng rose 1.27%, the Shanghai composite index rose 1.50%.

    The boom in the dollar against the euro, the dollar against the yen soared.

    New York gold for December deliveryfuturesPrices fell 0.4% to $1224.3 an ounce.

    WTI oil prices closed up 1% at $82.2 a barrel.

    The 10-year Treasury yield upward 4 basis points, to 2.32%.

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