How to prevent and treat sunburn

By Donna Roberts,2015-06-10 14:53
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How to prevent and treat sunburn

How to prevent and treat sunburn?

    Oh yeah ~ ~ ~ busy study, work, have holidays at last!You may have to the beach to enjoy for a while sunbathing, may also go skiing.If you choose to ski, you may think now that it is cloudy, there is no need to use sunscreen?But when skiing, you accidentally found that their skin has flared up, then you may regret for not wearing sunscreen.

    Swimming goggles and aloe vera gel is an excellent partner beach.In addition, there is proper SPF sunscreen also has a good sunscreen effect.But without any protection, you are likely to face the risk of sunburn.

    So, don't think cloudy day don't need sunscreen.Regardless of sunny or cloudy, we might get sunburned.If you want to stay all day in outside, so simple of protection is not enough even?

    We all know that the strong sunlight can be harmful, but do you know how cause sunburn?The main culprit of a sunburn is ultraviolet light (UV rays), is a kind of our shortwave radiation is invisible to the naked eye.In fact, the sun will emit a total of three rays, the two UVA and

    UVB rays can cause sunburn, especially UVA rays, hurting you in at the same time, accelerate the aging of the skin.

    The sun is not the only source of uv, tanning bed evolution of ultraviolet light can cause sunburn.As long as there is sun, you will face ultraviolet (uv) radiation.Once the sunburn, treatment and recovery is not so easy.

    You might be at home and do some simple remedies, or buy some medicines to treat sunburn.But you may wonder, what kind of combination is the most effective?In addition, how to prevent this, how to deal with problems such as blisters, fever, vomiting?This article, we will be one by one for you the answer to the question above.

    Products for the treatment of sunburn

    You might imagine, in the home can easily find the medicines for sunburn, they typically stored in the medicine cabinet and in the

    kitchen!First of all, you can use Acetaminophen (Acetaminophen), ibuprofen (ibuprofen) and naproxen (naproxen) and aspirin (aspirin) these over-the-counter drugs to treat have a headache and fever caused by sunburn.If the disease is still not ease, consult a doctor.In addition, children, please be sure to under the guidance of these drugs.

    How long it will last a sunburn pain?

    Usually by 12 to 24 hours after the direct sun, will know the severity of sunburn.If the parts without blister sunburn (level 1), may be just a few days can be recovered.But if have blisters on the skin, may need some more time to heal.

    You can also apply some aloe vera gel, or use aloe bath bath to relieve the pain, keep skin moist.Spray products is the best choice.Avoid using paste products, because this kind of product need a massage to be absorbed, and massage will aggravate the pain, and may stimulate the sunburn.

    Hydrocortisone cream (hydrocortisone creams) can alleviate the red kind, inflammation caused by sunburn, usually in a pharmacy can buy directly.Don't use medicines containing "paid" (caine) medicines, such as benzocaine (benzocaine) and lidocaine (lidocaine) - contains the chemical composition of may cause allergic reactions.In addition, medical experts advise, vaseline also should avoid to use.