American parents in addition to encourage the children to early love is going to do

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American parents in addition to encourage the children to early love is going to do

    American parents in addition to encourage

    the children to early love is going to do?

    Children to early love, skip class, sex...These are the words used to American parents eyes.Dating encourage children, to give money to buy cannabis is not alone.Tolerance of children is outrageous, is the existence of the fate of American parents!

    The United States when dad when mama of detachment easy come from where?Life in China and the United States for many years, I find that American parents, also handle children.But when they get along with children, special care to improve their Parenting EQ (emotional intelligence of parents) to improve parent-child relationship.

    In the United States, the parents need high emotional intelligence, namely high Parenting EQ.

    What is a Parenting EQ parental emotional intelligence

    Emotional intelligence (EQ) in each of these relationships is vital, American parents feel have parents around me high emotional intelligence (Parenting EQ), would better handle the parent-child relationship.

    Emotional intelligence (EQ) is one of the key empathy

    ability.Empathy is the perspective-taking, standing in the perspective of others.In parent-child relationships, Parenting EQ of empathy means that when parents[microblogging]Interact with the children, when parents must learn to see the world with their eyes, and try to stand in the child's perspective to understand them.

    The root of the Parenting EQ respect each other

    I find that American people from the point of education, respect each other, in their parents played a big role in the future.Those with high emotional intelligence of parents, is to respect others, especially their children.

    They respect the child's individual differences and free choice, give up the child at the mercy of the desires.As long as children law-abiding, don't harm society, don't hurt others and themselves, they are willing to let the child, according to his be fond of according to their abilities, a variety of choices for themselves.Particularly relating to the children themselves, such as moving transfer, course selection activities, take the test match, even if not fully follow the opinions of the children, they also must be the first to discuss with children explanation, let them know that parents very respect their opinions and decisions.

    In the process of and the growth of the children being, American parents respect children more as guidance and support.They try to learn more about their children, understand the child's feelings and behavior, with more respect, to lead and encourage the child's interest.

    Parenting EQ rule of seven

    Emotional intelligence is not innate, after the day after tomorrow to culture and education, can gradually developed.Many American parents with children around me, some will abide by laws of Parenting EQ high EQ.

    1, the language of "love" law of the United States parents especially good at using the language of "love".To encourage the children they love best.

    When the child after completion of a task, no matter what they do often hear my American girlfriend with love and smile, praise the child: "Good job!"(good job!, "Great!"(great!), "You are super!"(you're a genius!.Although children's achievements is actually not that surprising, but their loving and encouraging words positive incentives for children, let the child has received the recognition, see the hope.

    2, "have the courage to admit law" I often listen to my American friends "hand" to make an apology to the child.That's after their misunderstanding or wrong about their child's behavior.

    They are sincerely apologize to the child, admit their mistakes, take the initiative to reconciliation with them.American parents don't think in front of the children is a shameful thing, they think wrong should apologize in time, no matter who, this is fair.Even relish, also very willing to put the wrong about children after take out "ask for forgiveness" the story of the child to share with my friends.

    3, "not perfect" law to allow their children in the process of study and life of failure, fall, they think "Imperfect life is real life."They encourage the children to keep the optimistic positive, strive for more "near perfect" next time, this is important.

    They often hug discouraged child, hug and kiss to comfort "You will be better next time, I trust You!"(what you will do better next time, I trust you!)"No worries. You already did a great job!"(don't worry, you have already tried my best to do well!)

    4 "ordinary" law every parents have high expectations and hope a less-pressured complex, American parents, too.But compared with Chinese parents, they are more understand social elite "always just a

    handful of", willing to accept your "children become elite" of reality.They are also happy to see children to be a happy ordinary people.

    American parents are concerned about their children's academic performance, academic excellence, which university would succeed, to find what kind of job in the future.But American parents aware that not all children are good at learning and examination.They allow children after efforts to study, few scores and kwame brown.They respect their children all aspects of the wisdom and the cultivation of ability, encourage the children in the field, he is good at constant exploration and innovation.

    They think that no matter who, all have something, there are better than others.It's like we say "Oriental not bright light" in the west.They help children discover their various ability, respect their talents and interests.

    5, "to hear the child" the laws of the United States parents not only learn "how to speak of the children will listen to", they pay more attention to "listen to the boy said."

    They give the child to create many opportunities to communicate with them.Dinner time every day, in particular, many of my American friends will use a family sitting around the table warm dining opportunity,

    chat with my children.When a child to school or at home recently happened, children express their views, they hear quite seriously, not broken up or mock sarcasm.

    6, "the same" rules of the American parents I know, any close relationship with the child, has a characteristic: they will always let the children know that "We are in the same boat" (We were standing in the same trenches).

    They understand that children feel if you and he is not a trenches, in the face of more beneficial to teach, they may not listened, even pretended to hear nothing.Blindly criticism or punishment may be on the surface, let the children obey, but emotional relationship with their parents will be more and more far, more closed.It is better to tell their children, parents and their fight together, become a "comrade".

    7, "seeking common ground while putting aside differences" law of low eq of disagreement usually occurs in children and parents, always think you are right, they not only feel the starting point is good for children, and their experience more, judgment ability is stronger, more comprehensive understanding.They tend to be a child won't listen, let alone the advice.

    High eq American parents, usually in front of the children to put down their authority, "I am always right!"(I'm right) attitude on the shelf.Because they know that this tends to murder a lot of affection between them and their children.They are listening to the advice of the child as far as possible, in a lot of small things, can compromise the concessions, try to seek common ground while shelving differences.

    Want to children His first live beautiful

    Parents are the best children to imitate the object.High eq parents can cultivate children with high emotional intelligence.

    An optimistic self-confidence, children with high emotional intelligence is not afraid of failure, is an active and creative, have the ability to get success and happiness.Improve children's emotional intelligence to them in their relationships, and future job performance, and the marriage situation will have very good help, can let them happy life, full of vitality to realize his life dream.

    As parents we can give the child can not replace the most, most precious, is to do your best, plays irreplaceable set an example for their children.Want children to see far, fly high, will show the child, what is the beautiful hover.

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