Bliss space in the sky of the world's rich in the future

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Bliss space in the sky of the world's rich in the future

    "Bliss space" : in the sky of the world's rich in the future

    The so-called "bliss" is Sanskrit of the Chinese translations of "shall"", literally, is "very happy", "to the solution" is described in the heaven: "first param-bhava is from all the bitter, is called."In the imagination, we Oriental heaven should be bedded with multicolored xiangyun, buddhas, even a place for TingXie railing, rare animals.But western people determined to keep pace with The Times, in 2154, the earth, you couldn't seeFloor of a buildingTower, also can't see the orderly social order, scarred, like Brazil's slums, and the western regions in ningxia, etc to send the broken of the loess float in the sky, the rich has maintained its

    outer ring with artificial space, flash light alloy, in the eyes of the earth looks like a hollow out of the full moon.

    When the orphanage mammy will with earth metal box opened the show is still in the Max of childhood, said a meaningful words: we see there is very beautiful, look at our side there is also very beautiful!(roughly meaning) and this is the earth out of root soil consciousness and the natural idea, actually to the Max generation, they no longer have too much happiness.The earth pollution, disease, economic paralysis...Life on earth humans have almost abandoned.The rich class have the spaceship escape earth, life in all diseases are away, environment pleasurable"Bliss space", and the crumbling inferior people living in the earth, but also subject to robotscontrolAnd management.

    The movie will be the main viewpoints are locked on Max, because his fate and"Bliss spaceIs the related ", originally the same space that the moon, is just childhood yearning. He washed from the abuses of car theft criminal record over a new leaf and intend to Ann keepeth his good work on the assembly line, but no surprise from excessive radiation, if not in time to"Bliss space"Treatment, repair the machine life will die in five days. Fate will forced him to have to leave the point of this game, but the film didn't what he strongly wish is to live, everyone must have his strong desire to survive, Max's life has been to the bottom line, living circumstances so bad, why does he need to blatantly to strive for the

    opportunity of god within five days? Is this confusion. Though he has with childhood girlfriend (a relationship is like not even, eventually, no result) said he wants to lead all people to the dream state, but it's no important reason to the continuation of life, he sounds more like a balloon.

    Max for the qualification for smuggling, at small leader for the network to steal information you have in mind gentlemanThe letterInterest rates, and combined with mechanical, his flesh that can against robots.At a time when theBliss spaceBy repeatedly suffered the invasion of the earth (they just in order to make the patients receive timely care), the leadership has the contradiction, headed by rose so as to make the rebels began with the President of the public snub.Bliss spaceProgram always rev., would be to make the system to upgrade and

    transformation, and who obtain first-hand application restart data, will hold on power.Max win the program, with bravely in the battle for rising extremely happy space, but in the end is not the fate of his master.

    The film, and machinery, and intelligent entities can be integration, this is a very creative idea.Mechanical device in the body stores and provides information on the human brain in the repository, just put the human brain and computer connection, can achieve synchronization information.Although it looks bloody and unconstrained style, but this kind of fusion is actually human increasingly rely on mechanical performance.In today's society, under the condition of the automotive industry is very developed, the combination of physical and mechanical always form a hedge and contradiction, mechanical forever just walking tool, utility for a human body hit by a car, will be shattered fracture.But the film in the future time and space, the combination of contradictions also become a kind of may, the conjoined make industrial and technology gets great imagination free.But clumsy and fast film show this scene, is to raise our physical not confident, and frustrated depressed for a future life.Because although more tenacious life, science and technology so developed, the poor are still poor, is forgotten by the tribe.Class upgrade, now the rich fled abroad, only the rich live to heaven in the future.

    And what is more, the rich living areas no poor sickness and death (unless emergencies and intentionally hurt), when they get sick just a scan on repair machine, knotty disease hundred elimination;And the poor under the hard facilities without money and without medical cure, only to die.Such a thought, the conflict between the rich and the poor, not machine combined with the flesh of the impossible?Almost cold machine as the rich heartless, is a symbol of the humanitarian spirit, and not assist practice is also abandoned by people around the world.Form the significance of class antagonisms, it is modern human situation caused by the uneven distribution of the rich and the poor, to medical this piece in the movie as the main content of the performance, the metaphor itself in many countries.Why so many people went to foreign cure ills?This is must have some sort of mapping and metaphors, affect human life at the very least, will be like a pressure spring up in reflection.

    Max as well as the savior, role to play in the film, personally think that the end should give him worship statues, is death, but all application restart, the good life has nothing to do with him, no one remember him.This broken end is definitely not a director is interested in to work on, nor metaphor and irony, in short phenomenon to the most reassuring: those poor people have received medical salvation, in return for a new life.Looks like the earth also regain nirvana.

    After finish feel this like a director for medical purpose poor country to the United Nations to apply for and call for work, because all the bliss, all can be in the life of peace and health, and this is only the lowest level of human existence.Cause the divide between the rich and the poor is too extreme, let people doubt whether the director has experienced suffering baptism, cry foul for the poor.Now in such a world peace, era of resources sharing, has no such low-level order status, and in 2154?Unless produced a batch of extreme violent molecules ruled the world, may also be possible.

    Film saving grace is that special effects and environmental blend flawless, don't feel doubt, marc Damon's performance, but

    JudyfosterMostly in the confined space from speaking since, the lack of too much behavior performance and fighting scenes with rivals, but her acting talent.I totally did not expect, Judy's rose just a supporting role, with Max on the important role of stars, is that police fired heavy use of agents, and the character of the depiction of the lack of meaning, to see a woman will have impulse - as fake king grabbed the woman as his wife.

    Overall, metaphor is good film, but the lack of deep and big scene depicts stunt show, in which content is at the risk of cost savings.The director turned out to be "district 9"Neil Bloch's camp.

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