Use enterprise Services in the cloud application development

By Marion Collins,2015-06-10 00:28
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Use enterprise Services in the cloud application development

    Use enterprise Services in the cloud application


    This article introduces how to use the enterprise Services (JazzHub) collaboration with others, planning, tracking, development and deployment of software in the cloud.This article USES a sample application to help you understand how the enterprise Services developed and deployed on the IBM Bluemix.

    Set the scene

    MeterPal is a fictional, funded by the Kickstarter start-up, it provides a kind of mobile, social new parking timing method.Phil and five university students founded MeterPal.With the JKE Banking agreement, help JKE Banking its micro payment transaction processing.In return, they are involved in the fictitious Money that Matters charity program.When someone pays for parking time, they can be the cost of rounding to the nearest dollar, and provide pre-selected charity.

    Timing Innovationville mayor want to deploy their wisdom parking solution.

    Phil and his team are encouraged by their solutions to market quickly and gain new customers.They choose to adopt an agile development process, including Phil is the product owner, Sarah is a research and development of project management manager.In the past, the team is mainly use the whiteboard, through the memo to collect project information.They never found the opportunity to use, install, and configure an agile collaborative tools to support its development.

    In Innovate technology summit (IBM ? in Orlando) during the project manager Sarah awareness of r&d managementDevOps Services(JazzHub).She took part in an open enterprise Services laboratory activity, the simplicity of the tool left a deep impression on her.

    The enterprise Services team can concentrate on the really important matters: product development and delivery.

    Sarah know product owner Phil a little worried about the adoption of a new application for MeterPal project of the release date is only 12 weeks from now.Phil wants to sprint to achieve as much as possible in the early stages of a commercial value.Therefore, Sarah shows the characteristics of enterprise Services to provide support for collaborative development.Enterprise Services to help the team:

    ; Continue to use the scrum agile practices, because the enterprise Services include a

    scrum template, can carry out agile development to help the team

    ; Flexibility to cooperate with Uma, this is the development team in one member of the

    work at home sometimes.One of the tools in a cloud allow Uma to teamwork, even

    when she was not in the office can collaborate with the team.

    ; She can work quickly and efficiently, because you can access the conversation based on

    Web Services from a Web browser, without having to install software in the local.

    Return to the office, Sarah persuade trial enterprise Services team for their project, launched MeterPal project team use enterprise Services.

    Analysis MeterPal project

    Use enterprise Services for development, using Bluemix for deployment

    At the beginning of the project MeterPal sprint for the first time, the scrum team to Sarah requirementsDevOps ServicesAnd to register.They finish the task in less than three minutes, because the registry only need a valid email address, a user ID, password, and some basic information.

    Sarah access enterprise Services, use her account to log in, and ready to create a project.As shown in figure 1, she type the project name (MeterPal), setting it to publicly visible (public project in enterprise Services is free of charge), and then select the scrum process, to deploy their application.Sarah also chose the Jazz ? source control option, because the team decided to their source code is stored inDevOps ServicesCloud.

Figure 1. In the enterprise Services to create a public scrum project

    After a few seconds, will be finished on the cloud MeterPal project creation.Sarah invite other team members to join the project immediately.They received the enterprise Services to send an email notification, or registration required to login to MeterPal project team members.

    Soon, Sarah created MeterPal project in enterprise Services.The team was able to through a Web browser to access a simple but powerful cloud environment, they can perform:

    ; Agile project planning

    ; Tracking phase, case and tasks

    ; Source code control

    ; In the cloud deployment

    Configure an enterprise Services project

    Now Sarah MeterPal project hope on the enterprise Services configuration.She added the relevant descriptions and images of the cool.Sarah creates a consistent with project objectives schedule (release plan in 12 weeks).Then Sarah entered a project start date, the number and length, and the sprint is shown in figure 2.Different sprint is the use of the corresponding start and end dates are automatically created.

    FIG. 2. To create the sprint on the enterprise Services

    Then Sarah create a sprint for the first iteration order (sprint backlog), she called the sprint 1, as shown in figure 3.

    Note: the enterprise Services automatically creates a product order.

    Figure 3. Enterprise Services on agile project plan

    Sarah in about five minutes ago to begin to use enterprise Services.At this stage, without having to perform any further configuration.In the cloud MeterPal projects have been available to the team, they can use the program to support their agile and collaborative work.

    The context of the cloud collaboration

    With the aid of enterprise Services MeterPal configuration on the project, the product owner Phil can add new stage and the case to the product order.Teams can perform typical scrum activities, such as order sorting and refining, the sprint planning, or the case is decomposed into tasks.Enterprise Services also help connect source code and program.With the aid of the traceable line, it is easy to understand the implementation process of each case.MeterPal project home page contains a project description, some files and members.

Figure 4. MeterPal project's home page

    Developers Darryl from sprint in order to get a task.His goal is to create a new page for MeterPal website.

    Darryl open Code TAB on the enterprise Services.From his Web browser, create a new HTML file, as shown in figure 5.Enterprise Services online editor support JavaScript, HTML, CSS, or Java ? programming language development and syntax highlighting.Darryl can also create a stylesheet to use Web editor, but he decided to from another project to import an existing file.

Figure 5. The source code editor on the enterprise Services

    Developers can work in their Web browser.If you want, they can also choose from the Eclipse ? ? or IBM Visual Studio IDE.Enterprise Services in the development of the application can be pushed to the cloud and test on the IBM Bluemix runtime.

    When Uma work at home, her work efficiency is not affected, because she can remote access to the items on the cloud.She can from her Web browser handle cases and tasks and team cooperation.Uma even from mobile devices to access project information, when she was referred to in the project, she will get an email notification.

    Initially, the product owner Phil very reluctant to MeterPal project to the use of new tools.His concern is that team members need to spend too much time to study enterprise Services, rather than focus on the case implementation.But Phil now believe that after the team USES the enterprise Services, their productivity is not affected.And because can access the order from the Web, Phil can collaborate more efficiently with stakeholders, even with the stakeholders to collaborate over a long distance.

    Enterprise Services to support collaboration in the cloud on the execution context help MeterPal team build a better product.Product information is stored centrally, but also from a trip to the real-time dashboard.People can start discussions, case or task.They can perform the review and access implementation code.For MeterPal team, enterprise Services environment shortens the preparation time to the market.

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