Business Mid-Autumn festival O2O is popular Traditional retail crossover with electricity

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Business Mid-Autumn festival O2O is popular Traditional retail crossover with electricity

    Business: Mid-Autumn festival O2O is

    popular Traditional retail crossover with


    Mid-Autumn festival promotion war, as a gift of hairy crab has been a good choice.Offline store or online this year electrical manufacturers attaches great importance to this market, crab, war is a piece of smoke, all in order to share in the market and work hard.

    This year, according to media reports, due to the changes of policy and market, combined with e-commerce sites selection at a low price, discount way to participate in the competition, the traditional offline store hairy crabs sales than in previous years.

    But for AQingSao xi 'an stores, hairy crabs sales did not encounter cold this year, sales rose instead.The store Hu Jingli tell tencent, head of the science and technology: "this year we launched a special web site, we intensified the efforts on product promotion. At the same time also with group cooperation, preferential promotional activities on the Internet. Mobile Internet nowadays, we have launched a qr code promotion, let users through cell phones and other mobile terminal direct purchase."

    Net for offline stores like AQingSao increasingly urgent.Hu Jingli said that, in the past AQingSao xian shop no action in this regard, but have done so this year, next year plans to further intensify online promotion.In addition to xi 'an store, AQingSao in other parts of the outlet is also accelerating to hug the mobile Internet.

    This is just a case under the O2O trend this year.Offline entities shop on the net, and online sites such as red children in testing the waters offline store, traditional retailers and electrical business enterprise mutual crossover, blurring the boundaries between each other.

    The layout of the online Entrance to diversify

    Net over traditional retailers generally includes two aspects of content, one is using the Internet platform marketing;Another kind is to

    set up shop in the traditional C2C website.A net now with the development of mobile Internet, traditional retailers have more choice.

    WeChat last week launched O2O project entity oriented retail formats, shenzhen store first rather than cooperation, launched a series of important functions, such as through and the real member of the department of business system, the user can be WeChat membership card when using;But also on the WeChat shopping and direct payment (or phases);Buy gift CARDS in the WeChat gifts;Users can subscribe to sell on their favorite brands, break public account frequently promotional harassment user logic, etc.

    The store opened in shenzhen a-share stock successive harden.And this is the background of the growth in the first half of the weakness of domestic retailing industry.Data show that as of September 4, 43 first-half performance in the department of listed company, nearly half of the enterprise net profit fell, net profit fell 453.5% in the most severe situation.

    WeChat, compared with the traditional electronic commerce, not only for the traditional retailers provide product sales, also expand the customer service system.For consumers, shopping is more than just the mall so simple already, also need to have a more perfect service system,

    such as information query, member services, such as after-sale follow-up, these can be realized in WeChat platform.

    Overlord wanda commercial real estate enter the e-commerce is the hot topic this year.Wanda is the O2O mode, form a three-dimensional sales platform, businesses can clinch a deal through online offline delivery way, pull the related sales, expand sales radiation radius.

    More mobile Internet media is traditional retailers, such as the APP has become "darling".Ikea launched an APP that allows users to view the product catalog on the mobile end, detailed information, inventory and directly generate the shopping list.The APP also provides 3 d models, video, and other functions.Companies such as wal-mart and starbucks have used a similar approach.

    Wal-mart also takes advantage of the geographical barriers and NFC (near field communication) technology, users into the wal-mart stores, passing interested goods, mobile phones can receive discount stores to push information.Wal-mart's senior vice President Tomas said: "now wal-mart has more than 12% of online sales is the consumer in the store through the APP."

    A long-term follow-up of retail industry analysts believe that large-scale comprehensive retail businesses like wal-mart, can choose to

    make your own platform, online payment, logistics completed by itself, but need to pay more attention to the user experience.Whereas the regional retail enterprises could follow the store model, through cooperation with third parties such as WeChat to implement traffic entrance, gathered popularity, improve product sales.

    Online and offline combined make up the weakness

    Cross-border fusion is one of the biggest characteristic of the development of O2O this year.In traditional retailers move into online at the same time, e-commerce sites are also seeking to open some offline store, make up for the inadequacy of the online system.

    Ruijin our co-founder AnShiHui believes that the development of the electricity eventually leave the blocks, the commercial block of electricity is the highest forms of electricity."Selected a piece of clothing such as consumer, mobile devices will show its various data immediately, at the same time, consumers may feel in the store actual clothes suitable for not suitable for yourself, feel satisfied is on the phone directly order, saves on the payment to the front desk, also can get home by electrical contractor logistics delivery."

    Obvious defect of online shopping, users buy clothes often encountered problems, such as clearly marked on the Internet is a red

    skirt, then how to get to the pink?Or oneself wear XL T-shirt, clearly how after bought the wrong size?

    Is the best way to solve the similar problems directly set up offline store, such as maternal and child electric ShangGong child of the first store will open at the end of this month in Beijing and wuxi, with online same price to sell products, but also provide customers with personal mother-to-child advisers and qr code shopping and other services.

    And life service sites may rapidly promote this model, because its itself is service, not online consumption directly, need to offline store.

    Jingdong earlier this month to morningside venture capital investment "home cuisine", which was founded in 2010, main business is home users to provide for the city well-known restaurant takeout service characteristics.

    Need to point out is, limited to the cost, the practice of physical electrical big scale construction entity shop basic is not feasible, but for a vertical e-commerce sites such as furniture, consumers generally difficult to browse on the Internet after place the order directly, so provide offline experience museum is very logical.

    Furniture vertical e-commerce sites offline beauty lele has been large-scale construction experience, from April 2011 the first offline

    entity experience hall opened, now has more than 250 experience, the development of the O2O path is very obvious.

    Industry analysts believe that if e-commerce Internet giant companies such as shaped jingdong, Tmall, impact the traditional entity shop, so O2O can be said to be a continuation of another form.Future traditional retailers are likely to be "back" with the help of this model, the relationship between the traditional retailers and e-commerce enterprises will become increasingly complex, will be more competitive.

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