.cn was organised cyber attacks Who is behind

By Nathan Crawford,2015-06-09 09:13
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.cn was organised cyber attacks Who is behind

    .cn was organised cyber attacks Who is


    China's national domain name rare large-scale network attack news become the focus of attention of the western media on the 26th, refers to the given Chinese often accused of implementation of network attack to the west, as a result, the network attack surfaced many of the suspects.Us or UK, for example, on the basis of its domestic law, they can be a pre-emptive attacks on foreign.While China has the world's leading network filtering system, but also failed to protect themselves from attack.The attack more show that in the presence of network attack, how vulnerable the global Internet infrastructure.

    News agency quoted the global times reported that China Internet network information center (CNNIC) 25, according to the announcement on the same day, the midnight and 4 national domain name resolution node denial of service attacks, slow part of the website or interrupt.This is. CN domain in recent years the biggest a network attack, attack traffic peak is far off, may be organised cyber attacks.

    26 "voa" that just this past weekend, most of China's website has become a dark, 25, midnight, CNNIC management country. CN top-level domain name system of massive denial of service attack, after disposal, analytical services at 2 PM back to normal.But 4 PM, the national domain name resolution node mass denial of service attacks, again lead to analytical affected part of the site, access to slow or interrupt.

    Agence france-presse, 4 when the attack is considered to be China's national domain name of the most serious attack.CNNIC, the executive director of blue water, said the attack peak of attack traffic is hundreds of times the normal traffic, making parts. CN domain access at local scope affected.Has 24 hours in CNNIC domain name root server security monitoring system and monitor maintenance personnel, in the morning after the attack immediately launched the emergency preventive measures, ensure the parse the service recovery, right. CN domain name system of attack effect is limited to a specific range, not spread to the

    entire network.Events and causes no. CN domain widespread paralysis.Primary think attack is used by the analysis of a botnet to. CN continue to launch a large number of top-level domain name system in a game servers website domain name query request, the peak flow than usual surge of nearly 1000 times, causing. CN top export bandwidth of the Internet domain name system in the short term serious congestion.

    The fact that China's national domain name under attack by foreign security companies are also confirmed.The Wall Street journal, 26, said network performance for more than 1 million websites in the world and the security services, based in San Francisco CloudFlare company said that started in the 25th in the morning of large-scale network attack was aimed at allowing users to enter. CN domain name registration system server, can cause paralysis of these 2-4 hours.However, many Internet service providers have timing records stored on the server, this means that only part of the network users in the access to these sites is affected by the short network attacks.

    The company CEO Mr Prince said the company, according to data from the network during the network attack, thousands of Chinese domain names of traffic than 24 hours before plunged 32%, this may mean (Chinese domain name website traffic overall decline.He said at the same time, I do not know. CN resolution node just how huge, but

    cannot speculate the network attacker must have superb technical or resources.The attack may be personal behavior.According to the report, China's Internet filtering system second to none in the whole world, also has a strong ability of network attacks, in spite of this, China still can't put an end to such a person can implement network attacks.

    It is understood that global. CN domain name already has nearly 8 million, CNNIC deployed domain name service system in the whole world, if there is a large area, ordinary users visit the web site will be affected by a lot, may cause serious losses."The voice of America", according to American CEO Carl TaiaGroup network security, said the attack once again shows that China has tried to disrupt the enemy of the operation of the Internet the adversary include from Taiwan, India, the Middle East and American hackers.

    Karl also said that the denial of service attacks don't need too many high-end technology, it is as simple to download a free software, or a visit to a hacker BBS, can obtain DDoS service.DDoS services, namely, distributed denial of service attack, is to prevent hackers often use the means of attack.

    Another security company Prevendra CEO, "geithner said the China Internet attacks perpetrators may come from the domestic criminal group in China.Independent intelligence analyst Ed that the cyber

    attacks exposed the vulnerability of the whole Chinese network, if all. CN at the end of the site, because of a simple denial of service attack is removed, then the Chinese Internet system more fragile than we originally thought.Obviously, China needs to improve network security and improve.

    Who is behind the attacks, the mouth shut.The American ZDNet website 26, due to China's strict Internet management and audit policies, the west on the depth of the motive of the attack, and attack range is still not clear.Reported that the attack took place in a sensitive point in time, 25, at a time when China's former chongqing party secretary bo xilai during the trial, the activities of the Chinese government has also launched to crack down on Internet rumors.Aqua Wallace, according to the company's network real-time monitoring system in the past 24 hours, 379 network attacks have taken place in China, the most of countries.The Chinese government is not to guess behind the attack.We don't even know, it was really a hacker attacks.China's propaganda often distract people for some embarrassing incidents.

    National innovation and development strategy research network space qinan, director of the center for strategic studies at 27, said, there is no clear basis to judge the network attack is from individuals or organizations.In cyberspace, the power of the individual will be

    magnified.Network attacks are elite, personal wisdom depends on the connectivity of the network brings a lot of harm.Qinan, said the incident again, China is a victim of cyber attacks, network attack, especially its anonymity is the world's problems, only China and the United States and other countries should unite to be effective.Although the attack not caused great losses, but the severity of the network attack is likely to cause damage that we can't imagine.This increases the joint response to the necessity of the world.

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