Transformers optimus prime

By Craig Alexander,2015-06-09 02:55
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Transformers optimus prime

    "Transformers" : optimus prime

    Of TV drama prison break, star nicolas cage and movie"transformers" series of equally representative for China, they are in their respective fields just when China zi tooth initiation took a historic step, framed the broad foundation of the people, and has since become the absolute symbol of each field in China.So I think analysis of why China is so hard

    to love to eat this dish is really useless, transformers anyway is the childhood memories, these effects enlightenment as long as can you point out the cause of the combination of the consequences.Was at first I thought the transformers and the expendables and homebred horror movie as it is to belong to one can apply to the entire series of reviews, but see comrade optimus prime on dean, no hesitation under the pain killer, I realized that it is worth where that push past three differences, before a few words and of course also have to mention Michael bay teacher how war salute to Hong Kong gangster film in Hong Kong.

     First three transformers can be in the growth, as a young hero Sam's story across the high school, college and the workplace three important life stage, but should follow the inherent texture to the creation story in the second part is to the side, until the final Sam into the car and the human information between the conveyor belt.In

    transformers 1 Sam like other American hero film hero is destined to savior, ignorant ignorant he had changed his life bumblebee, the chemical reaction between is also the only driver story clues, so as the leader of the optimus prime instead became a little three is not too conspicuous.Although we all say "transformers" is the most outstanding in the whole series, but in at that time is the doctrine of the mean of word of mouth.So we obviously see cars start the second set in the compound and the direct contradiction of megatron, also devoted

    himself on the visual effect, and starting from the second set of the existence of Sam began to lose their autonomy, passive he became swaying in the struggle of the two parties.Combined with the audience for "transformers" expectation is always the highest symbol of popcorn, so hard at both ends, the last teacher Michael bay and Paramount for the choice of the audience and money.

    Summary of the first three transformers is to provide you with instant recall, or with the transformers are compared.In above languages optimus prime is actually a small three between Sam and bumblebee, his image is difficult to say with the human nature, because he always sense of justice is only represent the kind.But we are in the fourth prime did the master began to turn over, really have the temperament of the leader, and conflict of the story is shifting from the car between people and megatron to car and the human thoroughly crack, optimus prime is no longer a human "puppet" and "puppet", he has absolute mastership in iv, actually summed up in the film version of optimus prime's position is human good girlfriends, this need you to go through fire and water, do not need, it is the "pa" simply whether you live or die.So when optimus prime technology company headquarters ordered the attack and kill the dean, when is the film version of a big ascension, although it still is a mirror...Don't want to more demanding as for human mainline, especially piece mark wahlberg family with the autobots in pure belong to the

    temporary partner in time of trouble, want to too much spark is impossible, if the transformers for the next two sets and retain human intention of the mainline, really want to give some thought to embrace from the very beginning I didn't intend to make another good idea can not afford to lose.

    although most people (including some film critics agree that the effects of the film is the only aspect, but I don't think.Because the film budget decrease, while the length of the film increase include action scenes in paragraph also will increase, but to savor you will find that the special effects scene in the movie is cramming.Car chase, hiding in the ship space, shuttle between cities, attractive field of metal has appeared in other film, and is the ultimate battle of the big scene, and 4 "transformers" is the ten minutes in this section, the next ten minutes in another section, look lively, in fact the film in addition to machine dinosaurs didn't belong to the "transformers" its own characteristics, and are the brief, fear hands and feet.Michael bay teacher who actually have robots appear scenario would then be able to attract the audience, the film joined a large number of new robots, but simply to judged, formal combat between car and villain robotics rare, you look at war there completely made into a shoot-out in Hong Kong, the autobots with a shot gun with artificial transformers, a few more barrels are the ground fireworks salute, create the appearance of a pair of very intense, see

    artificial transformers deformation form, with such a coarse particle simulation is really save money province home.

    In fact, no matter what the critics spite Michael bay teachers are in reverse confirming his command of the scene, with the special effects in a way that is most valuable, had to take care of all sorts of interests, really is a good friend of the capitalism's house for a lifetime.As for the ads, please, my friends, can we forget the memory that dirty?

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