The kingdom rise in critical appreciation

By Manuel Baker,2015-06-09 02:23
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The kingdom rise in critical appreciation

    "The kingdom" rise in critical appreciation

    The month rose Kingdom (Moonrise Kingdom) in 12 years old girl SUSIE has a pair of inconsistent with age too calm face.Slovenly in the 60 s of the family she is wearing a pink miniskirt lapels, white knee-high socks and blue eye shadow is full of French, neatly like plastic.

    The beginning of a coherent long mirror swept SUSIE each room of The house of (technique and The sea The sea Life (The Life Aquatic)), The floor three younger brother was listening to The youth orchestra guide;Mother Laura untidiness constantly aitches in toilet to wash your hair, hair volume into the bedroom, manicure;Father walter is crooked in another bedroom reading newspapers, fiercely independent each other is not interfered with all people.Lens cut to SUSIE's facial features from time to time, she will appear in a different room, not the same time, but never with a small telescope kept looking out of the window, as if this toy house home has nothing to do with her, those living in a goldfish bowl family had nothing to do with her.Lens on SUSIE stopped, after pulling out, sharply broadening perspective, the house and the whole of terrain contour.A kind of looks like Santa Claus helper elves small old man did not know from where suddenly jump out to, documentary presenter as start formal introduction SUSIE's family live in a virtual island.Ha, cinema and immediately all the joke, this is typical of wes?Anderson absurd way ah.

    This kind of narrative on the ridiculous but is the beginning of the film all the ridiculous.SUSIE's pen Pal, 12-year-old boy Sam in the summer of exercise of the boy's camp to the other side of the island, militarization management with the purpose of the field survival training is to make these little guys get survival skills and self-discipline of independent living.But Sam this most excellent boy scout should shawshank prison break as digging away!He and SUSIE communication plot, two 12 year old guy met in SUSIE home not far of weeds on the ground, carrying luggage carrying a tent, and SUSIE kitten, elope!

    In this full of unexpected soundtrack is very important in the story, because the west?Anderson never let characters lyrical directly or indirectly to summarize what life guide.The mood of the main film through the music and the scene design."The kingdom of the rise in the first act of the youth orchestra guide is the first important topics about the movie.The composer Benjamin?Britten is creating this work as a youth music education, it will be an orchestra of each instrument unit dismantled, analysis, reorganization, to introduce young people to a strict and orderly world of music.The youth orchestra guide as the first soundtrack of the movie, suggests the two small hero facing the problem of how to understand the adult world.After it with country musician Hank?Williams' blues episode formed a kind of parallel opposites pattern (the episode of Hank Williams always appear in depicting the chaos of the adult world context) : young spy out in neat formation on the surface of the adult world order comparing adult world inside the absurdity of embarrassment.

    From SUSIE and Sam's perspective, the two problems of children to live in the world there is a great deal of discontent, flight is the first step of independence, they look for the youth orchestra in the guide to harmony, neat, every cent melody reasonable growth and future step by step.Despite the "reasonable" is the goal of running away, but leave the behavior itself is full of ridiculous: Sue all the luggage is books, toothbrush, cat, record machine and spare batteries;Sam made earring hook and the beetle to SUSIE.Two 12-year-old child exchange vows "married" without any

    hesitation.Children in SUSIE and Sam, the "ridiculous" to take for granted - they actually according to the inner desire and yearning loyal and serious action to the world, such as disciplined camps built more than ten meters high tree house and complicated water system of the toilet, in their system everything rules-based, fair and reasonable.The so-called "ridiculous" comes from the external world of another set of value system of judgment.The separation of the value system directly lead to the rupture of children's world and the adult world.

    In contrast of the adult world although on the surface of reasonable, logical, but compared with SUSIE and Sam unconventional but in fact, there are trace compared to flee, the characters of secret inner world is more chaotic contradictions.Laura (? Francis McDonough mond) and town sheriff seems to have a sharp at arm's length

    relationship;Lawyer walter (bill Murray) his belly fat belly regardless of the image is immersed in the personal world;Scout head wade (. Edward NORTON) under the order and strict but full of frustration;And look like a tough sheriff (Bruce? Willy) has a very sensitive and soft heart, lonely to make people love dearly.The absurd, behind such reasonable under the order of the decadent not by what specific details to show, some of the details, but these characters revealed by something hidden information slowly opens a window into their inner world.Through the window view will help the audience to obtain some vague emotions and feelings, but not really sure what happened to make these a cannot escape life difficulties for adults.And what really happened in fact is not really important, because of loneliness, confusion and powerless against the state always mutually in the adult world.# # p# page title e#

    All this, the juvenile and adult in the movie and the transition of two of the world is through the visual details and the music is very subtle hints, remind.In the absurd rational and reasonable conversion, wes?Anderson, don't let the characters speak even a clever lines, what life aphorism to monitor all don't.The dialog itself is full of stylized dry sense of humor, all emotions vent and stretch in the music, all complex

    relationships and pattern in the picture.This is the real film the success of the audio-visual art.

    It is from this Angle to understand SUSIE (Carla hayward) can show I think reasonable.SUSIE and Sam did not generally young love between men and women protagonist in the movie "spark", even if he is more like kissing on the beach kids play house and serious love rather than each other.The deal only to emotional performance but, on the contrary, only suitable for children of the world's ridiculous reasonable performance.Contrast, Laura and walter and sheriff's sharp triangle, contrast scout wade head of frustration after another after another command, which is trying to cover up the emotional surge up to more aftertaste, is reasonable in real absurd.

    When the surface and inner of the ridiculous accumulated to a certain degree, the film must be a breakthrough in the climax of dramatic conflicts.I like the end of the month rose kingdom, all people are immersed in the development of the plot to forget the "kingdom" rise in the name implies, it is quite unexpectedly, fixed on the screen, in spite of the storm, season or reality.This silent love is touching!

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