Google cooperates with ford to produce automatically driving car

By Tony Spencer,2015-06-08 16:13
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Google cooperates with ford to produce automatically driving car

    Google cooperates with ford to produce automatically driving car

    Google and Ford will be a joint venture production technology of Google's self-driving cars, this is 2 companies a huge step toward the automatic car pool service.According to the source, ford will be announced in January CES the cooperation.

    And the Google cooperation, ford's self-driving cars will get huge software development, the company has for years been in the test system, but only this month announced on a California highway test plan.Google in California and Texas testing self-driving cars have 53, the total mileage traveled 1.3 million miles (2.1 million kilometers).

    Cooperate with ford, Google can free to develop their own tens of billions of dollars for the automobile manufacturing technology and years of time.Earlier this year, Google co-founder Selma cover, brin said, will be looking for manufacturing partners production automatic driving system,

    a year to save 33000 because of a car accident and loss of life in the United States.

    Although the details of the cooperation is not clear, but the joint venture company may be legally independent of ford, in debt from ford's concerns.About self-driving car accident who is responsible for the problem, said Google, Mercedes Benz and Volvo are liable for the accident.Google is thought to be exclusive of cooperation with ford, Google has been negotiating with many car companies.

    More than most of the big car companies and auto parts companies are developing their own automated driving technology, including nissan, Volvo and Mercedes Benz commitment to consumers in the 2020 years ago to provide this kind of car.In today's news, Google declined to comment, ford spokesman Alan Hall (Alan Hall), said the company cooperate with many companies in the development of Smart Mobility technology, "we are all private negotiations through competition issues, we don't comment on speculation".

    Google parent Alphabet to self-driving cars business into their own, eventually launched in urban areas and Uber competitive car rental or carpool service, etc.Google's custom lexus self-driving electric vehicle at low speed is by ford supplier Roush Industries assembly.

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