Tesla won China trademark look forward to China's largest sales market

By Christina Foster,2015-06-07 18:20
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Tesla won China trademark look forward to China's largest sales market

    Tesla won China trademark look forward to

    China's largest sales market

    Famous American electric car manufacturer Tesla has just won a trademark lawsuit in China, so can use formal "Tesla (Tesla)" trademark, and is an official sales in China.Tesla has said that China will make contributions to the company as much as one-third of the global sales this year.

    Tesla, vice President of Veronica - (Veronica Wu), Wu said in an interview with Reuters, the company plans to open before the end of

    2014 in China 10-12 Tesla stores, the company is located in Beijing flagship store has officially opened in late last year.

    , 43, rollie card - wu was late last year just from apple China business department to one of Tesla executives, in her eyes, Tesla in the development of China's market has a very big ambitions.

    "Tesla hope China can in this year's contribution to the company 30-35% of global sales, and in the last year 2.3 double - 24000 on the basis of the sales department to complete the sales target. I work in the Tesla has a very clear tasks and goals, but I'm confident I can accomplish."Ronnie card - woo said.

    Local time on Thursday, Tesla announced the retail price of some models in the Chinese market.Among them, the Tesla Model S 85 KWH version costs 734000 yuan ($121300), high-performance version sells for 852500 yuan ($140900).Although the price than Tesla Model S in the United States are much higher the price of $80000, but Tesla believe that this price is competitive.And it should be pointed out that, Tesla this price already contains freight, customs duties and VAT fees.

    Company CEO Elon Musk - (Elon Musk) think that this price although some expensive, but compared to the retail price of competitors, Tesla's

    price is very reasonable, while China is very likely to be the company's biggest market.

    For this price, rollie card - wu said: "given the Tesla Model S models provide consumers with excellent quality, the price is very attractive."At the same time, she also spoke highly of the Chinese government for electric and hybrid cars give great support.

    Many of you know, because the trademark problem hasn't solved, until this week Tesla can not use the Chinese stores are known as "Tesla" in Chinese.Previously, as a result of Tesla's Chinese and English trademarks "Tesla," Tesla, "at home" has been in 2006, was a man named of baosheng registration, with the word "Tesla,",, and Tesla. Cn three Chinese market generic domain names are in the same period is the treasure life.

    And treasure born in Tesla tried to and negotiations, the two sides also haven't been able to talk about because of the price.Tesla, therefore, in this time to enter the Chinese market encountered unprecedented difficulties.But now, the legal problems have been solved.

    "We went to court and won."Ronnie card - wu added.

    Not long ago, there have been reports of musk is considering opening a factory in China car plan, said he hoped to avoid import duty,

    in order to make the market price of the Model S more populist.However, rollie card - wu said Tesla has no plans yet in China's production of a Tesla model, at least not yet.

    "At present, we have not considered the possible. Because we are the most important job is to focus on providing consumers with excellent vehicle, ensure the normal operation of Tesla service network, and make our Chinese consumers satisfaction. After all, satisfied customers will always be your best advertisement."Ronnie card - wu finally said.

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